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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To "Obby1 | 1:16 p.m."

Obby1 | 1:16 p.m.

An obsession with others spelling is the sign of a small and closed mind.

In my book there's more than one way to spell everything. When I miss-spell... I'm just being "creative".

Don't marsh my mello!


I sure hope next time i am mcdonalds they get my order out in a hurry or i will call the cops because they are waisting my time and costing me money. Does anybody think that the mananger will get a ticket for this


Something for this manager to consider. It is very lucky for her that these WEREN'T bad kids, as some commentators have implied. To walk out and confront people you don't know is a dangerous prospect to begin with.

More and more, I am reading about teenaged criminals who would just as soon shoot you as speak with you.

And if these WERE 'hoodlems' as Mr.Bill implied...this manager's decision to pursue the issue after they had left, by calling the police, might well result in the possibility of her becoming a REAL victim of retaliation.


I think that the boys left because they were found at LPHS, going to the volleyball game-- I think that they request to leave was granted! So, if the manager was so "threatened" by all of this, why in the world was she outside asking them to leave? Seems like McDonalds may be telling a little "McStory" if you ask me...

Kudos to the parents for teaching their children to stand-up for what is "RIGHT" and not accepting the bullying of the police nor McDonalds! Lessons well learned, fo' sure!


I hope the parents win their fight against the ciatation. Someone needs ot teach those cops a lesson. Stop wasting our money on BS Charges. I think this one is going to make national news.


"Their "Fighting" the citation???" WOW...You need a serious life! How about fighting for something you believe in and that you feel you didn't deserve? Citation??? At the very most the police officer should have told the kids to go home. The Mac D's needs to have sensitivity class as part of their training program. Citation...give me a break and loosen up people!

American Citizen

Misbehaving kids are a pain in the butt to everyone but their she bear mommies and wimpy daddies.

Eighteen is the the year kids loose their juvenile status and are subject to adult law. Naturally nothing they do is their fault.

However, the Utah Pen has legions of "good boys with bad friends" and adoring mommies.

Must be slow

at night in AF...

Wow !

What's this country coming to? Kids can't even have a little harmless fun without some uptight employee reporting this carload of "criminals" to the proper authorities? Wow !


The rap was terrible, they should be cited.


Perhaps this franchise owner should spend some time working at an inner-city McDonalds and learn when it is truly appropriate to use law enforcement and our taxpayer dollars in an effecient manner. If you get your panties in a bunch over a couple of rapping teens and feel the need to call 911 everytime someone takes too long to order, should we assume that you aren't capable of running a business?

Here are some other bad reasons to call the police:
Someone places their order in Spanish
Someone spills a soda on the floor
Someone doesn't flush the toilet in the bathroom
Someone takes up two parking spots
Someone doesn't hold the door for an elderly customer
Someone wears baggy pants and their hat to the side

Well the list goes on.............

@ "Teenagers | 11:53 a.m."

Teenagers | 11:53 a.m.

You wish McDonalds had been "More TOLERANT"???

More Tolerant... What, do you think this is a religious or racial thing. What should they be more "tolerant" of? Stupid behavior from stupid people? Is THAT something we should be more tolerant of?

They were 18 year olds! They aren't infants. They should know BETTER by now. And no... it isn't a "Tolerance" issue. And NO, people shouldn't be belittled for not "Tolerating" this type of juvinile behaviour from young adults.

They need to learn to grow up. Not have their juvinile behavior tolerated by McDonalds or encouraged by their parents.


In a world with great important issues it's nice to have something like this to distract us. Maybe it's better than arresting elderly women for not watering their lawns. Ah Orem, what would we do without you?


maybe they should have sung their order in a hymn....


Disorderly conduct is not the same as a traffic citation; I completely support the parents in fighting this. I hope the McDonalds goes out of business.

@ "Teenagers"

Your point was well thought out and it actually made sense however, your off base and wrong. How many 18 year olds "Know better" at that age? Of course they know better in fact they know it all, but the fact is that they are in fact only 18. When you turned 18 were you just the poster child for maturity?

Good Grief

The amount of bigotry is amazing. I have read this and other boards making fun of the hispanic employees and calling them illegal. The ignorance would be laughable, but it's really not funny.

It's quite obvious that a lot of you can't put yourselves into the place of a small Spanish woman being confronted by several strapping young men who become confrontational and abusive.

Like there's no reason to think any of them would be bigots or anything or get violent perhaps. Just read the posts on this board. That's not harmless. It's frightening. If you are a woman you know what I mean.

I am a strong woman, but teenage boys scare the crap out of me when they are in a pack. They seem to lose all sense of perspective and good judgement. They can cause damage and they know it. If you were a small person, in a strange place where people often treat you with disrespect and even contempt, I think you might get a little scared too. This is not harmless fun.


Is this serious? I thought it was a skit from MadTV with Bon Qui Qui.

Just a Moment There

One of those was my nephews son and that is absolutely not his behavior. The rapping because that is one of McDonald's commercials, but the disrespect and vulgarity is something he was taught not to do and would not do it.

I dealt with a school administrator who wrote up some students sayng they threatened him and swore at him, but his fellow administrator denied that ever happened and that his other administrator had it out for the kid so he made up the charges. I would not be surprised to find out this is exactly what this manager did. He had to make up something to try and show his great authority. Perhaps all of the students at Lone Peak should boycott that McDonalds until the manager is retrained or let go.

If McDonald doesn't want people ordering by rapping then don't make the commercial. Stupid is as stupid does.


Citations should be given out to anyone who 'raps' in public.

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