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Overall, speed is down from when limit on I-15 stretches was 75 mph

Published: Monday, Oct. 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Maybe my math skills aren't as good as the reporters, but how is 83-85 mph "actually slower" than 81-85 mph? Sounds about the same, if not a little more. Certainly doesn't support the assertion in the lead paragraph ...

Re: Huh

It's the differential between the posted limit and the 85 percentile. It's confusing as written, but they're saying that before (posted = 75) the 85 percentile speed was 6-10 mph over. Now it's only 3-5 mph over, which is slower.


drivers didn't really slow down; they're just not going so far over the posted limit.


So if we make the speed limit 200 mph on every street, highway and freeway, then we will "slow down" everyone.
great logic ...


I have noted patrol cars at each end of the 80 mile speed zones - Speed Trap? Anyway I feel less guilty for speeding. I think their great.


I love how the lady says "Speed Kills" ... I'm pretty sure that if you're in an accident at 75-80 or 80-85 the result is going to be pretty much the same. I'd rather go out in a flash than bleed out for an hour.

I drive 85 on I-70 and I-25 in the rural stretches of CO all the time. So does just about everyone else. On I-70 from UT to CO I was doing 100 with four other vehicles and felt safe doing so.


You can bet that this isn't going to last long. The screams from the local gov'ts about loss of ticket revenue and the nattering from the insurance companies will see to that.
What's terrifying to elected officials everywhere is if the early results (no increase in accidents) holds up, the pressures to bring posted limits into line with real world traffic speeds will be immense.
We wouldn't want our laws to have some measure of common sense, now would we?


A four-word reminder to anyone who thinks the speed limits are too high:

"Slower traffic keep right"

There are signs which state that right there on the highways, which you're too busy cruising in the left lane to notice.


the SAFEST highways in the world have no speed limits. Speed limits are there to save gas and to make money from fines.


The slower you go, the more other people have to adjust their driving habits, causing a dangrous situation. There should be minimum speed limites. 50 MPH MINIMUM on an interstate and have it enforced with higher traffic fines for going slower than that.


greg.. you are so right. basic traffic laws being broken cause more accidents than anything else. failing to keep right except to pass, failing to signal, cell phone use, distracted driving. these all cause road rage and fines should be quadrupled for them. if you create the risk of an accident, you should be stripped of your license on the spot and have your car towed.


My friend and I sometimes hit 110 on the straightaway between Ephraim and Chester. It's lonely there too.

Re: Greg

Brian Regan refers to those who drive slow in the left lane as "enforcers". Utah has more than its share. I hate how they try to force us to obey the law, interfering with our free agency.


Whatever the speed limit is set at, it would sure be a help for some of us who believe in obeying the law if they would enforce it.


wow, what horrible statistical interpretation. And for such a hot-button issue too.


Speed limits in Yewtah, appear to be only a "suggestion"


Really? So theoretically, just raise the speed limit and speeding no longer becomes a problem. However the death rates climb dramatically because of out of control and unsafe vehicles driving the faster speed limit. More roll overs, more blown tires, more vehicles flying off the roads as they search for their cell phones, and more deaths per road mile. But that's okay, at least they weren't speeding. This "white knuckle" driving that forces many drivers to drive faster than safety warrants must be a thrilling sport in Utah.

There is no freeway or road in Utah ever designed or built for speeds beyond the 55-70mph speeds. Not to mention that most vehicles are not designed for handling at high speed or fuel economy.

Is the state and taxpayers actually paying these departments for this kind of twisted logic? Only a political mind can twist the facts to make themselves look good, which I think UDOT is trying to do.


could have told you this. i've observed this countless places. seems counter-intuitive but its true.

RE: Sanpeter

Ephraim to Chester is not a lonley section of road. Your crazy for doing that there.

(you need to do it on the newly paved pigeon hollow road)


Re: the first comments referring to the speed differentials. You read it wrong.
With the limit at 75 mph they were actually driving at 83 to 85. Now with the limits at 80 mph the are driving between 81 and 85. SO...there was an actual slow down (but I am not sure it is statistically significant.

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