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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Oh just watch. Mr. Killpack will save the day for Charter Schools of Utah. Let it be known, it will be pretty obvious since he works for a company that runs charter schools. Where is the transparency? All for ethics reform say, "Aye". The eyes have it!


Another example of rewarding mediocrity and punishing success in the education of our children.
"A third of our schools, which are performing extremely well, are going to get shut down."
Administrators seem to fear the mass exodus of excellent performing student to the charter schools.
This appears to be a unfair and vicious political strike from the enemies of charter schools. This move is oblivious to the very harmful effect on children and parents with little or no alternatives to poor performing traditional schools.
If the State Office of Education was unaware of the hardship the current plan forecasted for charter schools, that is irresponsible at best. It will be a major point of discussion as the board "refines" the proposal.

How would any reasonable person expect charters to react to major cuts positively, even after their success? Charters are not jumping to conclusions.
What a sour way to "begin a conversation".I am grateful Obama is pro-charter school.

GET A CLUE - Legislature

Where is the common sense? Charter schools are the one schools which are responsive to parental input. If parents ask charters to improve math or reading education they do it, they don't argue or point to studies which show why learning times tables really isn't all that important.

Legislature, GET A CLUE ...

We need more charter schools, not less.

Cut even more charter schools

I wish they would cut enought charter schools that they would all have to close.

Instead of spending more money on more different kinds of schools they should be working to make publics schools better for all.

Charter schools are just a way for rich parents to do what they want. They are so use to being able to buy anything they want they can't learn to work with everyone to build something better for all.

Not one kid in any school picked to be rich or poor and should not be punished by the rick parents for being poor.

Public schools have lots of problems, but it should be everyones job to help fix them. Not just those that could not afford to run away like the rich parents do with there kids.

No charter school can ever do what a public school can do for a kid.

Don't Cut Charters

Charter schools started out life already cut. They do a better job of teaching, but with less money, they always have.

Legislature, what kind of common sense is this, are you really going to cut charter schools?

re 7:38 p.m. Oct. 12, 2009

"Instead of spending more money on more different kinds of schools they should be working to make publics schools better for all."

In theory you are absolutely right. All schools should be quality schools. Did you know however how stubborn administrations of school districts can be when their teaching methods are substandard, and parents try to get them to change?

This is why charters are needed. In a charter school the parents are the school board.

If a new idea comes around where phonix is no longer to be taught, a school district may adopt it and inspite of fierce parental pressure, it will take years for them to change their ways. Charter schools will do it in a matter of weeks, if the parents want legitimate change.

Likewise with the fad of not teaching kids to do arithmetic or using calculators instead.

I think the legislature is acting foolishly if they get rid of charters, the one bright spot in our educational system.


Sooooo ... "no" to vouchers and now we're going to cut charter schools? Brilliant, Utah. Just brilliant.


Back to vouchers... Privatizing education will have the effect of spreading the performance gap perhaps even more than it is already spread in public schools--some excellent private schools will be formed, and some poor private schools formed. Still I'm in favor.


Because poor teachers will be able to be cut, and poorly behaved students will be able to be removed, the system as a whole will rise. Students and teachers who need a wake up call, will get it.

If we could redirect property taxes from a local appropriation to a state appropriation, then the state could offer significantly more than the $500 - 3000 voucher.

Then cities can appropriate only what they need, and the state can hand out what the public schools need on a per pupil basis and can fund a voucher or tuition tax credit.

In the end, the choice, uniforms, religion, etc. in private schools (who would hire many excellent public school teachers--and there are many excellent public school teachers!) will make more of a difference in helping students and families than the Godless public schools will that have to walk on glass around the issues and morality that can help America.

Thank goodness

It's about time the legislature appropriately fund public schools before they continue to fund charter schools. Quit funding 2 separate programs -- focus on making one better! I'm happy to see this.


If charter school can operate on less funding and do a much better job of education our children, then why not adopt the charter school format for all public schools. That just might fix the budget.
Perhaps administrators need to be looked at, I'm sure there are a lot of cuts that can be done in that department. Utah ranks lowest in education spending anyway, so how low can we go?

RE: Cut even more

Charter schools ARE public schools - public schools of choice administered at the school level rather than the district level.

Relax People

Do you really think the pet darling of the Utah legislature (not to mention a cash cow for some legislators in the Charter building business) is going to be scaled back? NO WAY!

Relax people. It's only October. President Obama, Arne Duncan and the 4.5 billion dollars they are putting into education (Charters heavily favored) from the stimulus will save Utah Charters.


"Public schools have lots of problems, but it should be everyones job to help fix them. Not just those that could not afford to run away like the rich parents do with there kids."

There is no tuition at a charter school, ANYONE can run away (as they rightly should) from public schools. If charter schools have such an advantage, as you are implying, why aren't you taking your children there?

If you don't like them, don't use them. The fact is they cost LESS than public schools... for every student that goes to a charter, the taxing school district for that student gets partial funding anyway. They net result is that districts have an INCREASE in per pupil funding (overall) when a student in their district goes to a charter school.

Still hate charters?


How is it that charter schools can do it for less? Is there waste in the system?

Down with Charter

If the people who can afford private school take their kids out of public school. . .what do you have left? Vouchers are a bad idea. Want better schools. . . make them better.

Salt Lake City area wasts too much money on different districts. The ENTIRE Salt Lake county should be one district. With one comission. This would put almost a million dollars back into the school system.

Schools needs to take a stance & get ride of the trouble makers. Educations is not a right. but a prilage. Schools are not the baby sitters either. Instead of charter school, have special schools for those that do not/will not do what they should be doing in the class rooms. Move the "bad students" out & put them in different schools. Then pay the teachers what they are worth. Don't do the work & you get left behind. No student left behind means move them out when they should not. Government at it's best. Can't get rid of them, promote them out.

Charter schools for the rich?

The charter school where my children attend is a Title I school - meaning more than half of our student body is economically disadvantaged. The majority of our students come from families living near the poverty line. We are hardly a school for "the rich."


I have never liked the idea of charter schools. Get rid of them all and stop spending money building and maintaining all of these small buildings.


I keep hearing that Charter Schools do a better job for less.... Not true. Check the achievement test scores. Charter schools are trying to catch up, but so far their test scores are lower than traditional schools.

To say otherwise is the big lie of Charter Schools.

charter school mentor

re: cut even more.
Charter schools aren't for rich kids. They're for every kid whose parents share common educational goals. They are public schools--public schools on a shoestring budget. The charter school I work at is awesome: awesome students, vision, goals, faculty, and curriculum. I am paid less than I would be at a public high, I have fewer benefits, and I have to commute over 40 miles each way for the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people, along with their parents, in the state. Since our budget is already thin, little cuts go much deeper comparatively.
As far as the socio-economic picture of my students go--I have students across the spectrum of religion, race, and income: students eating peanut butter on homemade bread every day, and students given ten dollars to eat at Carl's Jr. every day; students from very large families, students who are only children, and students from broken homes; students from different countries and students who have never been out of Utah. Don't label them all rich kids. What do they have in common? They each are taking responsibility for his/her own education.


Charter schools are a bad idea. We need to work on fixing our public schools and stop funding charter schools. The charter school in our area have no policies or procedures in place. They do what ever they want at families and teachers' expense. They let go of highly qualified teachers and hired teachers without a license just to save money. What kind of a school is that? What happened to NCLB? Let's improve what we already have and do away with the charter schools.

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