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Published: Friday, Oct. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Carbon Credit

Coming from someone that consults in obtaining carbon credits. IT IS ALL A BIG SCAM!!! Trust me it is all about money, power and control. I am now pushing for a law on capitol hill to allow my clients to get more money through the carbon credit system, and they supposedly care about the environment. I would change jobs but we all know how that market is doing. Al Gore is set to become the next Bill Gates if cap and trade passes. It is all smoke and mirrors a hoax and pile of dung. There is no such thing as man made global warming.



My observance of people like you is that you spout off about the sky is falling issues, then forget to care for your own. Nine out of ten of you fit this category. Someone a lot wiser than us all is in complete control of the weather and for a greater and wiser purpose than we all understand. NO HUMAN ON EARTH CAN CHANGE IT!!!!


Global warming is politically motivated propaganda.
Of course we need to take care to recycle, work toward clean air and water, and conserve our natural resources, honestly, I can't imagine that many people would disagree with that.
In many schools children are taught that global warming is a fact without fair exposure to opposing views on the situation, teaching them that the "end is near", even if we all do what the GW crowd preaches, I for one don't appreciate the scare mongering aimed at our children.
Legislation as a result of Global warming preaching will cause far more devastating and long lasting to the health of our country's society and our children's future.


If you want proof that the earth is warming and that CO2 is increasing, go to the NOAA.

CO2 IS a greenhouse gas. That is a fact.

CO2 is increasing. The earth is warming.

Those that are stating the earth is cooling have provided no references. Therefore it is just talk.

If you think that mitigating CO2 emissions will cramp your style, wait to see what a 5 deg inrease will do.


What are we going to do? Sound the alarm. Help! Help! Take my money to keep the climate from changing. Quick! Take it all! Maybe that will help! Let's live in tents - no, the climate can't handle us making tents. What'll we do!???


Doctors should stick to the ER.


When I told my father I was moving to Utah he said "Are you mad?" At the time I was ignorant of the type of individuals who inhabit this state - I'll not bother with his opinion (you might imagine what might be in what I believed was his ignorance at the time). In fact I do now think he was pretty much right - the comments against those intelligent / well-meaning individuals - the inability of you astounding stupid ideologues to realize that major scientific institutions all over the world are in agreement are telling you makes me want to vomit.

It would be one thing to say the more knowledge the better but the political paranoia I see in many of the comments is wholeheartedly disgusting and puerile. Instead of saying lets take this advice in the context that is given and grant that there are some uncertainties - why don't we plan a series of future risk strategies to follow from worst to best and as the climate moves in whatever direction we will follow that which is best.


To say that because 20 yrs ago scientists warned about cooling means that they are wrong today about warming ignores the fact that scientific understanding improves over time, and data sets become more inclusive. No one in this forum is more qualified to say global warming is false than one of these doctors is to say it is real.

The real arrogance here is not that humans think they can cause global warming, but that you people think you know more than scientists who have studied this for decades.

For those of you who think this is all about liberal fascists, lets not forget the GOP nominated as their top guy for the presidency a certain someone who believed in global warming. That doesn't even take scientific research to uncover. It does, however, require a basic ability to pay attention, which most of you clearly lack.

If you people actually cared about your freedom, you'd start growing your own food. This is a solution no matter what side you're on. Instead, I'm guessing you'll be howling at town hall meetings about green nazis.

Save the farmland

I am grateful that these medical professionals are speaking out about the dangers of the man-made part of climate change. The “Earth smoking” analogy is a good one.

Our legislators appear to be abysmally ignorant about science. Our schools must indeed do a better job of teaching science. Our future depends on it.

To those who want to turn this into a political fight: Mother Nature has no political party.


Men with the best scientific training...yeah why believe them?
All packed for the RAPTURE?

re: orb

Hey, nice job spinning that! So even though they were WRONG about the climate change 20 years ago (because they just didn't have enough information), you choose to sit here today and scream that they are right now? According to your theory, maybe they'll find new, better information and in fact find that the earth is cooling again... As for me, I believe it is all about the money. Who stands to gain (a ton of money by the way) if cap and trade passes? Oh, one Al Gore. Who by pure chance happens to be in a video about how we are all going to die if we don't do something. Last question, why does Al Gore have the rights to sell "carbon credits"? Isn't our environment? If they are going to make business' pay, shouldn't we get a cut? I could use a little extra cash. Maybe I'll start producing and selling carbon credits from my home.


When you say THEY, you are generalizing something that can't be generalized. THEY were a different set of people in a different time in history. If you can't see that scientific knowledge and understanding improves over time, then I guess we should have stopped before we got to the Earth is round. Why learn anything, or try to apply what you've learned?

It doesn't surprise me that Gore's going to profit from this. (From what I understand, he also has a huge carbon footprint.) But to say that because Gore stands to make money from global warming, therefore global warming is false, is another weak argument. Gore may have brought it to our attention, but he's a former politician, not a scientist. His self interest doesn't falsify research. By the way, as far as money goes, there's a lot of money going into opposing climate legislation from the oil/gas and business interests.

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