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Published: Friday, Oct. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Korver a starter? Koufus played solid once again? Koufus and Fes as starters? Bring Eaton back? Korver best shooter on the team? Wes Matthews starting?

And you think I am nuts!!

Jerry is trying to destroy the chemistry of the team. If you don't start Boozer, he will cry the rest of the season and be useless. Stop the drama Jerry and tell Boozer he is the starter or we can write this season off.

todd from santa ana

The "real" Real Madrid plays in the Bernabeu. They have 90 thousand watch them. Lsst night we played an inposter....

Millsap looked great, very quick and explosive. I was happy Maynor came to life offensively. PLayed well defensively, but REal was too one dimensional with all those long straight away shots.


Is anyone else getting nervous about The Jazz's TV schedule OR the lack of one being announced??...


Season is nearly here so now your comments even though rife with ignorance and misunderstanding can be somewhat relevant.

Based upon comments and preseason we should bench the first string and let the second string and wannabes lead our team.

Did anyone hear the announcer (Chris Webber who was an allstar) during the game when he said Boozer was better around the basket with either hand than he had been? Good thing we are planning to unload him, we do not want superstars on our team. We got Fes and....

You people scare me. When the season begins we will need everyone of our starters healthy and at full speed. The preseason is for the second string to establish the pecking order if and only if they make the team but bread and butter players have been identified by what they have done in seasons past.

Korver can beat my grandma..maybe. Brewer can't shoot as well as her though so we need help there.

Koufous needs to eat some meat, perhaps without cooking it prior to each game.

If they would only let me run things....


Hey "anonymous",

Why do you have to come down on Korver? You say "dude couldn't guard my grandma one on one"

Cut the guy some slack. Your grandma has a pretty good cross over dribble. It's not his fault he can't keep up with all that hair in his eyes.

He's hot. I'm a dude but I gotta give the guy the props. He's a looker (in sort of a cro-magnum man kind of way)


Means nothing. Mathews, just a prospect at this point. Nobody here is seeing what goes on in practice, keep that in mind when it comes to how people are doing. I wish AK could play in a different system. I have been somewhat impressed by Maynor's poise and passing ability. Here is my second unit, Koufos,Milsap,AK,Korver,Maynor. D-Will,CJ,Brewer,Memo,Booz as the first unit unless Memo and Booz show that their new defense isn't there. Price should play the two guard when things aren't going well or you want to go with a smaller line-up. I think Maynor has shown that he is a better distributer of the ball. Fess gets the call on the second unit against the bigger centers.


El Sol de Baloncesto reported Carlos Boozer is being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This is newsworthy on all fronts as Carlos preformed a one-on-one interview with Gabriella Sabado Hernandez prior to Thurdays game in Espana.

Carlos is reported to have said that it is a done deal in his mind. His family is in the process of moving as he returns back to the States.


deron williams
Ronnie Brewer
Cj Miles
Carlos Boozer

2nd team


Sitting the bench

Trade AK

AK is solid at everything, but good at nothing. Without his contract, we'd be fine financially. Instead, we're going to be way over the luxury this year AND next. The Cavs have Big Z on the market, and we should try to get in on that. GS and the Cavs are talking Big Z for Jackson. I say we get in and trade AK to GS, Jax goes to Cleveland and we get Big Z and expirings.

Korver cronies

I can't believe all you guys who are so in love with Korver.

You clearly have very little grasp of the game.

His 3 pt shooting % is 59th in the league last season.

Tell me why a guy like that who can't do anything else besides shoot FT's above average deserves to be a starter?


Now, I am not arguing on Brewers behalf either. He can't throw it on the ocean standing on a cruise ship!

I'm tire of these one dimensional players.

CJ has the ability to shoot WAAAAAYYY better than both of them so if he could just learn to be average on defense he is by far the better candidate at two.

Korver is at best a backup role player IF he improves his 3 pt shooting because it is VERY AVERAGE right now.

Brewer is an athletic defender who does not even have to guarded outside the paint.

Can you say LIABILITIES in the starting lineup? Either player is unacceptable...if you want to win anything besides regular season games that is.

Brewer was embarrassed in the playoffs and Korver was no linchpin.

