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Published: Thursday, Oct. 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It is $49 per person per month and $5 per visit. From something as simple as diagnosing strep throat or the flu to something more complicated like needing stitches or fixing a broken arm it is simply $5 a visit. Try going to the ER and getting a price that low. If you ask me this is a great plan for someone who simply can not afford health ins and does not have major health problems. Or Someone who is financially responsible for a grandchild and their insurance will not let them add them on their plan.

Doctor Noble

What a great plan! Way to go Dr. Vacharathone in helping everyone with options to standard insurance plans. This is a great way to be in control of your own health care. Bravo :)


Nice idea! I think this is what the American people want - just simple care for those times that you need a doctor.

Over and beyond this - cancer, major surgery, long-term care - that's where insurance needs to come in.

I like this - ALOT!

Finally some sanity

I like what I'm hearing a lot. Granted I would want to see his set up first, but it matches my specs, I would be his patient in a heart beat. He looks like a very personable person.


Innovative thinking and production in a free market. The Feds will never consider such ideas because it takes away from them what they really want-CONTROL OF OUR LIVES!!


I am the manager of two urgent cares. We had 33317 patient visits for 23262 differ patients in our area. From the article we provide all the services mentioned for an urgent care other than the well child and adult examines. For those patients we treated we collected a little over $4,000,000 for the year. Under this physician plan we would collect $49 per month per patient. That would equate to us collecting over $13,000,000 for the same services. I don't see how this plan is saving anyone any money.

By the way most people I know would label me an enthusiastic captialist.


I decided to add another comment. I also work with family practitioners. A typical family practitioner can handle a patient base of 2000 patients. This physician is already charging $49 a patient per month for total of $19600 a month. If he expanded this to a typical family practitioner base of 2000 he would be bringing in $98,000 a month. On the average this is twice as much revenue as the family practitioners I work with bring in.These family practitioners are seeing these people for total medical care.

This physician's payment plan is going to make him very rich.


this is not new to Floridians as we saw so many in each corner and $49 is a little bit high so a husband and wife say joined for 12 months its almost $1176 and how often we go to the doctor on average 3-4 times each say 4 each total 8 times for both that cost around $40 Plus $1176 = $1216 so its $152 per visit...wow...here cash price is $69/visit ....I don;t know how expensive in Utah..but here in florida the medical is so cheap but I congrats to dr who started in Utah glad its growing to all of the states...congratulations Utah people...


It is an awesome idea, hope it lasts. What if he misdiagnosis and the person sues him for a 100 billion dollars? That would mess up his cool plan quick! And it would mess it up for everyone else!

Alan Ayers

Membership programs have their advantages but require patients to lock in to a monthly payment commitment. With a $5 co-pay, the clinic is clearly betting most months the patient won't use it, resulting in a higher average reimbursement per visit than what it could charge for a one-time use. For tourists and others seeking a single use scenario, Concentra Urgent Care on Redwood and in Sandy offers walk-in urgent care visits starting at $75 with no membership involved.


I dont get it, please explain you said "we had 33317 patient visits for 23262 differ patients in our area" huh? I recently went to my urgent care facility for an earache and it cost me around $150. If I went to Dr.V's clinic I pay $49. How do I save money going to your clinic?


I know little about what goes on inside the medical profession, but I had this idea and thought it made great sense. Pay a membership fee and a nominal fee to see the Dr. for routine medical, and prevent things from getting out of control and expensive!!! Think about including a range of preventive services, too, from fitness trainers to mental health professionals -- put all the preventive and maintenance type care into a membership clinic and see the quality of life go up while expenses go down! I really love this idea and hope it does all that it promises to do.

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