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$1.5B NSA project to eavesdrop on electronic data while helping to preserve U.S. cybersecurity

Published: Saturday, Oct. 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Way to go Utah

"The site beat out 38 others nationwide"

That is quite a compliment for Utah to beat out 38 other possible places.

Way to go.

David Montgomery

What a great place to have such a center. NSA uses linguists among other things to do their work and Utah has more diverse languages than any other state due to it's returned missionaries having served in foreign countries.

If you want a good job, speak the right language, and have no criminal record and haven't lived in a communist country, you might be one of the lucky ones to land a job when the hiring starts.

I Spy a rotten tomato

Tax payers paying $1.5 billion (initially) so the Government can spy on us??? I have nothing to hide but I don't like the idea of the Government knowing every web site we visit and scanning our e-mails. This just gives the Government more control over our lives in what's covered up as "protecting us".


One major contributing factor is the extraordinary foreign language talent in the region.

Way to go?

A huge drain on the power grid, a big target for our enemies, and what does the average Utahn get for it?


wonderful another way for them to destroy our privacy and peek into our lives


Way to go: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." -- JFK


The NSA is not the FBI, they do not target you and they really are not interested in domestic issues.

They are monitoring international data and business transactions. They monitor communication and data from satellites and decrypt encrypted foreign transmissions. If this relates to any of your tinfoil-hat wearers, then you deserved to be spied on.

How about a little gratitude for helping keep our nation safe?


Way to go:
A 35-60 MW load will not negatively impact the power grid in that area.

What does Utah get? Read the article again to see how many people will be employed.

I think it's a great thing and I am glad the federal government is decentralizing these types of operations.


As windy as it is at Camp Williams I'm sure they will use 100% wind power to power those computers....

Don't ya think?

Bill Gronberg

Utah can be glad that Hillary Clinton is not President. Her number one aid probably would be former President Bill Clinton. He may still remember that in the 1992 presidential election he came in third behind Ross Perot here in Utah. President Obama came in second here and knows there is plenty of good talent here to help him safeguard the nation.

I smell a good job

This is great and right up my alley. It's even coming sooner than expected. Of course, it'll be delayed a year or two, but that's still not too bad.


No more encroaching on our rights.

Demand a government that fits inside the CONSTITUTION.

Some peoples kids---

Sheesh--- encroaching on our rights. What are you people thinking????
Do you even know what the NSA is??
Do you have a clue that we have been listening to the messages and conversations of other nations for years??
I was stationed on the border of the former USSR in Iran when the Shah was in power -- gathering intelligence to safe guard the citizens of this great nation.
Turn off Sean Hannity and think for yourselves.
Hate mongering is not a positive action.

To I Smell a Good Job

Good luck in landing a job. You need to go through a very rigorous security clearance first and that could take over a year.


1984 in the making.
Welcome to Oceania my friends.
War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.

Orwell has been prophetic indeed.


In my experience the only people that are worried about privacy are people that have something to hide!


These future employees could be used full time to uncover the dirt behind Utah politicians!


USSID 18 is the governing document that prohibits intentional collection, processing and storage of US communications, whether collected from the airwaves at home or abroad. Congressional oversite is the last place that becomes effective. The people who work side-by-side with each other, every level of management, and countless numbers of people who see, process and audit storage of data are conscientious American citizens who have sworn an oath to defend American's rights. They take it very seriously, and those internal checks are very effective. Been there, done that.

I am skeptical of the likelihood that linguistic abilities are going to be utlized in any major way at this site. The numbers of potential employees discussed indicate more skills and utilization of electrical engineers, signals/network analysts, cyber-sleuths, and those that manage, monitor, and evaluate their work.

Finding a sponsor, besides the military, to investigate and grant the security clearances is pretty difficult. Great grades in school, adherences to clean living, including debt and personal integrity, and critical thinking skills are the best means to attract potential recruiters' attention. Likely plan on moving out East for a spell as well.

Freedom Needs Protecting

This is the new way the military needs to adapt to changing threat environment to safeguard our freedoms. Encroaching on your rights? Anymore than a cop pulling you over and giving you a ticket? Does that encroach on your rights? What are your rights? Living in a free country is not a guarantee... it must be guarded, and provided there are checks and balances, as well as vigorous oversight by Judicial and Congressional branches of government, the military (Executive branch) must be allowed to adapt to protect us. This is great news for Utah and Utah jobs.

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