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Published: Saturday, Oct. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Truth

This is a HUGE game against a very tough opponent.....just kidding. It is really a must win against a MWC patsy and Utah better win or its season will quickly unwind and that is......THE TRUTH


Yes, it is an important game for the Utes, but CSU is no patsy, especially at home. This is only one game for pete's sake, not the season, as you say. Thanks be that we have a coach that thinks straight and doesn't listen to ridiculous comments like these. And THAT'S the truth!


CSU 24 Utah 17


GO UTAH! We're behind you all the way!

Powell's from Chorley, England

ANTI "The Truth"

"This is a HUGE game against a very tough opponent.....just kidding. It is really a must win against a MWC patsy and Utah better win or its season will quickly unwind and that is......THE TRUTH "

CSU is a MWC patsy....are you on drugs...CSU could beat UTAH and will unless the Utes come to town ready for a tough game.

"The Truth" what a joke....


This is one game and look for Utah to win. I have a lot of respect for the Utah football program and I think they are going to be solid year in and year out. I think the Rams could win but coach witt has his teams prepared most every time they play. I think the game will be close but Utah prevails. The only problem I have with Utah is with some of it's fans. They get caught up with their emotions so much that they cross the line between sports and life. Like how their hate for the LDS faith transfers over to the BYU football team. "For Pete's sake" grow up and become a football fan. If you want to demonstrate your hate for the LDS faith, Try outside Temple square that seems to be a popular hang out for some other great intellectuals.

Re: trueblue

Great post until you threw Utah fans under the bans and expressed your feelings of persecution. Guess what, I hate byU sports, and not because of the church.

Re: trueblue

"They get caught up with their emotions so much that they cross the line between sports and life"

I think the pot is calling the kettle black... Wow.


re: TrueBlue - I bleed red and you have valid points regarding religion bashing from my fellow utes, HOWEVER... your gripes would have been better saved for use AFTER someone had brought that poison into the discussion; no one had.

Now, Utes, let's have mutton for dinner! And let's cut out the penalties - if I have one beef (to mix metaphors) with Wittingham since he's taken the reins it's the number of penalties and the yards we give up each game.

Re: trueblue

I'm a Ute fan and alumnus. I'm also LDS, so religion has nothing to do with my hatred of anything BYU. I hate BYU because of people like you. You have to paint everything into narrowly defined or either/or scenerios:

"IF somebody hates BYU, THEN it's because they hate Mormons".

"You're either a Ute fan, OR a BYU-hater".

"You're either with us, OR against us".

Perhaps BYU should change their school colors from Aggie Blue-&-White to Mormon Black-&-White, and their mascot from a cougar to a Black Pot.

I especially hate your graduates. I live on the East coast. Everytime your students graduate and move back closer to home, and end up in my YSA ward, they always bring that load of BYU self righteousness to add to the smugness already infecting half our ward members. I wish you'd all stay in Utah County.

Of course

it's homecoming. Teams always pick sure wins for homecoming. Go Rams!

re: re: trueblue

Grow up and act like an adult. Not all BYU graduates are are like that. If you think so you are truly blind. They are some of the best leaders in the church and will be future leaders on this Earth. Ute fans are so ridiculous when all they are consumed with is hate. May utah get crushed today! Seriously, grow up and act your age.

re: re: re: true blue

Again. Pot calling kettle black. I'm with re: trueblue, I can confirm that the same thing happens in California.

Anyway, GO UTES!

Moose on the Loose

RE: trueblue:
Just watch the yewties fall to a patsy Ram team!!!!

Boy are you arrogrunt!!!!

Go Boise State!!!!!

@ 2:20 p.m.

I'm sure you're one of those ybU grads I was referring. You don't see it because you're one of them.

Please move back to Utah.

Ute fans are consumed with hate?

Was President Hinkley filled with hatred? Is President Monson filled with hatred? FYI, President Monson not only graduated from the U of U, he also was a professor there. STOP your ridiculous generalization and try to remember what you were taught just SIX DAYS AGO about hatred.

Did anyone notice that Utah had 123 more yards than the Rams in Ft. Collins while the Rams had 65 more yards than BYU in Provo?

Does anyone else get a kick out of Moose on the Loose who is a BYU fan yet poses as a Boise State fan so he can take shots at the Utes?

Re: trueblue

If you think that there aren't at least as many Utah haters as BYU haters, think again! These posts are filled with anti Utah comments that are embarrassing to the church. Stop already with your generalization.

I have a very hard time with BYU sports just because of the combination of arrogance, ignorance and self-righteous attitudes that many of the Cougar fans have when dealing with the U of Utah.

I'm an active member of the LDS church and I can say that a large portion of the posts on here by BYU fans are insulting to those that aren't members.

Why are you posting on a U of Utah article anyway? Perhaps you missed a few of the talks last week at conference dealing with hatred. Based on your comments, I think you might want to review President Monson's remarks.

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