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State's students best in the nation when it comes to repaying education debt

Published: Thursday, Oct. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dr Econ

Honest and frugal. Good for Utah!


But wait we are the worst state in the union. We are the bottom of all financial surveys. It is all the LDS church's fault.



BYU only had 15 loans in default.

WOW! That is truly amazing.

Nice job. I guess the LDS church is doing some good things after all !

The Middle Way

Now if we could just work on the bankruptcy rate.


It shows that education allows you to earn a good living to pay back the loans. Maybe someone should study the bankruptcies in the state and find out how many are college grads. My guess it is a lot lower.


A note on the bankruptcy rate, a recent study recently found that the most important determinant of bankruptcy is state law. Thus, a large reason Utah has such high bankruptcy rates are the state laws and not the individual characteristics of the people in the state.

Freedom Rings

Way to go UHEAA! It is this extra level of local customer service that resulted in the drop from 4.3 to 2.1. Yes, Utah may have an overall better rate of repayers than other states because of factors other than UHEAA, but the drop in rate should be attributed during such an economic downturn to the excellent work of UHEAA! Why our President and Congress would ever want to mess with that and nationalize it is beyond ridiculous!


Hey liberals, what do you attribute this to? Liberals attribute all problems in Utah to the lds church and all good things to......?

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