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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Anae revealed himself to be unequal to the task. That is where personnel changes need to be made: Offensive Coordinator!


TCU knew what plays BYU was going to run, as did a good number of people in the stands.

Anae has to make the offense unpredictable.

Jack Wade

Even SMU whose record is 3-4 was able to score 14 points against TCU.

When BYU can't score more than 7 points at home has to be an all-time low mark for the BYU football program...

Changes are needed!

I'm not sure

Without Jacobsen, we really didn't have receivers that could run past TCU's defensive backs. The run game was working, but it could only do so much against a top 10 defensive front in the nation.

I think when you combine that, with the key plays given up at key times, then you get the result.

I really think had BYU played perfectly they may not have won, but they at least could have made it a game. When you make mistakes against a team that good this is what happens.


After last year's beatdown in Texas why is their speed such a surprise?

Does being on the Mtn preclude Bronco from watching highlights or getting game film to scout TCU? (oh wait, TCU is also in the Mtn deal, hmm. Maybe Bronco needs to pay some intern to DVR the TCU games so he can have a clue what they're going to do and how good they are.)

It was clear, one team was prepared, the other team was still recovering from a week of the best practice in the history of BYU football. Seriously, the Cougars looked like they were in a fog, and had forgotten who they were and why they were there.

Let's see, the biggest roadblock to gaining a BCS berth is coming into your home stadium and you can't prepare the team better than what they were. Deer in the headlights is an appropriate way to describe the Cougars response to TCU's play. Reminds me of the big kid on the block who constantly pushes around the little kids, but when a big kid from another block comes around and pushes him, he freezes.

The game is changing....

going away from big and slow. Going away from natural grass fields. BYU wasn't in a "fog", they were being dismantled for the second year in a row by a faster, more athletic team.

How many fast athletes would rather play on natural grass vs. the newer rubberized, synthetic fields like the one at RES? Answer, very few.

Allowing the grass to be just a little longer and the field to be watered a little longer prior to a fast, athletic team's visit isn't cutting it anymore. Change with the times or settle for second best.


we need a football coach not a seminary teacher what a joke this season has been hope all is well in zion!


EXPOSED. BYU was never good and the win against Oklahoma was a fluke. Don't plan on being BCS busters anytime soon, but you can enjoy in the your big brother's glory up North if you please.


Get a clue, Cougar Kingdom is not as it appears to be.
In essence, faster, younger more athletic will win out.
Patterson knows how to handle the tendencies and has out prepared the Y consistently since his Frogs entered the MWC.


One game cannot define a program whether it is beating Oklahoma or losing to TCU. As I keep saying, playing the game has to have emotion and not be robotic.

We we were charged for OK, then too workmanlike for TCU. If you can't bring the emotion and can only explain that "we simply did not execute", I don't buy into that.

While I'm disapponted over the TCU and FSU losses, I still support the Cougs and predict a win out of their remaining games including their bowl game. 11-2 ain't bad! Should be the same record as the Utes when they lose to the Cougs and TCU in coming weeks!


Actually... I don't think BYU's win over Oklahoma was a fluke. Truth is that BYU seems to do very well against the best "big & strong" teams. Their problem comes when they play against "quick" teams.


Ten and 2 is a good year after BYU wins out. Utah will lose at least 3 and maybe a total of four. BYU is a good team, however TCU has put together a great team. Bronco is the coach we need at BYU. We need to keep the young men that go to BYU in the right perspective. Their is more to life then football. I agree the play calling is troubling. Not going for it on 4and 2, Try faking a punt. their was one situation the punter could of ran for 20 years, unless our punters are too slow. Where is Norm Chow when you need him.

Excuses, excuses, excuses

"I was really impressed with their talent."

Harvey Unga averaged 6 yards per carry -- and was only given the ball 21 times.

BYU's secondary wasn't burned by speed, they blew assignments on trick plays.


If they start believing the losses are due to "talent" (like Oklahoma didn't have "talent?"), then they will start being stupid, and gimmicky and thinking you win through psychology. Oh wait, Bronco is already way too enamored with mind games.


If you are bigger, and they are faster RUN THE BALL. Don't pass on first down so much, just knock people off the ball.

If they have a great pass rush, use three and five step drops, not seven step drops -- duh!!!

Of course, what do I know, "my level of education about football" isn't that great, which is why BYU got pasted -- AGAIN!

Let's have a fireside the night before. That'll fix it.

re: one word

Get back in the unemployment line so you can get a life and a job.

game is changing

Yeah, grass is the problem. That's why no NFL teams play on it.

How do people come up with this stuff?

Re: one word; Y fan

But they beat Oklahoma, It was no fluke. Utah beat Alabama. BYU isn't trying to "bust the BCS". BYU is simply trying to try to play like they did in 1984 be the best they can be.

to wow and young:

Anae is a good O cordinator, BYU is lucky to have him. The OL needs work but the DL and secondary needs work also. BYU needs This Bye to work things out. Don't be to harsh on the guys who coached the game against oklahoma, UNLV, Tulane, sandeigo.....

Gimme a break

We need bloggers who have a clue.


Bronco should have been impressed before the game wilth TCU"s talent a little late after the game. Not sure if the talen level on the Y is that bad or TCU is that good or if it is not preparing for games like they should, may be a little of all three. Can we ever look for a MWC title in football not with the way things are going, 10-2 or 9-3 is not a bad season if we can beat Utah.

Re: The Game is Changing

"How many fast athletes would rather play on natural grass vs. the newer rubberized, synthetic fields like the one at RES? Answer, very few."

Answer: probably the best recruiting class BYU has ever had in 2010.

Texas Ute

BYU is a great football team, but a bit of a head case. BYU is not as good as TCU, so they have to play with a chip on their shoulder. It seemed to me a self-fulfilling prophecy . . . I don't think they thought they could win, and when the first bad play came around, they lost their fight. Bronco has to inspire this team . . . he needs a little fight in him . . . more church ball, less seminary teacher.

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