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Published: Friday, Oct. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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How about cutting spending

How about reining in UDOT and not redoing every road in the Salt Lake valley every two years. The roads we have are good enough. Stop wasting tremendous amounts of money fixing roads that are fine. Improved transportation is nice, but if we can't afford it, do not do it.

Cut government spending drastically before you increase the sales tax on food. The sales tax on food is bourne on the backs of the poor.


Let's increase the cigarette tax 25 cents a pack, the tax on all liquor by 25 cents, the room tax on hotels by $1.00, add a penny tax on restaurant food and leave the food tax alone. It should be eliminated. I don't think any of these above taxes will stop anyone from partaking of those things or comiing to visit Utah.

Here in Germany we pay 7.5% on food and 19% on everything else. Food, however is much cheaper than back home. We may go into sticker shock when we go grocery shopping.


How about limiting the household income tax deductions to two children per household which would help the outstripped infra structure here in Utah.
How about the Mormon Church kicking in some big bucks for the homeless and unemployed people in this state.


"Here in Germany we pay 7.5% on food and 19% on everything else."

Is there income tax as well?

tax oxygen

I am waiting for the tax and spend Republicans of the state to realize that people should be taxed for breathing air. I don't mind taxing soda, candy and ice cream, but how in the world does taxing vegetables and healthy food not hurt.

Sam A.

Taxing the very food we eat to sustain life is immoral, just like EVERY politician. Cut government spending 700 million dollars before one penny is raised by taxing food.

Cut Wasteful Spending!

It's always easier to raise taxes. Real leaders will cut wasteful state spending. Utahs citizens are already taxed to the limit. WE WILL NOT ALLOW ELECTED LEADERS TO INCREASE TAXES AND KEEP THEIR JOBS!!

What a bunch of bologna

I can't believe how many people blindly buy in to the idea that the sales tax on food is a regressive tax and hits the poor unfairly.

1. What's the difference between food and anything else? It's just a commodity.
2. The rich pay a lot more in taxes on food because they buy a lot more food. That money that was generated from their purchases is used to fund programs that benefit the poor
3. As the article clearly explains cutting the sales tax has hurt the sales tax revenues which is part of the reason that the programs for the poor have been cut.


How about reducing the deductions for children. I propose that todays deduction be allowed for the first 2 kids and nothing for the rest. Large families utilizes more "tax" resources such as schools and pay little tax. Funny, those who contatantly want to raise taxes on the other guy but dont touch me.


To Tax,

What a great attitude. What's another quarter on this and that. What's a dollar on hotels. Wow.. with that attitude, why not increase it several dollars on hotels, and two bucks on cigarettes and liquor. I get tired of people "justifying" higher taxes. The answer isn't in taxing more, it's in spending less!

There is nothing

more permanant than a temporary tax. Remember the "temporary" flood surtax? It was eventually elminated, after we had no floods for a number of years. Other states that have enacted "temporary" surtaxes on the rich have found they don't make anywhere near what they expect. The rich simply make one of their homes somewhere else their official residence. The long term solution is to reduce government spending, permanantly. We need to get off the track off continuously growing goevernment.


"Tax" has some good ideas.


Did anyone on the legislative group ever think of the possibility of holding back on spending rather than raising ANY taxes?

Tax the Rich

The rich use more resources, so why shouldn't they be taxed more?

And, to those who think that bigger families pay less taxes, try housing, feeding, and clothing 4-6 kids. That's a lot of commodities which equals a lot of taxes. Income taxes are such a minimal part of the actual taxes we pay. Plus, those of us with large families are generating more future taxpayers. You just have to look at the long-term, and not the short-term here.


It isn't a tax on the poor. There is no tax charged on food purchased with food stamps or WIC. It is a blatent atax on the middle class. Before they raise the food tax, they should look at cuts & other taxes that are not so regressive.


Has every one forgot we had a revolution over taxes!! How about cutting corporate wellfare! How about putting wellfare receipients to work!! How about putting our folks who are out of work back to work! How about keeping jobs here in America! How about making anything right here in America! How about getting rid of regulations that hurt business and drives them over seas with our jobs! How about just saying no to all the pork projects politicians seem to profit from.
Lets not forget taxes are regressive and oppressive! Try cutting programs that dont work! Try cutting programs that are'nt needed! Try cutting the fraud waste and abuse that is rampant in all Goverment programs! Try paying for a program with current funds without a tax increase! How about thinking of the unintended concequences of these programs before we start them!


This is the only tax that EVERYONE pays -- including illegal aliens. It's consumptive based, so it's fair. TAX food!

32 kids in a classroom

You that think Utah can cut more need to visit a classroom of 32 4th graders and no teaching aide. There are no easy cuts anymore.

Utah removed part of the sales tax on food when revenues were at an all-time high -- now the opposite has happened, an all-time low in lost revenue.

Let's reinstate the sales tax on food.


Re: What a bunch of bologna

"What's the difference between food and anything else? It's just a commodity."

You're right ... food is a commodity.

But it's a commodity we can't live without. It isn't like a new sofa, TV or a car that can be put off for a few months or years.

Taxes ... especially ones on food, DO hit the poor more than the rich. $600.00 in yearly sales taxes won't even be noticed by someone making $100,000.00 per year. But to a poor person, $600.00 can be the difference between making the rent this month or getting kicked out on the street.

State governments need to rein in their profligate spending and find other ways to close their budget gaps.

I find it reprehensible that they would even think of doing it on the backs of the poor.

Hey Pete

You will be glad for those parents who were willing to raise more than 2 children when you rely on Social Security and Medicare. While many are delaying or avoiding having children for selfish reasons, others are foregoing travel, nice cars, eating out, etc. so they can pay for their children's clothes, food, music lessons, education, etc. It is YOU who will reap a disproportiate share of the benefits when that child is a full-grown, productive adult. Declining birth rates are the number one reason why Social Security is going bankrupt - there are simply not enough young adults to pay for all the benefits that we have promised to the baby-boomers.

Let go of your egocentric selfishness and thank a parent!

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