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Published: Friday, Oct. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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comma man, good to see you stirring it up with the "one trick pony" comment. Problem is you have used that same post for the past year. Why don't you ask your mamma to help you type a new post! I am sure she can come to the basement and bring her laptop.

Scotty Boy

Yes if you think about it, C. J. was just coming on before we got Korver. The Jazz had a 10 game or so winning streak with C.J. getting minutes and doing well. Then O Conner brought in Korver and everyone thought he was so neat. C.J.'s playing time and development took a big hit. All while Korver stuggled to find his shot which is about all his game consists of due to the lack of mobility and athletisism. Looks to me like we should have stuck with the kid. This is basketball not a pretty boy contest.


miles is a wayyyyyy better shooter than Korver!!!!!,wow man what Jazz games are you watching,don`t rebounds,assists and defense matter at all ? how about playing a team game within Sloan`s system? how long have you been a Jazz fan...a week or so???


Somebody besides Miles loves CJ! I like CJ but I do not care for Miles!


There's no statistical evidence that supports claims that Miles is "wayyyyyy" better at shooting! Or anything else for that matter.

Re Korver vs miles

oops...I meant "Slackathon"


isn't Fesenko playing in any of the preseason games???



Miles and Fes

Why--Fesenko has an injury--heel I think that has kept him out. That is the reason he has not played although I wonder if they are not seeing any progress and would considering waiving him to make a roster spot for several free-agents. Probably not but the Jazz have done it before; although not with the current luxary tax implications.

Miles is clearly a better athlete than Korver and Korver so far connects a little bit better on threes. Both give good effort on D, but the nod goes to Korver on decision making. Korver rarely misses an assignment or takes a forced shot. CJ can make some bone-head decisions at times. If he can get the mental game down he will have a very bright future and will be the player that Jazz brass hoped for when they matched. Without the improvement in game-smarts he will continue to be a sometimes-used rotation guy. I like Korver's game and attitude but I would love to see Miles earn the minutes by helping the team not just having the ability to jump higher.

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