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Published: Saturday, Oct. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Did chaffitz really say that?

Once again chaffitz lives down to the lowest of expectations.

Even national republican leaders were cordial. What an embarrassment to Utah.


Hansen and Chaffetz are snarky buggers. And Chaffetz is concerned with respect?

Utah politicians are all RINO's

Dave Hansen, chairman of the Utah Republican Party is just jellous he was never asked to be on David Letterman, or get the Peace Prize either.

my slc

Dave Hansen & Rep. Jason Chaffetz show real class, spelled with a capitol K.

Congratulations Mr.. President and America.


Where did you Utah people dig up this Chaffetz guy? He's an embarrassment.


Todd Taylor's statement is not completely coherent.

Dixie Dan

Utah Republicans just can not accept a black president.

Credibility is Warranted

I agree with Rep. Chaffetz, he (Obama) hasn't done anything to make the U.S. safer, other than rhetoric. Does anyone remember last year who ELSE got it and "puffed" him up with his GLOBAL WARMING ruse? Al Gore! Now, among those who deserved it, I vaguely remember Mother Teresa received it and justifiably. Why not Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, while they were at it? Or even Nancy Pelosi for the shove she is making to get the unwanted Health Care issue passed? NOT.

Yeah, Jay Leno deserves it for his civility, as Chaffetz commented.

Only Chaffetz

Can keep classy. Nice job, maybe you should watch G.C. again on being nice to others.


If the prize is based on aspiration then I can think of plenty of people who have said they want world peace and to end hunger. There are plenty of people who have acted on these ambitions and have made a difference. Let's give this prize to someone who has made a difference in the world instead of someone who has reached celebrity status through words.
And as for the democrat leader in Utah... way to take some pride in your state "even Utahns" can be brought together by this. Yup we really appreciate you. Democrats sit there and bash on the people they represent and then finish with a "can't we all just get along"

Rc Keene

I think they did it in the hope that we can undo the harm that the last eight years has done. He brings us hope not regrets..


I support Obama but I agree that he has done nothing yet to deserve this award. I think it will help him abroad but probably hurt him here with people who actually know what the award is supposed to be about. No one likes Europe sending political statements to us.

I guess they gave it to him

because he's the "anti-Bush".

I think that says a lot about how the rest of the world viewed our previous President.

The U.S. can hopefully regain it's role as a moral leader in world affairs. I hope Guantanamo gets closed quickly so Barack Obama doesn't have to give his prize back....


Orrin Hatch... time to go.

We should be proud

I am truly sad that many here in Utah can't let go of their hate mongering long enough to see the good Mr Obama is trying to bring to the world. It is sad that those outside of our country can see it more than most Americans. When did we stop being an noble people? When did we stop seeing the good in each other? When did peace become evil?

Is it too "early" as some think? I hope not. I hope that this vote of confidence will strengthen Mr. Obama and will help him in the darkest hours when people rage against him, both home and abroad. Doing what is right and what is good is often not what is popular. Christ Himself did what was best for all man kind and was killed for it. (I'm not say he's Christ)

May we as a people strive to be worthy of this award. May we sue for peace and beat our swords into plowshares. I may not agree with Mr. Obama in all things, but at least he isn't acting on hate. A lesson Mr. Chaffetz could learn.


I am not sure which is a bigger joke..Obama for President or winning the Nobel Peace Prize award..

Fran Farny

Predictably, Chaffetz chimes in with a childish petty comment. Thanks to Senator Hatch for having some class.

Thank You, Senator Hatch

Senator Hatch's response is the classy response. No whining, no snideness. Thank you, Senator.

Whoa Nellie

Corroon needs to explain himself. What strides has Obama made? Be specific. Can anyone explain what the President did to deserve this? I would really like to know. Also, who determines the winners?

So, Mr. Todd Taylor, does one merely need to go about exuding hope and change with a persuasive public speaking ability in order to win a Nobel Peace Prize? And what in Pete's name does Jon Huntsman appointment have to do with the Peace Prize? With comments like yours (i.e. irrelevant) the Utah Democratic party is in desperate need of leadership.


Mostly I disagree with what ever Sen. Hatch says but this time I applause his statement as being elequent and great for the United States Of America!

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