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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Democrats?

Are there Democrats in Utah to react to this development? Why doesn't the Deseret News ever try to balance its sources?

C. Brant

If Utah Republicans want to be so innovative in health care reform, then do it. Go for it. The Republicans had control of the White House and Congress for years and accomplished nothing. Health insurance and health care costs skyrocketed under their watch. Now is the time to show what you've got. Utah Republicans, show us your stuff.


Again.....Take all health care benefits away from all the goverment officials and see how fast they come up with a plan when they have to live by the same rules the general public does!!


Utah is only good for skiing...fly in fly out...hope you dont get injured...


Maybe nobody likes Reid anymore. What a disappointment.


I don't understand, aren't the 10th amendment and legal, peaceful secession already opt-out clauses?


I hate that my state will be able to make such a personal decision for me. Why should my residence in Utah determine whether I have an opportunity to participate in the federal public option? I've spent the last five years using military health care and I think it provides far better care than the private insurance I held before that. For all those nay-sayers about government insurance, join the National Guard and fill out the paperwork to enroll your family. Are you in the military? Check. Are these your dependents? Check. and that's pretty much it. When my husband retires out, I would love it to be so simple again. Are you a citizen? Check.


Notice that this is not an option of not buying into their plan. It is the option of inventing a state run equivalent or letting the feds run it. In either case the feds will tax you to pay for your neighbors checkups. But if you choose the state option, the state will also tax you to pay for your neighbor’s checkups and the Feds will tax you to pay for checkups in Nevada while getting nothing back in return.

That is the same kind of "opt out" they are proposing for anyone who does not want to bow down before the POTUS and buy his policy, to levy a fine against you for your disobedience, to try and make you buy into their redistribution scheme.

Is this closer to the definition of robbery or of slavery?


"In either case the feds will tax you to pay for your neighbors checkups." Your neighbor will be paying in as much as you. This just creates a larger risk pool. It's like car insurance. We pay hoping we never total our car, but we cover the risk just in case we do. It you total your car, others pay for you to get a check to cover your lost.

to Roundy

Of course you like it. Someone else is paying for you!

Also, I was an intern at the capitol for several years, where do people get the idea that state legislators get free health care? FACT: they dont. They pay a premium just like you do at your work. Several hundred dollars per year in fact.

Now I am sure there will be those who dont believe this, it does not matter what you believe, because facts are facts and this is a fact. So go ahead and scream and moan all you want, but if you think the state legislators get free health care you are one thing: WRONG. Sorry. it's just a FACT

Tab L. Uno

Some private insurers may be afraid of the possibility of lower profits having to compete with a public option that focuses on providing low-cost medical care and having their near monopoly over health care threatened that has been in existence since 1945 when an antitrust law exemption for health insurers was put into place allowing for regional insurance companies to dominant the market.

@10:58 p.m.

why would anyone doubt you that Utah would charge a premium for legislators to for healthcare the only thing that shocks me is that it is not several thousand dollars. The Utah government is nothing but a puppet organization anyway anyone that does not realize that is a true fool.


Amazing how many experts there are for a bill that has not yet been written. Brother Harry sent his kids to BYU. He is not a bad guy, let's give him a chance.

I would just like to be able to buy into the healthcare plan that Orrin and Bob Bennett have. That is not too much to ask, is it?


It is pretty sad when Gov. Herbert is the voice of reason in all this. Who cares one bit what any Utah Republican says or thinks. Hatch deliberately walked away from being part of this months ago. No one else has any clout or influence in Washington, due to Utah marginalizing itself politically. My knock on the proposal is that there might be an opt-out. It should be a national system.


This is a very miss leading article. And old news. This was news two weeks ago. However
PricewaterhouseCoopers says AHIP instructed it to analyze only "four components" of the bill. Its own admission in the study states this.

The study that they mention here was funded by the insurance industry. Come on Deseret News. Try and keep up.


Won't we pay for it anyway through federal taxes? Why not opt in?


This is such exciting news. To think we are one step closer to having the federal government take over our health care. I can't wait until my health care is paid for by an organization which is over $10 trillion in debt and is running annual deficits of $1.5 trillion. I am quite sure that everything will be so much better when the incorruptible federal government takes over health care in the United States.

Reading is fundamental

I love how these guys are reacting to a plan they haven't even seen yet. The bill has not been presented. So how can they hate it?

You Trust Reid, Obama, Pelosi?

The premise of the article is flawed. It is exceedingly clear that when Reid, Obama, Pelosi et. al. speak they are merely using words to get what they want. What happens later is unrelated to the words.

The term "public option" is just as Orwellian as Pelosi's "competitive option." Those paying attention realize that the entire purpose of such language is to get some kind of bill passed that will eventually lead to health care fully run by the government (with no other options) because it will be structured to drive out any competition.

Look at the health care shortages and low quality found in countries with government run programs. In fact, look at the shortages of swine flue vaccines distributed by this government during the current "emergency." Quick, pass health care reform today because we are in crisis, but then wait until after the 2012 election to implement it. Then its effects will not be understood until after our "Dear Leader" is re-elected.


Of course they don't like it. They have their mostly government funded health plan, why sould they care if anybody else has a health plan period?

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