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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dumb Parents

I can't believe parents defend this kind of disrespectful behavior. My parents would have made me apologize to the workers at McDonald's and given me some sort of punishment on top of that. What is wrong with parents these days?


The real crime here is the awful grammar, spelling, and syntax used on this message board.


Countless hidden camera shows where people just laugh off random things like ordering on beat are what taught these kids this would be okay, and if they'd had a camera it would have been, plus then we could see actual proof of who was more at fault. Weird to see that McDonald's has a CSI team ready to chase down rappers though. I miss Dave from Wendy's he would've handled things the right way- in monotone.

Without all the facts too many assumptions are made about who was rude first (rapping isn't rude no matter how distasteful you may think it is), and how much they actually held up any line that may or may not have been accumulating. In the end both sides look idiotic due to this, and since I see McD's nearly every day and these kids never, the only REAL effect is more bad publicity for the super sizers.

After Super Size me, these kids should make a movie called Rappy Meal.


I agree but these are Publik skool graduetes!


I can't believe that someone is making all of this out of 4 teens rapping an order! I worked in that industry for many years and I would have laughed it off and enjoyed the show before moving on. Too many times we let life make us bitter and tired of trying to do a job and we need to lighten up some. You can't say the rapping was inappropriate when the company puts out rapping commercials for its own products. Duh??!! I really wish I lived in a city where the biggest thing we had to call cops out for was a slight delay in a food order and rapping teens. I'll take that any day of the week! I could see if they were pushing people around or causing a disturbance of that nature, but not in using words. Like someone else said, I am sure that at 18 most of us were not poster children for the perfect adult and we all made some dumb choices, but if this is the dumbest choice they make on the way to adulthood... say a Thank You Lord!

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