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Utah cuts 2 more as it faces the Kings in final preseason game

Published: Friday, Oct. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tim A

The only reason the Jazz compete year in and year out is Jerry Sloan. It always amazes me when fans of teams that have had great success complain about their coach that has been there leading them every year because they " Just can't win the big one." This happens in so many cities and when they finally fire the coach and the team tanks for the next 10 years everyone misses the good ole days. Listen its not as if this team is not doing good and as a matter of fact they always out perform their talent level every year. To be as good as the Jazz have been without a clear superstar and compete yearly is truely amazing to me. I have been a long distance fan from Pittsburgh for 20 years now. I beleive the day Sloan either retires or gets fired will be a tragic day in the Jazz history.

Korver improved his game

last year by improving his defense and hustle. I like Korver. He is not athletic but he hustles.

Sloan does try to win, but he does it by trying to impose his approach to the game on other teams and overpower them with his approach. He does not have the right players to beat LA, SA etc that way.

If Brewer gets range, if Korver is healthy, if Koufos and Fez improve, if CJ becomes a complete consistent player, if the Jazz stay healthy they might challange.

To beat LA and SA there has to be some adjustment in opening up the inside game. There has to be an adjustment in game plan. Adelman was forced to change with the loss of Ming. Sloan needs to study how Adelman attacked LA with a shorter line up.

The Jazz can slash LA but they also have to open up the inside. They do not have the speed (PG) nor the outside shooting to attack LA the exact way Houston did. However, Sloan is a good enough coach that he can find a way to fix the problems if he will do it.

louisiana jazz man

korver probley hurt his knee when he ran into milsap last year. only hurts when its time to play basketball ok to play golf. im just saying.

todd from santa ana

Rick Adelman I agree is better than SLoan far as adjustments, and making his players focus defensively and adjusting to his talent. Jerry can do everything the same way, it is up to him. He is capable, i hope the regular season will be a continuation of preseason and the quotes from him he can do better and mean it


Jerry Sloan has said that keeping a team together is worth 5 more wins a season and I think a lot of those 5 extra wins happen early in the season when your cohesive team plays others who are still struggling with chemistry and their plays.
We don't want early injuries of important players like Brewer and Korver and CJ.


Last season part two
Can we just fast-forward to May?

Go Jazz! Do what you can (with the same ole business we've had for that last few years).
by that I mean all talk and no actions

oregon man

I just want to watch the jazz play as best they can. I think all of the players are good, or they would not be in the NBA. I don't criteque them, I trust their professionalism. Where will you find another Coach that has been as enduring as Sloan? like someone said, without a team of superstars, how has the Jazz been able to get into the playoffs as often as they have. it's team work and good coaching....simple as that. go jazz

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