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Utah leads more most of game until 4th quarter collapse

Published: Thursday, Oct. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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is it february yet???


Hmm. Weird.

We Stink

Same old stuff with DWill and bunch of roll players will not even win the division. Its time for a change it starts with the coach.

A repeat performance

of last year is in the wings.....Booze failed to show up again. Fans take control of this problem...Boo the Booze when he fails to perform.
No D....is possible with this team. Williams can not do it alone Jerry....Jerry......Jerry, are you out there????? Nice game Denver, you all had fun in this cat and mouse game, that is until the last quarter.

Jonny lingo

Jazz will miss playoofs!


The game summary says the score was 114-104, not 105. Which was it?

King Black

Well a good game untill the end of 3rd and all of the 4th quarters.

They showed they could play defense but for some reason at the end of the 3rd they just forgot how to play at all.

With them just behind a few points in the fourth, it didnt help that some people could not hit wide open shots on two or three consecutive posessions(Boozer) that lead to easy fast break points for Denver that gave them the bigger lead.

If Boozer came to play that could have easily been a win but it was like Utah only had 10 players for the day.

But i'd say Boozer wont have too many more days like this plus its the 1st game. Hey at least they didnt get mopped like Paul and the Hornets.

And no need for bickering Cleveland is 0-2 so I dont want any reporters or sports analyst downing Utah without downing Cavs or Hornets.

I am not impressed

Okur really played, so did DWill. This is their team now. Brewer played pretty well. AK played well.

Lawson went thru and around Maynor and to some extent Brewer like knife thur butter.

Nobody stopped Nene in the first half. Melo did pretty much what he wanted to. Fez seemed to alter the inside game a lot. He held down his fouls and scored some.

Boozer and Millsap look a lot better in the box score than on the court. The Jazz would have been a lot better with Fez at C and Okur at PF. Sloan should try that. Koufos could have done better than Boozer and probably Millsap.

I am not a Price fan but he did okay.

Forget the continuity garbage. The Jazz had better get ready to make some moves. This team stinks for the money the Millers are paying.

Half of the team played hard and tried. The PFs sucked their thumbs or hacked.

The Jazz need a real PF who can play, defend and shoot. That is not Boozer nor Millsap. They also need a wing who can shoot. DWill kept them in it from outside to some extent.

j from porkopolis

Whats that I hear... wait for it, wait for it... oh its AK's hair playing better defense than Carlos "brick the ball every shot" Boozer has ever played in his entire NBA career. Hey A.K. Zack Morris called and wants his hair-do back. By the way, Paul "I can't see because number 15 just posterized me on national television" Millsap, think before you pass, use that ounce of grey matter inside your skull. And finally, Jerry "Can't call a time out to save his life and should have quit last year" Sloan, do us all a favor and bag it up now, worst coaching ever. A.K.'s HAIR knew to call a time out the second momentum began to change in the fourth, but noooo you had to let the Jazz dig a deeper hole for themselves, as always. The only bright spot was Deron "the man" Williams who was amazing and deserves better. I know it is only the first game of the regular season, but you can't tell me that this game was not important and not a foreshadow of things to come. I hope I am wrong.


The first two quarters we looked like an improved team, Then old habbits of not playing D got the best of us. I think Boozer must have had the worst game of his career! Fez looked good, and Memo still has the money ball. Hopefully the Jazz can learn to buckle down and win on the road this year.

Told ya

See you boys in Salt Lake, where Denver will add JR Smith to the roster and then the show just gets better!!! Smooth Jazz, brought to you directly from Denver!!!!


Hey, don't fret. Accept reality Jazz fans. You can call for Jerry's head if you want. You can shoot a pee shooter at Greg Miller. Perhaps you want to Boo the Boozer. Whatever you do, it all boils down to the same players, road game, no defense = same team (same ole' Jazz). You know, talented, lacking heart, chemistry, or something else. Whatever it is, it is. They are lacking, and they will lose enough to cause frustration, and win enough to sneak into the playoffs. I will half pay attention to them. I hope they win, but I have better things to do with my time. My favorite Jazz season was 2003-2004 when the Jazz were supposed to be the worst NBA team of all time. They won 41 games that year, missed the playoffs, but busted their butt night in and night out. It was post Stock and Malone, but it preceded D-Will, Booz, Memo, Millsap, and Brewer. It was the AK47 of yesteryear, and a bunch of blue collar ballers (Raja Bell, Harpring, Arroyo before being delusional, Ben Hand lotion (okay Handlogten), and Beaver Cleaver. They just played ball hardcore. I miss it!!

King Black/end of post @ j from

Guys calm down, geeze

I would hate to see what the Cavs fans are saying about their team right now.
Everybody besides Boozer played good so much for playing Maynor over Price though he needs to step up his D.
I mean look at Milsaps numbers for the minutes he played I'd say thats pretty good besides the posterize lol.

Utah had this game won but lost it in the 4th its not like Denver manhandled Utah the whole game like Spurs did to Hornets, or like the Magic did to whoever they played, or even like the Raptors did to Cleveland.


for a second you seemed like you were going to have the best post.. but then I actually read past the first line..

you make absolutley no sense at all in about 60% of that un-funny supposed to be comic type post, which is more than enough for any person to make weird faces while reading it..

I can see what you were trying to do but that was a Big EPIC FAILURE on your part.


Reply to 1:32 am. If thats your argument, go back to playing Halo in your mamma's basement. Your talking about AK's hair, you got to be kidding me!


No CJ and no Korver and still scoered 100 points on the road. That is improvement.


same ole jazz, gonna be a long session, with 25 road losses. and an 8th seed. yahoo

the Mailman

D Will continues to show he is the man in this team and everyone else keeps going missing when games are to be won in last quarters on the road - coach included.

But hey, anyone who expects anything different from the Jazz this year need to open their eyes a little wider..

When you keep doing things the same as you always have, why would things turn out any different..

Setting the Tone

The defensive tone for the entire game was set when the Nuggets were ahead 3-0 and another nugget player got free in the middle. Boozer was right under the basket and could have taken two steps to challenge the shot but stood watching as he let him go in for an uncontested dunk.

Come on, Boozer, at least make an attempt to get in front of him or at least challenge the shot from behind. How about making a statement you care by fouling him hard to send the message, "you don't want to come in here." Boozer, I'm calling you out. Step up and lead or get out of the way for good!

Williams, Okur, and Brewer showed a lot of heart, but several others were missing in action...


Well based on the first game, I would think Boozer would be lucky to get the rookie third year contract amount of what 1.5 million. 3 of 14 in a year you need to impress people to get a contract.

So tell me, why do we pay basketball players so much in the first place! Are they curing cancer, finding a solution to poverty, a rocket sientist? They play a game, which due to an owners greed or need to have a trophy, they often try to buy it, overpay the players. Lets face it a player making 2-3 million a year, will make more in one or two seasons than the majority of the fans make in a life time of work, for what, to play a game, to provide entertainment. If you had talent to get you there, you can play like Boozer or even Fes and sit on the bench and make more money than if they actually had to go out and get a job. Koufos, did he finish his freshman year, Fes, did he go to college in Europe, what do they have to fall back on?


I saw good things in this game. Love D-Will. Paul Millsap is the man. Curious to see how this matchup goes in Utah. Will the Jazz establish homecourt dominance? The heck is up with Booze?

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