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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To the Person Above...

...who recounted a gorilla mask story and ended by stating, "I didn't get cited, but I learned my lesson and never did it again."

You just proved the point those of us who side with the teens are saying. Most of the time in these cases, there is absolutely no need to cite someone with a crime.

We also don't know anything about the manager of the restaurant. How did h/she act? Was h/she rude to the teens? Did h/she escalate the situation?

Regardless, I for one am bloody sick and tired of the cops showing up and looking to cite someone for any and every reason imaginable.

Stop trying to be the strong arm of the law and just protect and serve, like you're supposed to. Instead, you "enforce and remand."

Gone are the days when one could trust the police to work the spirit of the law. I guess the letter of the law is more profitable.

But then, in AF, I guess they have to do whatever they can to justify their positions and their boredom. This is far from the first boredom-driven idiocy i've seen from that area.


Were the teenagers out of line? Maybe a little.

Were the teenagers annoying? Probably.

Did the teenagers cause the line to back up or create a little bit of frustration for the McDonalds employees? Maybe.

Was this a problem to such an extent that police intervention was required? Does this represent an acceptable use of law enforcement resources?

Of course not.


1- The police department does NOT get to pick and choose what calls to respond to and what ones not to. They have to do their jobs NO MATTER WHAT! Give me a break with the "nothing better to do" garbage.

2- When we turn 18 we become adults. Mommy and daddy have no more ability to "bail" out their adult children as the judge in this case should rightly point out.

3- Respect is a two way street but with the younger crowd today respect means they get what they want, when they want it, at everyone else’s expense. This is not the way respect works. If these kids had respect they would have known that the drive thru is not the right place for a "concert."

4- McDonald's is a business and as such has the right to regulate what takes place on their property. The manager has the responsibility to follow through. We do not know the entire story so it is rash to say she acted badly. If the kids had been injured McDonald's is liable.

5- Just because McDonald's made an advertisement with people rapping is not an excuse, please.

Where's the parents?

These children need to spend more time at home with their mummies and daddies. Maybe they can teach them how to behave before they turn them loose in society.

Give the citation to the parents

It's obvious by the parent's reaction why these kids behave the way they do.


One of the kids was on the radio today admitting to the cussing so it was disorderly conduct. They need to order clearly or keep moving.

To "Ridiculous | 3:00 p.m.'

Ridiculous | 3:00 p.m.

You are aware that McDonalds didn't issue the citation, right?

I'm glad I don't have the vindictive nature YOU have!

You hope McDonalds goes out of business? And how many people lose their jobs? Just because the AF Police decided to issue a citation?

McDonalds just told the police that they had some trouble with a pack of youths (which is a good thing, so the police know what's going on, in case these kids are running around doing this at a bunch of establishments, so they know it isn't the first time).

All the manager did was let the authorities know what happend. Now the NEXT time these kids try something like this... there will be something in their record to tell the police that this isn't a one time thing but a pattern of behavior. If it becomes a pattern. But getting it on the record (the purpose of the citation) is important.

They could have told the parents and let THEM take care of it, but obviously that would be useless in this case as the parents evidently encourage this behavior.


Why doesn't MacDonalds focus on the real criminal in their midst, the HAMBURGLAR. The Hamburglar always gets away.

R e s p e c t

Remember folks, this is a private property issue. If someone orders you off of their property for being disruptive you should leave.

It does not matter what your age. If McDonald's wants to press charges against the adult in the group all they have to do is get the security video over to the investigating officer.

Teach your children well...


One thing no one seems to know or understand is that Lone Peak High School is in Highland! That means that the American Fork Police tracked the boys down in Highland, outside their jurisdiction! You cannot tell me that there were not some traffic violations going on in AF while the cops were in Highland pulling the boys out of the fieldhouse to cite them. Why did the AF cops not just look up the license plate number and call the house and tell the parents to bring their boy and his friends to the station?

As far as fighting this ticket, the Dauwalders will fight it tooth and nail and probably win. They are that type of family. Oh and you can all stop any "Mormon stereotypes" the Dauwalders are not LDS and are very vocal about it.

to JCS Imposter 1:20pm

I just wanted to thank you for that post. I've read enough of his posts to get it - I'm rolling on the floor - that was a good one - perfect impersonation!!


Why on earth, did a female manager feel it necessary to leave the store and confront the teenagers in their car? If it was that big a problem then just tell the boys over the microphone to leave now or you will call the police, don't go confront boys in the car and then expect them to be gracious and polite.

Jordan T.

Things could have been a lot worse. Had this incident occured in a place like Compton or East Oakland, the cops would've had to deploy their Tasers and somebody might've gotten shot or something.


Utah! Utah! Utah!


this is exactly the kind of criminal behavior the AFPD is looking for (because there is nothing else for them to do) SERIOUSLY...I was given a speeding ticket on the way home from Church on an old side road which nobody uses anymore, no cars, no houses I kind of wondered why the officer was even out there (maybe sleeping). I appreciate their duty but this is totally rediculous. There's lot of criminals in good ole AF, it's getting worse than Ogden....LOL


They should get an extra citation for how awful that rap was.

Can't blame the police

They were called and have to respond. If they didn't issue the citation they would have been wrong in the eyes of the business owner. This gives both parties a chance of being heard in court. That being said, I believe that the manager of the MacDonald's over-reacted. Heck, half the time I've gone through a Micky D's I couldn't understand the person taking the order!!!!! Maybe they should be cited then????


This is absolutely ridiculous. I personally think that McDonalds is over reacting. It's NOT a big deal.

A Utah "Torist"

Before singing, some people should learn to speak proper English. A few people in the American "Fark" area still throw apple "cars" out of the "core" window while on "tore". I have even heard of people putting "bat trees" in their flashlight.

Burger King Fan

Typical for McDonalds. They tend to act like they are the ohly fast food place, and you should be gratefull, that let you place a order. 4 kids out to get a meal and having fun, come on McDonalds lighten up.

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