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Published: Friday, Oct. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huh. That's weird. How then do the conspiracy theorists explain the pleothora of MWC games I've seen on ESPN 360, including BYU's romp of Tulane and TCU's win over Clemson?

Perhaps ESPN 360 won't show any conference games. Perhaps that may represent material more conspiritorial then ESPN not showing BYU's score on on the byline....

The Truth

uh.....I, er, am trying to care about this, but just can't get there and that is.....THE TRUTH


Y'all made your bed.

Y'all were the ones who signed the bright and shiny deal with the new shiny TV network.

Y'all were the ones thumbing your noses and telling everyone you were the wave of the future.

Y'all were the ones who were thumping your chests and spouting "we don't need no stinking ESPN".

Y'all were smarter than everybody else in the room.

Y'all were the ones telling everyone who would listen that you guys were going to blaze your way into the future and telling ESPN where to jump off.

Well, y'all made your bed, now sleep in it.

Quit acting all upset and shocked that an institution that y'all chose to diss in a major way has chosen not to cover you.

There was nothing subtle or deceptive about your divorce from ESPN.

ESPN is not the government. They do not "have to" play fair.

The MWC made a bad business decision, and now y'all are regretting the consequences.

Y'all made your bed. Either sleep in it or crawl back to ESPN and beg to be let back in. The whining is getting old.

Ernesto de Bajo

Slow news day?

It's True, just watch ESPN

This article is 100% true, I have noticed the exact same thing. It's not that they legally can't do what they are, it's that they don't report evenly. The Mountian West always gets less airtime, and when you watch the "top 10" or "top 20" highlights of the week, MOST (but not all) MWC teams are left out, with no mention. Where is the loyal Steve Young, come on Steve, back us up when we need you. Stop the unfair bias that is ESPN and maybe BYU and TCU and Utah (if they win) will go up in the polls. Look at what happened when BYU won on ESPN. They were bounced to the top 6. Then they win on The Mountian, and there is no mention on ESPN, and they DROP in the polls. Rankings are all about the publicity the team gets when they win. Voters vote on what they see in the highlights Saturday night on ESPN, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Come on people, Exposure translates into rankings, rankings translate into big money bowls. By ESPN not showing any highlights, they are stealing MILLIONS from the MWC.


the good news is that everyone sees us on the mtn!

I've got a serious question...

Scott -

Perhaps you can answer this question about football broadcasts?

Why at any level of football whether it is college, pro, the Mountain, or ESPN can't they display the down and distance with any degree of consistency?

Sometimes the down and distance is displayed only seconds before the next play starts. Sometimes it doesn't get displayed at all.

In the inner workings of a football broadcast booth you would think that someone could be assigned to just down and distance, and that it could be displayed at least ten to fifteen seconds before the next play.

Comment, Scott?


espn and the bcs et al...why do they have high school football on espn? conspiracy? i think so.


After BYU beat Oklahoma they got all kinds of love from the networks, when they lost to a weak Florida State team it all went the other way, what is so exciting about a team that can consistenlty beat mediocre teams and chokes in the big games (Oklahoma excluded)?
Pub is earned

re MWC

The gov't is fair?

Wednesday night

What is so inherently bad about playing on a Wednesday night? Boise and Tulsa both have byes the week before the Wednesday night game, so in essence all this does it gives them a chance to break the bye week in half. You get extra time to prep for the Wednesday night game, then extra time to prep for the game the following week. Plus, you are the only game on TV Wednesday night, so the entire nation gets to see you and only you if they want to watch football. Remind me again what is so bad about that?


utah state is in the WAC so according to your theory they should have posted the score

Re: Wednesday night

What's so bad about playing on a Wednesday?

I'll tell you what's wrong:

#1. It gives you THREE days (one of them being a Sunday) to prepare for your opponent. Football players take the next day--if not two--following a game off due to the pounding they take during a game. Scouting your future opponents and training your players is a huge part of preparation.

#2. Throws off school week. Playing on a Wednesday night prevents many students/boosters/fans from being able to attend. It also gets players who must travel for the game off their week.

