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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"Bill Baumgardner Sr." loosen your belt up big boy your vains are popping out.


Put these hoodlums in the state pen and let them clean up McD wrappers (no pun intended) on the side of the road. Clearly the lesson being learned here is do what you want because Mommy and Daddy will bail you out. Maybe pay the fine with allowance money.

Marketing Fan!

Some kids got busted in American Fork for a rap song in the drive thru... But Mc Donalds in 1989 produced this commercial. I’m a little confused Listen you tell me.... 1989 McDonalds "Menu Song" Commercial Source: www.youtube.com

Wake up

Singing in the drive through was not the issue. It was the disruption. I'm sure if anyone of you had been in the drive through behind them you would have been annoyed as well. 18 years old is old enough to know how to behave. Sure you could pass the buck and say that it's the parents fault for not teaching them. In any case they had every right to order them to leave. It is McDonalds property. It was their refusal that brought the cops in.


Kids have always been a little disruptive, and that is the nature of the beast. btw I cannot believe how many of the above commenting people can not seem to spell simple words correctly.

John Charity Spring Imposter

The problem with McDonald's is that it represents everything that is wrong with the modern food industry: gratuitous ketchup, indiscriminate calories, and pickles added simply for the sake of adding pickles. Indeed, the difference between modern and traditional food is striking. Whereas traditional meals consisted of healthy meats such as ham, lamb, and wild rabbit, the modern version promotes gluttony, clogged arteries, and every other type of dietary immorality. With modern restaurants such as McDonald's relentlessly promoting these evils, it is no wonder that modern society is such a fat mess.


Markets hot if you want to run with it 4 kids got in trouble at an American Fork, Utah McDonalds drive thru for singing their order in a rap song... But I remembered McDonalds in 1989 produced this commercial. "Menu Song" found it again... Strike while the pans hot!!! Could be big!



Their "Fighting" the citation???

The parents of the teens are "fighting the citation"???

What's the big deal? It's a citation! A ticket. Nothing happened. They didn't go to jail. They were just warned not to do things like that again.

If I were one of the parents... I would just be hoping my kid learned something from this experience. Not going to court to try to teach my kid that he HAD the right to use that type of profanity at the manager and to intentionally disrupt the business.

When I was a teenager my friend had a monkey mask, so I decided to take the dare and run through the McDonalds we used to hang out at and just see if I could freak out the customers.

It worked... Some of them got pretty freaked out. It was funny till I figured out how freaked out some of them got.

I didn't get cited, but I learned my lesson (and never did it again).

The parents should be hoping their kids LEARN something from this. Not that they can find a way to fight the citation.


In the Salt Lake Trib article it said that disorderly conduct is the same as a traffic ticket. Wrong, disorderly conduct is criminal and a traffic ticket is not. What does disorderly conduct mean anyway. We need to get rid of stupid laws like this that give cops a tool to hand out tickets for pretty much anything.


Re: Mary | 12:35 p.m. Oct. 29, 2009

Most likely the kids would also thank their lucky stars that they aren't your kids.


I think it's terrible that they wasted McDonald's time. May I suggest parents and teens no longer go to Mc Donald's and 'bother' them. There are plenty of other fast food drive-ins that are friendlier and their food is healthier and better tasting!


Small town... Small mindedness...Sounds like a Great opportunity for the Chamber of Commerce to get involved in the community and provide opportunities for youth so that there is something to do in a small town other than get into mischief. What if the town had a Boys and Girls club or started a rapping club for youth that did not include the use of profanity and increased their vocabulary at the same time? Maybe they could sponsor a competition and come up with some prizes or for goodness sake give kids hope for coming back to their community to start a business of their own when they grow older instead of just giving them a ticket and reconfirming that there is no hope in smallville Utah. This will teach kids respect, give them an idea of business, entrepreneurship and a love for their community. It doesn’t mean that they are going to become professional rappers it just means that you are giving an opportunity for kids to get involved in a positive way, giving them something to do and keeping them off the streets.


"Small things leads to big ones" where did you quantify this to come up with your concept? Do you have hard facts? Have you done research to prove this? Don't assume it makes you seem silly? It's your personal opinion supported by nothing, not FACT!

Tisk Tisk

athor Yup!
If kids can't behave in public maybe they should stay home until they can. The kids need to man-up and take some responsibility, unless of course, mommy will save their bacon. The best comment on the story: Have the cops call the parents, let the parents teach the lesson. Maybe both will learn something. Perhaps a sincere apology from the kids? If this is a pattern, maybe stronger lessons are needed. It's their choice. Whoa.

To the kid's defenders...

Would you be as defensive of the kids if when the manager went out to confront them, instead of just yelling profanities at her and taking off... One of them had pulled out his pistol and waved it at her???

It's happened in lesser confrontations.

I hope these youths learn from THIS incident and don't listen to the peole telling them, "That's all right, you just keep doing stuff like this, you're still young and can do ANYTHING you want".

I hope they don't get encouraged by the people telling them what they did was all-right, and the people who decided to take the time to make sure they learned from this experience are BAD.

I hope they don't learn that nobody cares what they do, and maybe next time take their rebelion and young exuberanace to the next level (like many teenagers in WVC, EastLA, etc, do)... And point a gun at anybody if they mess with you when you and your pose were are just having their fun.

Rt Winger

How ironic that a McDonald's would call the police because they couldn't understand the kids placing an order......so does that allow us to call the police the next time we encounter a McDonald's employee who can't speak English?


For one, I am glad the police responded. I like to think that if I was subjected to behavior which I found disrupting and possibly threatening, that the police would respond. WOW, have you been assaulted and ignored recently. The police did the right thing. It is the right of the teens and the parents to challenge the citation--that makes it the court's decision. I am a fan of the rule of law. I am not a fan of destructive, abusive, or threatening "fun". That's asking for future trouble. Nip it in the bud, before someone gets hurt.


Wait a second. If the police are called, it is their duty to respond. I think there is equal fault here from both the McDonald's manager who obviously has some kind of a power complex to even involve the police and the teenagers who, like most of us at that age, don't know when to shut up.

Agreed that we as a society get the police involved all too often, but it's up to US not the police to decide when the police should become involved.

McDonald's: apologize and offer free ice cream to all the students who come over and rap for you at the indoor counter.

Teenagers involved & parents: Get your fannies over to McDonalds and apologize!


So...the manager confronted these kids in their car, and told them to either order correctly or leave.

The kids reacted like most people would under the circumstances. They were offended by her confrontational attitude, and they offended her in return by using profanity...and then they complied by leaving.

There was no reason to involve the police when the kids had already complied with the request to leave.

I deal with rude and discourteous people on a daily basis in the course of my business operations. People get pissed off and use profanity simply because we are repairing asphalt and have blocked off a mall entry they wanted to use.

We simply point out the next entry, and continue working. If I called the cops every time someone cussed at me, or my crew...I'd probably find myself receiving citation for being a nuisance.

IMPO...this manager will likely be required to undertake further training by corporate headquarters. After all...she turned away paying customers, and McDonalds is all about making the almighty buck.

Some of you people need to go back and read the article.

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