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Published: Thursday, Oct. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Heaven help me when I have to spend a week worrying if I will have to move because someone will pay me 34 million.


The "longest six days of his life" would have been before Portland made him the offer, not after.

I'm sure it was a little nerve-racking to wait and wait for Utah to match, but he knew as well as we did that they would. But at that point, he gets paid either way.

Initially I thought the Jazz

over paid to keep Millsap but he seems to be working hard at getting better. His shot has improved. He appears quicker. If he can get some of Boozer's moves and draw the double team he will be a steal.

If he becomes a pale imitation of King James at SF he might be one of the best deals in the NBA.

Millsap is the type of player you can build around. He is one part of the puzzle.


Overpaid Millsap has a LOT to prove. As of right now, he is easily top 10 in over paid players in the NBA... way over paid.

I use to be a very big Millsap fan... he was the blue collar work horse that didn't seem to want the glamor or attention. He just flat out worked he butt off! That was until this off season and what happened with the contract, what his Uncle/Agent was saying and just how everything went down.

Millsap sold himself down a river of high expectations. He has a TON to prove and until he does he is just another two faced NBA player that is over paid now.

Big Mistake

I like Millsap as much as the next guy, but this contract was a big mistake. Mark my words. This ones going to come back to bit them.

Jazz Cop

A ringing endorsement from williams, that's all I needed to hear to be glad the jazz resigned him. I'm not sure if he can handle the scoring load that boozer can, he's athletic enough that if he continues to work he'll only get better. However, williams seems to think millsap can, and williams knows alot more than i do, i'm pretty sure about that, positive.


7 mil a year nowdays for someone that plays more than 50% of the minutes per game and is a big contributor nowdays in the NBA is not overpaid. Just look at the salaries in this league, and even with the Jazz. How about A.k., Boozer, Memo, even D-Will, and last but not least C.J. Miles. What is C.J. doing to collect 3.7mil per? You had all better appreciate what he has done for nothing(peanuts) in this league, and will contiue doing.

louisiana jazz man

you think milsap is over paid? they are all over paid but harpering at 5 mil kerlinko is what 16 boz 12 . if boz worth 12 i know milsap is worth 8. if i had to pay either boz or milsap 12 mil i know who that would be.he got about what he is worth at 8 boz is way over paid kerlinko over paid. no one in portland thought he was over paid. read all the blogs when it was going down not one negetive comment hard to belive. they were all excited hoping to get him. and look who they already have.then i read all the utah blogs almost every blog said he is not worth it let him go. utah would be a crap team without milsap no one outside of utah would wath them without milsap and harpering were is the hustle and def. you never know what you have untill its gone.

Not a mistake

People forget that the contract is front loaded, its like giving him a signing bonus. After the first year he is only going to be making around 5 million a year--if you read the contract deal. That is a great steal for lasting through one season of high expenses. That leaves more room to possibly sign another starter. Look at the bigger picture, the contract is very much worth it.


How exactly is his contract a big mistake or how is he overpaid? Do you guys even know the parameters of the contract? Portland front loaded for 10 mil. That makes this year and this year only for it to be a problem for the Jazz, at least you know we will be there for 82 games instead of in a suit behind the bench. The remaining years on the contract are very reasonable and work out well for the Jazz in the future.


funny comma man, CJ is the most overpaid at 3.7? About half of what Millsap is making and they play about the same amount of minutes. When Boozer is healthy, CJ plays more minutes than Paul. CJ is the steal of the century. Now Harpring and Korver are way overpaid.

If Millsap is worth 8 million then Boozer is worth 12 million.


How can you blame Millsap for the contract. Like it or not, the NBA is a business. He has worked extremely hard to get where he's at. I have all the respect in the world for him. He has done a super job of taking care of his entire family. Not every young man would do what he is doing for his family. The negative comments on this board surprise me. I can't think of one time when Millsap has conducted himself in a poor way. Personally I wish the guys like Paul were all the high salaried guys instead of some of the other players that are high priced and act like jerks.


It's not Milsap's fault if you think he's over paid. It's the front office's. Take your anger out on them.

It was a tough week?

You've got to be kidding me. Athletes are so out of touch with the rest of us. Millsap calls waiting out 6 whole days to see if he would get $34 million and have to move or get $34 million and not move. Give me a break!!!! Tough week. Athletes should be more mindful of the average person before they use words and phrases that make the rest of us so angry with them. Reminds of Carlos Boozer crying about how he's struggling in this economy just like the rest of us.


For his production (and by NBA standards), Millsap has a fair deal at $8M/per. He's not an all-star, but he's already a great 6th man, and would - if not for the presence of Boozer - be a decent starter.

As a starter, I think he'd average around 16/10. Before the knee injury last season, he had that impressive streak of double-doubles as a starter.

For those believing he's WAY overpaid, I suggest looking at the salaries of other starting PF's in the league. Exclude the superstars like Garnett, Duncan and Bosh and wannabe-be stars like Boozer. And exclude the guys on rookie contracts.

Here's some of the comparable PF's to Millsap and what they make:

Josh Smith (Atl) $11.5M
Boris Diaw (Cha) $9.0M
Troy Murphy (Ind) $11.0M
Kenyon Martin (Den) $15.1M
David West (NO) $9.0

And look at these guys:
Udonis Haslem (Mia) $7.1M
Brian Cardinal (NY) $6.7M
Nick Collison (OKC) $6.2M

Even at $8M, Millsap seems like he's a bit undervalued by comparison.

Sky Line Drive

Reality Check:

This is the same bunch of softies we had in here last year. The only differences is the toughest one of the whole bunch is gone. (Harpring) Then the payroll went way up. Thats the stinging truth.

miles what?

hey Miles fan... first off your point about boozer makes no sense, you said "when boozer is healthy" is the same as "when pigs fly" 2nd that is great that CJ plays as many minutes as Milsap, but what is his production like. Milsap contributes more in 5 minutes of play than CJ does in 30 minutes of waiting behind the 3 pt line to miss another shot and playing lack luster defense!


Who is Common Man

First off Millsap is not overpaid. He is under paid. Millsap has had a higher AFG% than Boozer and a Higher PPS. He Also had a Higher PER than Boozer, he is younger and his contract is much cheaper. Any statistical analysis - Millsap was a better player than Boozer. The only stat that Boozer is better than Millsap is rebounding and using an offensive possession. Using an offensive possession is not a skill, using an offensive possession successfully is a skill and Millsap is better than Boozer at that.

This season the Jazz are going to start tracking defensive stats. They are going to re-watch every play and mark if the player either plays perfect or imperfect. Apparently when every player on the court plays a has a perfect defense play the opponent only scores 24 percent of their possessions. After a month when the Jazz stats show Millsap is a better defensive player than Boozer Millsap will be getting more minutes
The Jazz will probably start Boozer to get his value up so the Jazz can trade him.

Milsap isn't

such a good deal in terms of contract. The NBA allowed the Jazz, even though they paid the up front money, to count his salary averaged over the 4 years. So, against the cap, Milsap is 8 million per.

Still, he's a great play. Glad to have him back.


@miles what? What's wrong, you can't accept the fact that CJ is undervalued at 3.7? Cheap for a starter in the NBA. How much do you think Brewer and Korver are worth in the open market? With your train of thought, Korver is worth 2 million and Brewer is worth 1 million.

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