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Published: Friday, Oct. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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So the 'Chicken Little' syndrome has made it even to this group. So much for their credibility!


The squirrels ought to have a heyday with all of the global warming nuts rolling around! How can rational people get caught up in the global warming nonsense? They make the flat earthers look sane! 25 years ago we had the same hysteria over a shortage of potable water. It is the height of arrogance to think man can control mother nature. Besides, if we cut down on all of the CO2 what will the plants breathe? Doctors need to attend to the sick and leave the climate to mother earth and God. They have been able to manage things very well for millennia. Let's all go and have a good hamburger!!

Thank You

Congratulations & Thank You to Des News for finally posting the BEST article ever.

I don't understand why no one in Utah seems to care about the air, land, and just being more cognisant of taking care of our present and future. Utah is the 3rd worst state in recycling and our recylcing rates are some to the cheapest in the country. I drive my items to the Dan's bins because I live in a rental.

I returned to Utah 2 years ago (after living in another state for 7) and was horrified by the change in the air quality here. Also, the "dust storms" they are talking about in this article are occurring now! Think about when you don't see your grandkids, nieces, etc... for several years; come back, and what a change! Well, the Utahn's that have lived here the entire time don't see the changes as much as someone who has been gone for awhile.

Please, save our beautiful Utah! recycle, reuse, buy local, and don't under estimate the small things you do DO make a difference.


Studies have shown that buying local can often result in higher greenhouse emissions, despite the reduced transport distance. Why is this being encouraged?


Maybe if the Psychologists would just help the others stuck in their little Utah bubble neurosis...


Drs. struggle to diagnose humans with diseases they don't understand. Are we expected they can understand dear Mother Earth's supposed ailments?

It is important to keep things clean and yes, Utah needs to do better at recycling, but for anyone to suggest that Mother Earth can't handle herself is arrogant beyond belief.

Global What?

I remember well the hysteria that global cooling caused a few decades ago, supported by "expert" opinions and data every bit as convincing as the data supporting global warming. What a bunch of lemmings!

The Hypothesis

The following response is a re-posting of mine to a related article in today's Deseret News. It also applies to this article. So far, no one has supplied a references for me that provides the solid scientific evidence I am seeking.

"There is no question that global warming (and cooling) does occur, which does have a direct effect upon climate change — it can be measured. However, the real question is how much effect upon global warming is directly related to CO2 emissions generated by mankind. This is the hypothesis that needs to be demonstrated to be true via provided conclusive scientific evidence.

Supposedly, 94% of the scientific community has reached a "consensus" that man-made emissions are a major contributor to global warming. I am sorry, but consensus is not scientific evidence. So far, no one has been willing to provide me references to this evidence. For me, it needs to be evidence — not consensus or opinion. Until this scientifically demonstrated evidence is provided, I will remain a skeptic."


So, now these Dr's are suddenly the Al Gore's (inventor of the Internet) of the Earths' natural functions. They better stick to their own fields of work and get better at that so that they don't work for the gov't full time when the Demo's pass the idiotic Health Care Bills.

Ute Fan

I have a difficult time understanding why medical doctors can be so misguided with liberal issues. They all sound like the doctor that complained about those horrible insurance companies making a profit. He never questioned the fact that he makes a profit too. I give you odds that all these great doctors voted for BO and fully support nationalized health care. Once again the University of Utah allows this liberal garbage to flow from their facilities and wonder why we stopped providing cash to their programs.

I Agree with The

Hypothesis (9:51 p.m.)

Consensus is a Political event and has very little to do with evidence in most cases. Guys like Al Gore and his liberal buddies are making millions from those who are so gullible. And the stupid laws that are now being forced upon the American people are a form of slavery - giving the government the power to regulate what cars we can drive, what crops we can plant, etc., etc., etc.

Those who live in the corn belt of Kansas, and those in other states whose crops are suitable, are forced to sell their crops for the production of ethanol. So there is not enough corn to feed the beef cattle and this is lost income. And they also must give up a huge share of the water needed to water their crops - to supply the entanol plants. Which means smaller crops and less income, And the circle goes around and around.

Wake up America and stop this stupidity before we lose every shred of the freedom that used to be the "American Way". Demand facts, not consensus. And then stand up and fight for Freedom from tyranny.

Utah Doc For 20 Years

What a load of hooey! Were did you dig up these guys? .

ANY doctor that puts this emperor wears new clothes issue at the top of the list for "biggest public threat to public health" does not practice in the real world and is obviously out of touch with reality.

Better Use Of Time

I'm glad that such well-educated and experienced people are devoting their time and effort to protecting my environment. However, I wonder if their time wouldn't better be spent studying the appropriate medical journals, keeping up with the latest pharmaceuticals, tracking the local effects of prominent diseases like swine flu and west nile, learning new operating procedures, or spending more time with their patients (this would help resolve a common complaint). We need doctors to be doctors.


Shame on those doctors for caring about the health of people on earth. Shame on them!

How dare they contradict all those neo-cons that make money off selling oil?!

I don't want to pull my head out of the sand. It's comfy here and I don't have to see anything unpleasant.


I am appalled at the attitude so many people have towards our environment. Anonymous 7:50, you're exactly right. We're all just too comfortable in our current habits of perfectly climate controlled homes and driving everywhere in our gas guzzlers. Heaven forbid doctors have a passion and concern outside of their profession. Open your eyes and accept the fact that humans can have an impact on the earth, maybe you should all stick to your chosen professions and let the experts (educated scientists) educate you as to what is happening to our home.


What if they are right?

Memo Check

Utah is fighting the future? Why would anyone want to stop our headlong plunge into communism? Communism is the only way to give us all healthcare, wonderfully equal lives, and save the planet from global warming.

Oh wait... did we just say "global warming?" Hey! Who forgot the updated memo...I think they want us to say "climate change" now. We have got to be more careful in the future Komrades. 10-11 years of cooling is getting harder to ignore, but we can still blame it on the bourgeois if we speak of climate change.


Follow the money.

Other polls from national news sources say that numbers of people in the US who believe in global warming has dropped over the past 3 years. So have the numbers of people who believe man has much to do with climate change.

Getting the word out works. It takes time to clear the head from public schooling indoctrination.

Follow the money.


These so-called doctors, cannot be very good,if they can fall for such an obvious fraud, as Global Warming. I would not seek their advice, on a hang nail.

Doug G

How dare the doctors contradict the utah association of armchair climatologists. I can see a boycott of doctors in the future.

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