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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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So what good stuff in life is free?

People buy insurance to help protect against the risk of needing expensive treatment. Maybe you will need to use it, maybe not. Life is full of choices, make wise ones.

If something is too expensive for a person to pay for it, why is it MY obligation to pay for it, unless I do so voluntarily?

Quit printing propaganda stories like this!


I hope you never encounter financial hardship, get in an accident your insurance doesn't fully cover, or get really sick. Although, if you ever did, it might do wonders for your sense of empathy.

Call it propaganda if you want, but the stories reported here are the experiences of more and more Americans, and as health care costs increase and individuals' incomes decrease, the stories will become increasingly common.


Were you sleeping while you read the article? Or did you read the cliff notes (aka the headline)?

She is uninsurable due to previous condition and he was in an accident that cost him $3.5 million.

What is the number one reason Americans file bankruptcy? You guessed it medical bills.

If you want propaganda turn to Faux News.

Not in Draper

Gee, my wife and I are attending college and we have health insurance. I have a Select Health plan and my wife has HIP coverage due to a heart ailment. We both work part time, but we cannot afford to live in Draper!


Deseret News better have a lot of server space because the horror stories are just beginning...

There are a lot more coming and I am glad you are starting to publish them!

Lew Jeppson

"The first paragraph threatens a lawsuit twice, filed either by the attorney general's office or by an "independent collection agency." It states that the bill might be outsourced to balance the account. The recipient is advised that his Social Security number is being sent to the Utah State Tax Commission and inserted into the state's Finders Program, which legally allows a lien to be placed on tax refunds for unpaid debts and in effect will garnish them for eight years or until the debt to the U. is paid in full." And what a fine Christian state we are!

I'll say this for the D-News, you are showing some uncommon guts telling these horror stories which are NOT exceptional. So from a sometime critic - way to go!


Your comments are indeed Utah's arrogance at it's finest and in full color.

These types of arrogance reveals a lack of compassion and discloses the kinds of hearts that are void of any sort of humanity, but contains the kinds of greed that has been deplored by Christ.

What I don't understand is, why does such attitudes exists in this State? When the leading religion is supposedly about compassion, love, humanity and humility?

I'm so sorry these are the fruits that produced from the religion.

As the scripture says, "Ye shall know them by their fruits".

Bitter tasting fruits these are.


Thank you for printing this story and doing this series. People need to understand the health care crisis and how it is affecting individuals through no fault of their own. Maybe then we can get away from all of the ideological aguments and realize that health care coverage for all is not socialism but component of any truly enlighted society.


I am so glad I moved to Canada five years ago. The system here may have flaws, but I have never seen a bill for services in those five years. I never have to worry that getting medical help will break the bank.

I would gladly pick this health care system over the States' any day.

A part of living

There are no guarantees in life and accidents, injuries, and poor health is just a part of it. The only thing people can do but won't do is plan for emergencies, like save some money and plan for the worst of times.

What is more disgusting is that this medical care is so outragiously high, why doesn't the press attack health care providers for rampant fraud and too costly service? It seems the press is being overly protective for hospitals and costly service from providers and placing too much on the fact that people don't have insurance.

Even with insurance, including the Obama plan, people will still be forced in to bankruptcy to pay the fraud and corruption in health care services.

Has anyone every seen a story from the news media that has ever investigated the fraud in health care and why they are getting away with it? The news media should be explaining why the american people are being forced in to bankruptcy and lose every thing they have ever earned just to pay medical bills. And it not because they don't have insurance that limits lifetime use.


Like a mindless young man told me when I complained about how shoddy and cheap the new mower was and yet was a lot more expensive than before - "Hey capitalism at its finest." Ya - just wonderful - unchecked greed at its finest.



It's your obligation because you are a part of this society. You've received a great deal of benefit being such. You now OWE some of that in return.

Not a Utahn

Are the police that negligent that they didn't find the driver of the truck? There should have been plenty of evidence to find the driver and make him or his insurance pay. Also, why are these people living in Draper? They should be forced to sell their home(assuming they have one) to pay their bills and not lean on others for their expenses. No wonder the healthcare system is wacko-too many people freeloading. (i.e.-people going to the emergency room instead of a doctors office for a headcold.)


Insurance is such a scary thing! My daughter and her husband are students and on the school's health insurance. They tried to get health insurance with Select health but were denied because she has a rod in her leg from a sports accident years ago. Why not just make it a preexisting condition instead of total denial? They are terrified about graduating because if one of them doesn't get a job with insurance right away what will they do? They can stay on the school's insurance but the premiums triple to over $1,000 a month and what young couple can afford that? They want to have a baby but are afraid because what if their are complication? I am glad they are responsible and dedicated to keeping themselves covered but it is hard. Most of their friends have told them to just get off the insurance and use Medicaid like they did to have kids but they feel that is wrong. What is a young couple to do?

What about the driver?

I feel like I missed something. Wouldn't the driver that hit them be liable for the medical costs?


This crisis, like all the other Obama crisis, is so great that we need to pass the health care bill before reading it. There is something very fishy about the whole thing and the public is being played big time.
Now after passing the bill we learn about all the preferential treatment of constituents in influencial democrat districts of Schumer, Reed, et. al. Preferential treatment for unions and good little democrat voters. Nice!


This family was unable to "fford the premiums for healthcare"but they could afford law school. Why should I pay for their health insurance when they choose an expensive education for paying health care premiums. Charity care is nothing more than added cost to my healthcare premiums.

My ideas

I got one of those collection notices for a baby delivery from the University of Utah Hospital. Only problem, I didn't know sex of baby or date of birth. Best delivery I ever had! After some hassle, they called off the AG. I don't use their medical system anymore because they are the face of government healthcare in Utah.

The problem with American Healthcare is it is too good and cost money. Drat.

The solution for some is to turn America into a Welfare Society by having Government protect us from and pay for all the American Medical Care (the big bad-overgrown-highly technical and scientifically advanced healthcare that has come from our capitalist society's awful free market entrepreneurial system) that they DEEM we are worth receiving.

My solution is modified John Mackey's plan. Plus use 50 privately-run non-profit insurance pools - one per state, rather than company insurance pools.


People think they can get away with taking risks. When their luck or whatever runs out, then they expect the taxpayer to cover their costs. There is no such thing as charity care, someone pays and it is generally paid by increases in healthcare premiums and costs for those of us who were responsible. My husband is in graduate school and we have to cut back significantly on other things, including a decent place to live, in order to pay for school and keep healthcare. Failure to take responsibility for your own and your family's well-being is one of the causes of this country's decline.


All these sad stories are making me cry. I'm all weepy inside. I can't sleep at night anymore. Obama save us and take care of us. If we don't have socialized medicine soon I'm afraid the world is going to end. Don't take the time to explore other options, enact Obamacare now before we self destruct. What, is this the NY Times?

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