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Published: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sounds like disorderly conduct. I bet the mom who was saying "teens just having fun" is the same person who thought the gay couple on main street plaza were out of line.


Kids need to show respect, but why does society not remember what it is like to be a kid. A warning and getting their parents involved - is the norm. Why are we so happy to get cops involved. This seems to be an exxxxxxxagerated issue and I wish McDonalds would of been a little more tolerant. Heaven knows I have wanted to call the cops before on their pathetic service and half the time can not understand their workers, but realize everyone has bad days! Lighten up people and help kids, but don't make them branded for a creative fun night - rapping real dangerous!


oh good grief. people need to get a life

What a joke!

How long did they really "disrupt" business. If they truly cost the business any money that is one thing...if they didn't and were just being rowdy teenagers then lets move on.

The police are clearly bored and have nothing to do more important than this?


Charging these kids is insane. What is this, the USSR??? The police and courts are out of control. It's time for the government to be taked back by the people.


Heard the 'rapping', too bad this manager doesn't have a sense of humor. Didn't like McDonald's anyway,she just gave me reason not to patronize their business.
How much business do they get from the local High School? Stupid decision.

Little Punks


Bill Baumgardner Sr.

As long as it is someone else being the victim of the "fun" & not the perps parents being the victims, then it is "just fun". How nice. If you have not reared your child to be more respectful to others, you & your child are the losers in life. I hope the judge throws the book at these hoodlums and their parents, if we can call them parents. Thank you, "IF" you post this.

Stupid Forker

My goodness do the cops have nothing better to do than chase down these Rapping Teenagers? Seriously? Our tax dollars keeping us safe right there.


I have a hard time believing that the American Fork Police would actually take the time to track down these young men, let alone ticket them. That is an over-reaction. I can't believe that in this day and age, when we have such serious problems with teen gang members, drive by shootings, drug use, higher teen pregnancy rates, and we are ticketing these clean cut teens for something like this. I saw this story on the news last night, and watched the interview with these young men. Just wondering...would they have been ticketed in American Fork for rapping their order had they been wearing BYU sweatshirts and not U of U?...makes ya think!


Can't prove disorderly conduct. Using profanity and refusing to leave according to the manager may have actually been the teens laughing and saying they were just having fun. Having this be a big deal is going to cause more problems for that manager than solve them.


What happen to teaching our children respect. That was not teens just having fun. That was rude and uncalled for behavior. Come on parents, step up and take responsiblity for your childs actions. Let the boys get their punishment and teach them respect. Their luckiy they are not my kids.

Blue Nuts

They should have gone to Burger King and had it "their way"


Only in Utah another story of a cop with nothing to do in Utah! No I know what cops do when my car is being broken into, or when I'm assualted on the street. Huh maybe I should so the state for wasting my money and not providing the citizens with the services that they should.
I hope the police department feels proud wow caught and fined the rapping kids do they get an award for that!


We need to teach our kids that "charity begins at home". There's a lot of problems with our teenagers because of lack of respect. Our freedom should not be taken for granted in any situation, at any place and at any time. We should cherish it at all times! There are our tomorrow; we need to teach them right! Parents, please let someone else help teach your kids. They're all still going to blend with the society after graduation one day and they need to be learned.

get real

I so have to agree with all of the above!!!! I think the world has lost focus on whats important. THE CHILDREN,and yes think back to the things you use to do as a teenager,probly ALOT worse than singing to a drive through.the kids were local they probly order the same food daily.I also agree that charging these kids is absolutly STUPID lets get a real criminal, besides how many other times has this manager been cursed at and never charged anyone else?? Put your big girl panties on and get over it they were just being board teenagers!!!!!


I'm glad to read that people are against this ridiculous citing by the American Fork police. Come on PD let’s put the donut down and start doing what you’re paid to do...go after the real criminals! If there are no criminals in American Fork and this is the only action...then things are good.

small things leads to big ones

Not all but most small things that someone can get away with will always lead to some bigger ones. I'm glad the cops are taking this seriously because when the parents don't society will...It sucks for tax payers that have to pay for what parents have should of handled themselves


"Their lucky they are not my kids" by "Mary" Yes, they are very lucky! Loosen up Mary!


disorderly conduct is not the end of the world, they will recover...but the real issue here is that the parents are sending the wrong message by bailing their kids out by not teaching them some responsibility and the lesson of consequences...maybe the police didn't need to be involved but none of us were there and that's the call that the Mc D's manager had to make...God knows that I could improve as a parent, but I see this everywhere! the "entitlement" generation!

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