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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Behind the times

This rap has been running on YouTube for at least 2 year. I'm sure this isn't the first group to do it at a McDonalds drive in. May I make a suggestion, post the rap order in each Mcdonalds, so when the next group that comes through, the employee won't have to worry about understanding the rap, they can just fill the order, tell the customer how they owe much and expect them to pay for it. No misunderstandings, no holding up the line, and if they drive away without paying because they were just being funny, then you have a real reason to call the police. And since I wasn't there I will make no judgement about management, the young men, or the police.

to dingo

wow kids getting injured rapping at a drive threw what are you talking about what are they gonna do seriously. and they were not all 18 one of them was 18 the rest were 16. and mcdonalds just made itself a target to all the other teens. have fun with that


All you small minded people bashing American Fork and Utah, why don't you go to stories about your own city or state. You can search and find that ridiculous stories occur everywhere. I love living in American Fork! I agree the McDonalds manager and cop exercised no common sense in this situation and made a mountain of a mole hill, but the bigotry of stereotyping a city or state based on two stupid people is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure I could find two stupid people overreacting to petty things anywhere in the country, it's just that this one made the news.

Shame on us...

It's a shame the lack of respect people have for others. While listening to the radio, these delinquents where interviewed and never issued an apology. Their sorry excuse for swearing at the manager disgusted me! Is there no decency anymore in our society? Can't we expect more out of our 'teenagers'? I'm not going to give them a pass because they are just kids. Excusing behavior doesn't do them or anyone else any good. The fact is they offended the manager, disrupted their business, and should absolutely be punished for it! What a great lesson for them to learn. All of you who are so willing to condemn the police for taking action here are probably the same parents who allow their kids way to much leniency while dating, etc. It's no wonder why teen pregnancy is a serious problem in Utah.

The best thing we can do for these kids is to make sure they know this type of behavior should not be tolerated! Respect for others and civility seems to be thrown out the window by many who should be teaching this to their children. We are better than this!


Seriously, McDonalds has wrong prices on menu so you'll be charged more than the menu states, upsells order without consent of customers, etc. Give someone else your money. Their service, and food is garbage. Terrible burgers. I am not sure how anyone can eat them. I tried, and now I go elsewhere.


Totally unoriginal and sad. It figures the teens were from American Fork. Utah county is where originality goes to die.

Teach respect!!!

As the parent of 7 grown children I do not understand why parents defend their children when they are in the wrong. We should teach respect--not ignorance and then have parents defend bad behavior. Next time it could be more serious and the parents will have to suffer the consequences with their children.


I will eat lunch at this McDonalds for the rest of the year. They deserve my business.


haha and to think this has already made national news! what next international? Go lone Peak! Glad to see teens are doing something that actually sounds really fun to do rather then drugs and alcohol. They were just being teenagers. loosen up here people. :)

Disorderly Conduct

"Cursing" is not disorderly conduct. This has been ruled by countless judges in countless court cases. Just cause some backwoods, redneck cop thinks it is doesn't make it so. These disorderly conduct citations prove the kids did nothing wrong, as no other citations were issued. Disorderly conduct citations are issued by cowards that want to flex some muscle.

Real Danger Huh...

Rapp music = violent dangerous youths

therefor by that standard

Country music = cheating lying adultering adults...

Better not show up in a pickup, wearing boots, talking with a country accent. You might be charged with sexual harassment.

It has been over twenty years since I lived in Utah valley.

Beware my latin friends.... don't go to McDonalds in American Fork, who knows what you will be charged with.

Silly Happy Valley.


Two quick thoughts. First, the cops and the manager made too big of deal of the incident. Second, we as a society are not teaching our youth proper principles and manners.


Maybe all you that think it was just fine for these juveniles to act this way, should give your work location. Then they can go to your business and do the same to you. I really wonder what your response would be.

Mormon Rap

The same thing happened to me. I watched the Youtube video "Mormon Rap" by Walter and Hayes Band and I was compelled to go the Taco Bell drive thru. When asked what I wanted to order I began saying "Mormon Mormon Rap do the Muh Muh Mormon Rap! Hey Brothers and Sister Listen too me. I'm talking to you religiously!"


The kids were wrong to be insensitive that their joke wasn't amusing to anyone. THey were wrong to speak disrespectfully and take offense that the store was offended.

THe manager and the police overreacted.

The parents are fools for trying to fight it, and not just paying the fine and letting the kids learn a good lesson.


People need to stop blaming the AFPD for giving out a lame citation and instead put all of their focus on the McDonald's Manager. I know from past experience that this woman calls the police all too often and exaggerates what she tells them. I was once at that same McDonald's with a bunch of friends and we were just being loud and social, just like any teenager would. As we were leaving the manager runs up to us and tells us that if we didn't leave soon she would call the cops. Just because a girl asked why she was calling them she grabbed her phone and followed us outside to get our licence plate numbers. She told the police that a bunch of teenagers were "fighting in her restaurant." Because of her misuse of law enforcement they wasted 7 cop cars on those of us who stayed behind, while others left the ridiculous situation. Needless to say, none of us got a citation, but taxpayer money was wasted and those police could've spent their time elsewhere had it not been for her.


These kids will be on Leno, John Steward and Letterman next week. Once more Utah looks moronic.


i need a double cheeseburger hold the lettuce! i hope they do it again.

Annie Mouse

Could've been worse.

They could've had their order filled and then had to eat it.


It was a mistake to call police. The teens didn't break the law. Come on McDonalds, get a sense of humor. It took a lot of talent and creativity to be able to rap the order.

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