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Published: Friday, Oct. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A Real Doc

My goodness. I apologize to the entire state of Utah for these Doctors. When doctors look at the medical literature to help patients we are supposed to look at the evidence, controls, and facts of medical studies and the BIASES of the people who published the study to determine if this information is any good.

There has been WAY too much Bias and conjecture in the literature on global warming to be able to make a good diagnosis. Without a good diagnosis there is no appropriate treatment.

By trying to treat global warming before having a good diagnosis we could do more harm than good. Remember, "First, do no harm."


Appalled and anonymous.
Nobody is really saying. Lets go out and drive gas guzzlers, club baby seals, and destroy the world. Just because you don't believe the hype of man-caused global warming doesn't mean you want to destroy the earth or some crazy thing. It's that a bunch of decisions are being made which may not actually benefit Earth, have no affect, or make things worse. We are doing it because of consensus. Not proof. 30~40 years ago we were freaking out because of a coming ice age. Doomsayers abound, yet no proof of either extrema exists. Heck 2 years ago we saw the earths average temp drop more than we've ever seen it change. Once again, there were some concern over ice age. Nobody doubts our impact (unless you really are that dumb). It's how much or if we should even do anything about it that's the question. I've read so many articles that had no relation to global warming whatsoever. But were used as proof that man is the sole cause of global warming. It's ridiculous. I'll trust scientists when they start using the scientific method.


Thank you & others
Well, I've lived in a variety of states now. Utah is not perfect. As far as pollution goes. I am amazed at how clean this state is compared to other places I've lived. We can always do better. But you should really take a look at some other states. Iowa, as example, has a fairly decent recycling effort that is being improved. But the whole state is littered with trash. People don't spend time picking things up. They don't participate in the programs. In Utah, I see hikers all the time pick up trash others have left behind. The waters are so clear here. In Iowa, the streams are filled with garbage and are dark. Sure, some of it is for habitat, and the soil there makes it difficult to find a real clear body of water. When I lived in Iowa, I used to test for water pollution. It was almost always right on the threshold of acceptable. Again, we can do better, but I think we do care a bit more here than other places (sorry, I like to pick on Iowa).


There is no problem so big that it can't be ignored.


I wonder what political party these doctors were members of? When will people actually look to the real data instead of computer models? The real data says that there has been no warming since 1998 when the models said there would. Now, members of the IPCC are saying that warming could be on hold for at least 20 years.

Why are we even discussing this issue anymore? It has once again been proven as fear mongering and should go away.


Isn't it interesting that it is more likely that someone is concerned about global warming if they have at least four years of post-secondary education. High school dropouts are the least concerned demographic. Hmmmmm...


Care! We don't care about the air? Are you kidding me? We in Utah love good air quality, we also love life and the ability to provide a good living for our families. With this adulterated takover of freewill and choice, we will be beholden to politicians and evil people like George Sorros (sorrows).
NO THANKS on the biggest redistribution plan ever concocted by the marxist left!



You haven't been here during an inversion.

That brown haze is due to auto exhaust.

We do affect the climate.



I must protest in the strongest possible terms your reckless and un-called-for disparagement of the Flat Earth Society! The earth is in fact flat! Just look out your back window and you'll see the horizon is a flat line, not a curved line. This is clear to all right-thinking, clear-headed citizens. Your attempt to perpetuate the myth of earth as a globe is just another attempt to deceive us!

As for global warming, since the earth is not a globe, how could there be global warming? Think about it!

Bee Careful

Global Warming is nothing more than a left-wing plot to further gain political power and control over our lives. How do they explain the last eleven year of cooling? Climate will change, always has, always will. Their solution for "man made global warming" is raising taxes, passing more regulations on business and individuals, and eliminating all practical sources of energy, fossil or nuclear, and forcing everybody to drive roller skate cars and rely on unproven, inadequate solar and wind power.

In the 1970s these same leftists were worried about "global cooling"... Funny thing though.... their solution for global cooling was just the same as for global warming: More taxes, more regulations, less freedom. That must be their solution for everything, oh wait.... is is their solution for everything!


I thought we had just finally agreed that "climate change" isn't the crisis we thought it was after all ...?


To those bemoaning the pollution in the air. Please do some research. Over the past 40 years the quantity of pollution being released into the atmosphere has DECREASED while production has increased.

The air is cleaner now than in the 1980's, and will continue to get cleaner.

Read "ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL MYTHS", especially Myth #6, at the Manhatten Institute.

