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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Always been a jazz fan, always will be. Love you guys.


To answer the article's simple headlining question: Will familiarity lead to a deeper playoff run? No.

I bet every mediocre team in the NBA is asking themselves the same question, all fooling themselves that the answer is yes. Oklahoma Thunder, one more year together? Playoff run. New Orleans Hornets, one more year together? NBA Finals. Dallas Mavericks, one more year together? NBA Title. HA HA HA HA!!!

We don't have the right pieces for a championship, it was clear three years ago, two years ago, last year, and again this year.

Mark B.

If they don't lose to men to injuries (not a good start with Korver and CJ already out) they will go deep.

Continuity may

produce an extra 5 wins but going from 48 to 53 will not beat the LA or SA.

If Sloan wants a ring he is going to have to address the weaknesses of this team. Poor outside shooting, poor defense, poor road record. Continuity does not fix those. Replacing players who don't defend or can't shoot could fix it.

You have the regular season to develop continuity. Get the right combination of players first then worry about continuity.

Koufos and Fez may improve the rebounding but that is not enough. I am watching the LA/Clip game. They have some players. Who do the Jazz have who can defend Kobi, Odom, Bynum, not to mention Gasol?

Continuity is not going to beat the Lakers. Boozer/Millsap will still be too short and Okur/Boozer will still be average defenders at best. The Jazz will still lack outside shooting. The defense might be a little better. If Koufos and Fez develop the rebounding might improve.

Does Sloan have a realistic plan for beating LA and SA? I would like to know what it is. If he has no realistic plan then talk of a ring is just talk.

Prove it Jazz

I tend to agree with "continuity may" but I see too many weaknesses re appearing on the court. Weaknesses that have never gone away. True champions show up for each game with extraordinary talent...we only have one or two of them on court and everyone knows who they are. However, how about giving us a surprise guys...give it your best and we will see how far you can go against the giants.

we're going to miss

Collins. He gave 4 fouls and drew one or two charges a game. He was always getting in the way in the paint. He was falling down all over the place. The Jazz might use the low block now that they aren't trying not to step on Jerron.

To: we're going to miss

I see, and appreciate, the sarcasm, but on that point... I'm excited to see the young centers get more time this year and see if they have the potential to turn into the kind of players that can guard Bynum and Gasol as someone mentioned. I know they dont have it now but I'm excited to see what they can bring when they get some time with the first string guys.

Each game!

Seriously...Prove it Jazz is right. Most of them don't show up for all the games. If we could get their nap times timed right, maybe our team would show up! Better yet, go to bed on time, and get rid of the naps all together! Love the Jazz more than most, but they are SO frustrating to watch when you can tell they just woke up from a nap!


why is the goal of the Jazz to just make it deeper in the playoffs? this is the season they are supposed to win it all. this is the same thing we hear about U and BYU football...can they make it to a BCS game instead of can they play for the national championship? or like college basketball...can our team win one NCAA game instead of can they win it all? we set our sights too low...content with mediocrity...it's not worth hoping and paying all that money to watch a team play multiple games if you don't think they can win it all. why pay the players all that money if they are not going to be a viable championship team? you might as well pay me half the money Boozer is getting and I would love to get out on the court and show you that i can lose too!!!


Will this season magnify itself as the photo for this article?

Will the 4 starters turn on Boozer as he pads his stats for future dollars?

Williams stated this summer that he had not had contact with Boozer.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this photo is a sign of the future.


To continuity May:

Poor outside Shooting does not win championship (LA was the 18 best 3 point shooting team the last year and they did just fine) The Jazz were 27th 3 point shooting team, the 10th best jump shooting team and the 8th best team at scoring inside.

The Jazz were 5th best offensive rebounding team and the 10th best rebounding team in the league

The Jazz's height is fine.
You are right the defense of the Jazz does need to improve.

Boozer is standing away from the other players so the Jazz team can photo shop him out at the end of the season

That is the best picture I have seen of AK added weight. He looks a lot bigger. By the end of last season he pretty much lost all his weight.


This team is good. They have all the tools to win a championship. They don't have a star like Kobe, but they do have depth. Outside of last year's playoffs, we have always played the Laker's tough. The conference finals will be between the Jazz and the Lakers.


Same Jazz, same result.

Same Sloan, same result.

I can't believe management brought back the same sorry defensive team. If I would have said the type of comments that Boozer did I certainly wouldn't be back at the same job. Trading him for nothing is better than keeping a bum!

Other than Williams, the rest of the team should be on the trading block to try to improve the team. Kevin O'Conner has a good reputation, but a fairly poor track record.


im dont even wanna talk about the article...that picture of AK is just downright scary...he looks like a russian mob boss...anyone agree?


To Ronnie Brewer --
Thanks for not listening to the photoguy...
and smiling.

Go get'um !

True Blue--as in jazz blue

Injuries YES play a huge factor. I was disappointed this off season to see teams like the spurs the lakers the celts the magic all improve their all ready championship teams and to see the jazz what bring back guys that seemed like they were goin through the motions out on the court.Ya Not to excited about that.

For the jazz to have any shot at anything deron needs to put up atleast 30 shots a game.

Maybe its time for sloan to leave, his offense has been around forever and teams know the ins and outs of our offense. I mean its not hard when its been the same for years.

Go jazz..i guess.


where's wes' picture?

Jimmy Z

Now we need to get rid of Sloan...and we willhave
a team...this guy needs to go.............

You're nuts

You're nuts. Sloan's team concept is awesome. It's Jazz basketball, and I will probably retire (lose interest) with Sloan.

I look for 56-58 wins, and barring injuries and the HOSE JOB we got from the refs last playoffs, a run at the championship.

if you always do....

what you have aleways done you always get what you always got. This shows were Insane if we think it will be any diferent than last year????
Lakers add talent, we got dick....WHERE IS LARRY MILLER when WE NEED HIM. I hate the JAZZ!!

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