#3. Yes, it's a deal with ESPN, but they also lose viewers due to the bizarre middle-of-the-week play.

re Wednesday Night

Because NO ONE in the entire nation wants to watch football on a Wednesday night. There is a reason why college football is played on Saturday. All of the "big" conferences play their games on ESPN/ABC, CBS, and NBC (Notre Dame) on Saturdays. They also have the spotlight Thursday night game on ESPN. This is how they get the exposure. Not by playing on Wednesday nights when the commentators are more worried about the upcoming weekend's games than the game they are supposed to be broadcasting. College Football was made for Saturdays because its fans have nothing else to do on that day, other than watch football. People have stuff to do on Wednesday nights. Playing on Wednesdays - and most weekdays for that matter - hurts attendance at the games and the amount of people who CHOOSE to watch. Let's not forget people, ESPN was offering the Mountain West LESS money than their PREVIOUS TV contract. CSTV offered us TWICE as much money as ESPN did!!!!! ESPN wanted us to play these ridiculous weekday games and they were NEVER going to put us on their holy network on Saturdays. CSTV gaves us what we wanted. End of Story.


Obviously it was a big mistake made by all athletic directors to sign with the crappy MTW channel. If you ask any Utah or BYU fan they tell you they rather watch their teams on ESPN than on MTW channel. How can we expect ESPN to support us when we are using other network for the conference games ?. Just look at the publicity Boise State is getting through ESPN, they talk about them like they are one of the best teams in the nation, when we all know they are probably the most overrated team playing in a crappy conference.
TCU, UTAH and BYU should break away from this conference or make a new one and get back our games on a real network like ESPN.


yeah, this whole I don't want to play on Thursday crap that I heard 5 years ago hasn't changed. The MWC conference still has Thursday games. It's just now, instead of playing on ESPN, they play on one of four mickey mouse channels, that of which you never know which one. Sure, I can find it, but the rest of the world without a vested interest can't. Plus, college football fans that don't seek out MWC information, rarely have a reason to care about it. It's true, the MWC has themselves to blame for their amateur conference channel. I forget, is it CSTV, CBS sports sister, versus, or the mountain. We would be better off on the QVC. I told everybody I knew five years ago that this conference TV idea would sink the MWC. Utah forced attention by going undefeated but the old WAC had more opportunity for the unbeaten. It's just it never happened outside of the 1984 season. The landscape of college football (bowl matchups/BSC) was much different then. However, speaking of the old WAC, Utah went 10-2 in 1994 and finished 8th. 2 losses now destroys.

Football Fan

Playing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights has delivered Boise State to the rest of the nation on ESPN with very little viewer competition. As a result people all over the country have become Boise State fans. An instant look at the TV screen and seeing blue says "Boise State" everywhere.

It may have not been intended, and there are those that bad mouth the color, but the blue has turned out to be one of the best marketing strategies in college football. It would cost millions and millions to make an intermountain team to otherwise be so identifiable around the country.

Games during the week expose the blue and help directly with recruiting because players' parents from around the country get to see their kids play. Result... good players from around the US with great name recognition. It works!


Sounds like Boise is sitting at the "kids table" by allowing themselves to play on a Wednesday.


I thought BYU got more hype from ESPN than they diserved at the first of the year; so I don't buy in on your article.
The MNT channel,in my opinion,is a bottom shelf channel. Even their advertisers are bottom shelf.
If any executive of an ordinery business. made as foolish of a mistake as opting for the MNT channel, they would have been fired! This channel is not helping the MWC!

To MiP

The reason the Tulane/BYU game and TCU/Clemson game were on ESPN 360 is because ESPN has a contract with the other two schools to show their home games. If these games were at BYU or TCU, it would not have been on ESPN.

Look on the ESPN website - they only post the scores (on their main scoreboard webpage) ot those conferences with which they have contracts. No home MWC scores, or scores between MWC teams playing each other, are shown anywhere other than the specific MWC webpage.

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