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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Scout Doubter

This is an excellent idea to learn more about charities. I think a follow up article could be conducted on Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts organization. Why does the State leader of a charity or youth group need a salary of over $200,000. I know they do a lot of work, but the Governor of the State doesn't even make this much money.

Charities become businesses

I have severely limited the list of charitable causes that I donate money to. I simply don't have the time to research every organization to see if most of the money is going to fundraising expenses or to pay fat salaries to top executives instead of the underlying cause they promote.

I get lots of solicitations to give to the firefighters support groups, the United Way, the Boy Scouts, this or that disease fighter, or a bunch of other "worthy causes".

Unfortunately, too many of these organizations are just a breath above the "total scam" threshold. If I give a dollar to feed hungry children, teach basic skills to the poor, fight a disease, or rescue a lost soul, I don't want to find out that only 5 or 6 cents actually made it to the person in need.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

How much donation goes to charity?

As a example here, ask The United Way

about 90% of the monies collect goes into their payroll pocket's of the ones at the top of their food chain. 8% goes on overhead. Then they trickle down the 2% to those in need. That THEY pick out only.

That's why I quit supporting them from my payroll check at work years ago.


I donate to two charities. The LDS church and the Salvation Army.

Most Charities

are true scams fueled by greed. 'Tis a crying shame where most of the monies go. What have we succumbed to, civilly?

I Agree

I have also quit giving to most charities. I get the stuff from United Way at work, and I always throw it away, for 2 main reasons. First, I remember when they were The Community Chest, and were shut down because of fraud and not really spending the money on charities. That still haunts their image. Second, because they want tremendous amounts taken out of each of my paychecks which aren't that big to start with. I agree that you must be very careful who and what you contribute to unless you don't care where the money is going.


I agree. It is a shame that they pray on the ones in need and sucker us into, ultimatly filling thier pocket books!! Eugh!!

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