ESPN says

ESPN Fantasy Projection (last updated: August 28, 2009)
2010 Season Outlook
Korver's value would be so much higher if he contributed in just one more category. But he doesn't, and Ronnie Brewer has the shooting guard minutes on lockdown. Korver's minutes will decrease, especially if Andrei Kirilenko posts anything resembling a bounce-back season and/or Carlos Boozer is on the roster. Don't waste a draft pick on Korver, as there are other 3-point specialists with higher upside and more chance for increased opportunities.

It is not just my opinion. Korver is one dimestional and in that dimension (3pt shooting) he was very average (59th) last season.

todd from santa ana

Maybe spending the money was worth it and I doubted if he was worth it, but I always have loved Paul.

After seeing him these last 2 games, he rocks and he is impressing all of us big time.

The thing is he looks so much quicker.

I did not know Kyle had a tattoo

I saw it for the first time ladies last night

Sure it made your day i guess near his chest area


1 Price (at least he will push the ball)

2 Williams (let him walk up last and shoot)

3 Ak (we all know he should be a 4 but at least here he could touch the ball and pass it to someone who is open)

4 Milsap (really too small but with ak and everyone else to pass it to him he gets easy shots under the basket)

5 Koufus (at least he takes up space and works hard)

seriously this team could get out on the break and run the slash the middle offense that sloan likes they would also play decent defense

mostly I like it because any of the 3 could begin the offense and Williams could score more yes hes a great point but we need a scorer if you are not going to put Korver at the 2

todd from santa ana

the conclusion I have come up watching the last 2 games.

In my opinion, including the free agents that may not make this roster and the returning players, is this Jazz team is the most talented team I have seen since moving from New Orleans.

I am not sold on Matthews he seems streaky and erratic. AK does not look like bones, and I have a feeling he will have a major resurgence.

You can see Maynor has talent, just erratic shot and decision making at times

I would like see how much mileage we can get from him as a #2 guard, but he needs to shoot better

One trick pony

I`ll take KK "the one trick pony" anyday over miles the "no trick pony" Korvers one trick is to play hard every possession on both Defense and Offense...you bet.. I`ll take him anyday over the slacker with all "the potential"...when diaper boy was 18,it was... he`s only 18...only 19...only 20...on and on he`s now 22 and I hear "he`s only 22...when does he become a player??? at 40???


Miles is right I guess. Boozer has to start because his giant EGO will cause problems in the locker room. Millsap will be disappointed but he's going to give full effort no matter what! So as much as I hate it... Boozer shouls start, Millsap off the bench.

A good example of this was Iverson and Hamilton in Detroit last year. Iverson was a huge baby about starting, as a result they tried to play 3 guards at once, then they had Hamilton coming off the bench. The team chemistry was RUINED. I just hope that doesn't happen to the Jazz this year.


Alright Kufos in the starting line up is a stretch now but I see him as a Okur upgrade. Intact the Jazz over paid for Okur since there honestly is no other suiters. Okur is a stud though he is very limited. For a center Okur is limited in defensive intensity, speed, agility, and size. Kufos is not Tim Duncan but he is not handycapped in those ways.


Anybody who honestly thinks Maynor is going to get minutes this year is crazy! Unless Price or Williams has a major injury he's not gonna play. He's a rookie and this is Sloan we're talking about.

re: One trick pony

You missed the point.

CJ currently shoots .352 and Korver shoots .386 for 3pt range.

.03 difference...Wow...big deal!!

So what if Korver "plays hard every possession on both Defense and Offense". He plays hard and he stinks at both.

I am so tired of watching Korver clap his hands after his man beats him to the basket for a layup or when he is slow rotating on defense and provides no help. He is a witness mostly. If that is your definition of "playing hard" I am not interested.

I am not saying CJ is currently the solution but he sure has ALOT more athletic talent to begin with.

IF CJ can become more consistent then there is not even a point in this conversation because as mediocre as CJ may be right now, the rest of he and Korvers stats are essentially a wash/stalemate.

So if you think that CJ stinks then that means, statistically, you think Korver does too because the past performance of both is terribly mediocre to poor.

If CJ can't step up this season then he ought to be relegated to the bench or the trading block just like Korver.

Re: One trick pony

Trying hard by it's self doesn't make you a N B A player. It takes talent and athleticism with the effort. The Euro league and the Developmental league are full of players that try hard. Korver is a mirage that you and Sloan saw. Nothing more than a mirage.lol.

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