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Published: Monday, Oct. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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You're right

Utah is awful, just awful! You said it, not me.


Have you been conscious during the life of the MWC? Or the WAC prior to that?
What a great year for the MWC. Three teams in the top 25. One team in the top ten for the most of the year. What are you expecting?
Wake up from dreamland and be grateful for such good football in our conference.


Utah is a good team. Not nearly as good as last year. BYU will win that game this year but will have a two loss season when they drop to TCU. Another Vegas Bowl appearance is on the horizon.

The Dude

I agree with this, except BYU is slightly better than last year. Slightly.

Right On

I am a WAC fan, The bottom of the WAC is much better than the MWC. The bottom 3 are horrid. But the top of the MWC, the TOP 3 are stronger than the WAC top 3 barely. Boise State would slaughter any and all MWC teams this yr. They barely lost to TCU last yr with a Freshman QB and Routed Oregon, who thumped Utah and will be 1 or 2 in PAC 10.

But still a strong yr for MWC. But definately off last yr's appearance.

I still like to see MWC and WAC beat up on any all other teams, no matter what.

This is Why

You Don't want to add BSU to the MWC.

If BSU comes in and if they were competing with the other top 3 teams for wins week in/week out.

It would be much more likely that the eventual conference champ would have at least 1 or 2 losses.

If the MWC champ, year in/year out, were to come in with 1, or especially 2, losses then the BCS would use that as proof that the MWC teams were no good.

Much easier to beat 2 out of 2 each year then 3 out of 3.

Just Sayin'

Ben H.


1 team on par with TCU, Utah and BYU...Boise State
3 teams on par with the MWC 2nd tier...Fresno State and Idaho Nevada looks like they may have turned around their season after a poor start
5 teams that are struggling. Hawaii (since June Jones left for SMU) San Jose State, Louisiana Tech, Utah State and New Mexico State.

And let's not even look at the Big East.

To Right On @ 9:07

Keep dreamin. Boise State is ok but would not slaughter the top of the MWC. BYU would beat them, TCU would beat them, Utah would beat them, Air Force would beat them. WAC stands for the Weak Athletic Conference. They are over rated. USU will give them a tough game and will probably win.

WACy vision

Record wise, the top 3 teams in the WAC are Idaho, BSU and NMSU and you think TCU, BYU and Utah are just barely better? You probably thought BSU would beat TCU last year too. Barely lost on the scoreboard but clearly dominated by TCU on the field.

The problem with comparing the bottom 3 is that the bottom 6 in the WAC all have losing records already. The MWC only has 3 teams with losing records. The MWC's middle 3 teams are better than the WAC's.

I do agree however that we all benefit when teams from both leagues beat BCS teams.


You've come to this conclusion how??? Because TCU had a close game with the team that has clearly been the fourth best team in the Mountain West for the past few years? If you'd take a second to look at the stats, you'll see that the Frogs outgained Air Force in every meaningful category except for turnovers. This league has one weak team (*cough* New Mexico), however, every other team stands a chance to win every week.

The Mountain West has more marquis wins this year than last year and if the Big 3 can escape conference play without losing to any teams, save for each other, this season could arguably be more respectable than last year. Wins over Oklahoma, Virginia, and Clemson are accomplishments to be proud of. Yes, they are having down years, but all stand a chance to make bowl games and OU could still end up in a BCS bowl. Just what part of that is weak?

OOC Wins

As it stands, BSU has the best out of conference win, unless you're just going by opinion, which those in the bubble seem to prefer. So until they play, yes, BSU probably is the best team of those mentioned this year.

Still better than...

... the Big (L)east and the WAC. Is Mr. Sorenson just trying to drum up controversy with a weak article about the MWC? Did he have a deadline to come up with something as trite as this article? Look at the big pic fella. The MWC has had an outstanding record against AQ's since the beginning of the BCS. When re-evaluated the MWC will become AQ's and the Big East will be out.


MWC does stink. If not for the Mighty Utes, there would not be a really good team in the conference. Utes go to BCS games and the other teams like byu, new mexico, wyoming, UNLV go to lesser bowls. We need to bring in some good football trams to compete with Utah and get rid of some of the lame ducks.

cougs, you owe your ranking to Utah and its dominate play that has brought attention to the MWC. Without Utah, the MWC would be less than the WAC.


Great atticle, I think your spot on. I do think Utah and BYU are getting better each week. I hope BYU continues to get better and after a three touchdown victory over San Diego State, (I hope) they don't have a let down against TCU. It is possible they could get the idea that TCU is like their previous two opponents. In order to get better, the cougars just need to beat the team in front of them and that is San Diego State.

This Year's Gordon Monson

At about this time last season Gordon Monson published an article about how the Utes were "just plain overrated".

This year has been bad for the Mountain West overall, yes, but what if say TCU ends up beating Cincinatti in the Fiesta Bowl?

Every single conference has terrible teams like New Mexico in it, even the mighty SEC.


I agree with Utefan @ 10:15

RE: Right On

The Blue Ponies should have their field band from competition. Have you ever watched a TV game on that stuff. Smoke and mirrors, gimmicks and gadgets. Works good once but... you know the rest.

When BSU beats somebody in a bowl game that is ranked higher than them, then I'll tip my hat. Until then don't take yourself to seriously. Beating #15? OK in a down year ( your were actually ranked higher)can't compare with dominating a top 5 team at a venue that is basically a home game for them.

We'll see who the best team in the MWC is this year.
Just like last year, everybody said Utah just kept squeeking by OSU (last minute FG), NM 13-10,
TCU 13-10, but by the end of the year Utah was smoking.

Like last year, Utah is improving every week. Their best ball is ahead of them. BYU, TCU, and BSU are playing about as good as they'll get.

I'll be happy to wait to see how it shakes out. But what a great set up for next year.

Moss In Wash

If BSU was a great team they would have thumped TCU in last year but they lost. So until they can beat TCU, they are not a great team. They always struggle against big teams away from the blue turf.

re: UteFan

Glad to see UtaFan is still dilerious. Those Utes continue to impress the national media - have they broken the top 25 yet? I'll be curious to see you write the article when the Utes go to another BCS game this year, too.

I can't believe people are even talking about BSU. That program is a joke. Sure, they beat Oregon (at home, no less) but eveyone else they play is essentially a D2 school (WAC). I hope the BCS committee has the intelligence to see that BSU is paving their way with a cream puff schedule. At least the MWC schools scheduled BCS conference opponents to play (heck, even Utah did). BSU plays most of their schedule against teams that could barely compete with 8 man high school football squads.

RE: Right On

TCU's Defense was lights out last year. It kept them in the bowl game last year until their Soph. QB led the Horned Frogs on their game winning drive. Poor Boise only had a Fresh. QB, Nice excuse! While the WAC has come a long way and their top teams are very competitive with any program in the country lets not forget they were the left overs when the MWC was formed. The top 8 teams from the old 16 team WAC were the original teams in the MWC.

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