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Published: Friday, Oct. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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todd from santa ana

maybe now is the time to check the free agent wire and see if a wing can help us or bring in a designated 3 point shooter off the bench

is Krueger still with this organization?


There are no available shooters that are worth picking up in his absence. I am hoping they wait for CJ to recover and keep Mathews as their SG.


Hes so handsome! Dr. please be careful with him!

Wrong diagnosis.. wastes time!

How did previous doctors/MRI's miss a spur??? No wonder Korver is frustrated, being given what sounds like an incorrect diagnosis, told to rest, yet still having pain and not being able to play... what a waste of time. With a proper diagnosis, he could have had surgery weeks ago and be on the mend already. Waste of time...

Here we go again?

Why wouldn't you have had the surgery 5 Months ago? He probably didn't want to mess up his dating season.


Are you kidding me???? This is crazy! We are not starting out good..Please get healthy Jazz!


to the team, Wes Matthews.


The Jazz will sign West Matthews and Morris Almond. Mark it down.

They say

Too much riding in a golf cart can really agitate a bone spur.

re: Here we go again?

Are you serious? Why wouldn't he have surgery 5 months ago? Perhaps because his knee only started bothering him a couple of weeks ago??? Korver had surgery on his wrist in the off-season, so I'm sure he was REALLY worried about dating. What a stupid thing to say. Do you often opt to have surgery on various body parts... just in case they might cause you pain some time??


he didn't want to mess up his golfing commitments.

and it starts again

shaping up to sound like another injury plagued season! when will we start a season with a TEAM!!!

It's Possible

I went eight years with shoulder problems. I lost count how many doctors I went to about it. I did physical therapy every year when it would flare-up and it didn't get better. I had cortisone injections too. Tests showed a "normal" shoulder, no explanation. I finally convinced a new doctor to at least scope it...

He found three bone spurs, a torn rotator cuff, torn cartilage, and a piece of broken bone floating around in my joint.

You'd think at least ONE of those things would show up in x-rays or CT. (Can't have MRI)

comma man

poor kyle,be careful,mamma loves ya


I can think of a couple of guys who might be worth taking a chance on but I think the Jazz should pick up...

Ime Udoka: Good defender, quality veteran experience, can shoot the 3 (37% lifetime), can play both wings.


I agree with the above comments of why r we just now deciding to have surgery. We have been hearing about this injury for the past month. The Jazz did the same thing last year with Boozer. They dinked around for 2 months before finally deciding to have surgery for Booze. Sounds like we need to revamp our medical staff.


What was he doing all offseason? He had five months to get this taken care of. Now he's gonna pull a Booz and get paid to sit on the IR list.

Time Table?

So I'm betting he's out for 6-8 weeks.

Re. Anonymous

I guarantee Almond will not be resigned. Take that to the bank! He has been looked at by 4 teams now and none of them wanted any part of him, why would the Jazz when they know more than them? That surgery isn't a major one so Korver should be back in a month or so. We still have the bodies to play the game and no help is needed. We certainly don't need more salary expense right now. Maybe if we could dump Boozer for a wing and a big that might work.

Re. Here We Go Again

That spur was not an issue then, have you ever thought of that? I agree with wrong diagnosis that this thing should have been caught by the first MRI. The blame on this one goes to the doctor. It was bothering him more than a month ago, now the team and player pay for it and where is the good old Doc? I hope the team refers others to a different Dr. in the future. We will be fine anyway, others will pick up the slack in the short time him and CJ are gone.

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