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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Can we please get over Prop 8. The entire state of California voted and prop 8 won. 1% of California is LDS.
I go to church every Sunday here in Utah and not once did I get asked or hear anyone else get asked to participate in prop 8. It was a California issue and if the members there wanted to be involved that's their right.
If the people in Utah wanted to be involved as well... that was their right too. But the Church not once asked its members in Utah to join in this campaign!
Even the leaders who were involved ie. Whitney Clayton are from California. It was their right to be involved.


The church will never change its stance on the issue. Unlike the world, the church will never change its position especially on an issue like this.


Oh so we don't even know what he said, this is what someone else said that he said. Now I understand. When I hear it from his lips, I will believe it otherwise this is a stupid article.


Kit, You must be heterosexual and enjoy the right to marry. No, we will never get over Prop 8 or any other legal rights for gay people. We deseverve the same rights as you, and will continue forever with every effort to get them. We will not go away. So can you please just get over yourself and get out of my way?

Someone said

that someone said, that Reid said... Come on Deseret News did you really publish this gossip piece?


Mr. Reid is not a Church spokesman. He has not been called and set apart to speak on Church direction. Mr. Reid has no official role in dictating anything to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mr. Reid needs to tread lightly in his opinions on how the Church spends money or allocates its considerable weight in defense of traditional social issues. Mr. Reid is simply a member of the LDS Church much like millions of others. He should behave accordingly and keep his comments out of the newspapers and the blogs. The LDS Church were among the first to render aid in Katrina, Africa, Samoa, India, and the list goes on and on. Perhaps Mr. Reid should take note.

Shame on Washington

Washington criticized the LDS Church's efforts to pass Prop 8 in CA as "a waste of donated money to go after gay people"

Excuse me? "go after" gay people? So their effort to pass Prop 8 is their bigotry against straight people?

It is the same arrangement that if you disagree from Obama you must be a racist.

We still have a few freedoms in this country (for now) and one of them is freedom of speech.

And I think Mr. Washington in this article is shameful in his gay rhetoric.

Grow up.


It is better the Church never changes its stance on this issue. If homosexuality is legal, then attempt to suicide should also be legal and what about abortion and merci killings? - which of course is insanity. In my opinion, LDS is doing a good job.


Stating, in passing, that resources "could have been better used..." is not what constitutes criticism.

What Reid needs to do is focus more on the things that matter most to American's. Lower taxes and NO public health plan!


UNDER GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Jeff

Do you not realize that you already have the right to be married just like the rest of us?


Reid needs to go. He spoke at my law school and I remember thinking, "how did that guy get to where he is at?" He was one of the most underwhelming people I have ever met. Hopefully Nevadans get it right finally and boot him out of office.


To Mike:.......The mormon church changes its stance on issues all the time...its doctrine is very very very very very very fluid. Frankly I don't care what the church believes, doesn't believe, or practice so long as they stay out of my house and my personal dealings. It would be good if the Church adopted the same attitude of practicing their religion as they see fit and letting other live their lives as they see fit.


If this is true, I think there are two implications:

1) I have more respect for Harry Reid than every before, and

2) LDS Church leaders will pressure Reid to recant or face disciplinary action in the near future.

I hope he stands his ground.


Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God! May God protect and uphold marriage as defined by the Lord himself (and as taught Judeo-Christian scriptures for thousands of years). May all children of God diligently maintain and strengthen the family and defend the right of children to be born within the bonds of matrimony to a mother and father.


I do not believe this is a trivial article.

The very issue hits the interest of both sides every time this issue comes up. Obviously it is of interest.

Gossip, on the hand, that's yellow journalism such as Hollywood who's in and whos's out, etc.

But this, this affects people's lives, particularly gays.


Gays will never be satisfied as being separate but equal. We want legal marraige, and want it to be called that. Period.


the lds church has views on the issues surrounding all of us. just because their views are differant than others does not justify brutal attacks on it, just the same as brutal attacks on other points of view (gay) desirve the same consideration. stop being lds bashers.

re: Bruce

Your comment like many others on LDS related articles is redundant. No one goes into your house without permission. No one has forced religion on you. You sound like a child who doesn't get his own way. Grow up, get a life.


Let me say without reservation or purpose of evasion...mr. harry reid is anything but sober and is veering off the edge of insanity.

He has been THE WORST SENATE MAJORITY LEADER the USA has seen and will ever see based on the damage he has done to our international image. The warts on the frog (terrorists) keep getting bigger and more toxic every time he speaks.

It is horrifying how his comments have emboldened evil and appeased selfish dysfunctional ignorance from the radical homosexual community who in the big scheme of things contribute NOTHING but division, disease and hatred in our society. Just google it and connect the dots.

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