If people want to really reduce the amount of CO2 being released, why not build a nuclear power plant to replace the gas buring plant that we currently have to supply us with power? And no, water is not an issue because it can be air cooled and the water in the system is in a closed loop.

toA Real Doc | 9:15 a.m.

So why not take a dose of your medicine Doc?
you said, and I quote --

Remember, "First, do no harm."

Likewise, as an 11 year old Boy Scout we were taught;

"Leave the campsite cleaner than you found it."
"Leave No trace behind!"


They are probably getting some type of funding for saying or reporting what they did. Trust the Lord, and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. The Lord is in control, we aren't. He created the earth so we could come and gain experience and learn how to become like him. Fear is the opposite of faith. Yes, we need to be good stewards of the earth, but to freak out about the earth getting destroyed, just trust in the Lord, He knows what He is doing, even if we don't understand it.

The Hypothesis (continued)

It is now 14 hours later from my original posted message (9:51pm). So far, no one has provided any good references to solid scientific evidence that global warming is directly related to CO2 emissions generated by mankind. Please do not be concerned that I will not be able to understand it - I have a scientifically related degree.

Lots of posters like to pontificate, but nobody wants to provide references to the evidence.


I just can't sit back and read about this constant idiocy! Let me say once again, CO2 is NOT a pollutant. Let's get to real core of the matter. If these doctors have a clue, they'll know CO2 does nothing harmful to the earth, quite just the opposite. Dust storms are not caused by CO2. These guys are screaming to the legislature to create legislation to stop CO2 emissions. Do they have a clue as to what they are asking? No, none. Otherwise they wouldn't be on this bandwagon. They are nuts. Let me now say what these so-called doctors are asking for: Shut down your power stations. Shut off your electricity. Stop driving cars, stop using air conditioning, stop using heaters in the winter. Stop flying, stop eating foot produced with the use of fossil fuels, kill coal and all fossil fuels, in effect, they are asking that the legislature produce legislation that will KILL the prosperity of mankind! This is pure idiocy, especially when their agenda has not a smidgeon of truth to it. NONE. No scientific evidence to show CO2 is harmful. These people are pure absolute idiots!

Cooler Heads

I continue to be amazed to think there are those around who seriously think that as complex as our atmosphere and climate are, mankind can isolate a few conditions that exist now (as in over the last 150 years out of all the time the earth has been around) and say that is the cause of some serious climate condition. And on top of that, they claim to have a solution to the problem. What has brought about all this hysteria is enough so-called experts and other celebrities making enough noise that this ‘global warming’ mantra has become fashionable and much of the public has bought into the nonsense. So while we do have a responsibility to take care of the earth’s resources, use them wisely and responsibly, it does not extend to taking responsibility for and trying to ‘fix’ something unproven and uncontrollable with the knowledge and technology we have now or may have in the foreseeable future. BTW, I have been in the Wasatch valley during an inversion. While it is mildly unpleasant (unless you have respiratory problems) that is a local phenomenon and is hardly indicative of a global crisis.

Sensible Scientist

Before we sacrifice our standard of living and spend trillions of dollars, someone needs to show EVIDENCE that anthropogenic CO2 emissions caused the 20th century periods of warming. At the same time, they must explain the 1940-1980 cooling and 1999-present flat temperatures within the same factual framework.

Relying on bias-prone computer models is no basis for world-altering decisions.

CO2 does not equal air pollution -- do your homework.


No, Dr. Garber, Utah is one of the states with some common sense, and I hope the legislature ignores pressure and scare tactics from groups such as yours.

The one thing your group does not believe in is liberty. I’m strongly opposed to most of your proposals, and have serious doubts about the others. Your proposed “solutions” would be very destructive to freedom, property rights, and the economy, while providing benefits that are minimal or non-existent.

You people claim to be doctors, but your “evidence” does not follow rigorous scientific and statistical practices, and is meaningless.


The movie An Inconvient Truth, was found to contain 9 significant errors by a scientific panel in the UK. When a journalist asked former vice president Gore about the errors, Al Gore refused to answer the questions and the journalist was silenced.

As a person who has always worked hard to protect the environment, I believe that Americans are very capable of conserving and improving the quality of the environment, at the same time enjoying freedom and not being controlled by political propaganda, which global warming is. The consequences of legislation brought on by this propaganda will be devastating to our country's economic future.

I would not have a problem with the movie An inconvenient truth being shown if it were presented as a theory rather than fact but children are not presented with any opposing theory, no opportunity to weigh both sides.

Check out the documentary on the internet called, Not evil. You can access the video of the journalist asking Al Gore a question that was not answered, and the journalist being silenced.

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