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Published: Friday, Oct. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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WOW! Critical Punks

I would dare bet that 90% of you critical arm-chair-quarterbacks, have ever worn a jock. Your trash talking is "old" and should be presented at your homeless shelters among yourselves instead of this forum. If you don't like our team move on, the Clippers, Sacramento, Golden State, and Minnesota all are looking for fans and would welcome all of you with open arms. If that doesn't work for you try Oklahoma City, Memphis, Atlanta, Miami, New Jersey, Charlotte, Philly, New York, Indiana, or Milwaukee. Surely you can find a team in all of them that would satisfy you idiots.


It doesn't matter who starts or comes off the bench. If they don't run the offense and get after
on D and pound the boards, the Jazz are toast.
When they do what they are supposed to, they can beat anybody. When they don't, the can't beat anybody.


at Mr. 4:09pm

really? Real Madrid is a good team that plays in the 2nd best league in the WORLD....and the Jazz could've beaten them worse than they did.

Also, Hansen's a solid pro ball player and played a year in the NBA and has been an all-league player a few times over in Europe....the Jazz still have a few guys, that even played today, that couldn't get a contract from Real Madrid....so know before you speak. Its a great league and high level of basketball....and quite frankly, the only reason it wasn't more competitive is that Real Madrid has EIGHT new players this year that its trying to get into its rotation.

Shamus McAnus

Re: WOW! -

Lighten up fool! If we didn't have the Jazz to pick on, what we would do in our spare time?! Of course we know more about basketball than Sloan and of course my cross over is better than Williams. Just come over to my Ward and watch me in the over 50 league!!! HA


Sloan's going to have a tough time making cuts based on today.


I like what I see from Millsap. Hopefully Sloan makes the starting PF spot an open competition. It would be a shame to hand the spot to an "All-star" because of his "Resume!"
It will be interesting to see how Sloan divies out the minutes when the REAL season starts. I wouldn't worry about the debate too much in preseason. I'm getting excited for some Jazz basketball though!

David o

There you go, former BYU Cougar Travis Hansen playing defense with his hands on his side. That BYU defense is really paying off.


Thank you re:Jazz Cop for calling out Korver. I'm not a hater and I am female, but come on Brewer plays so much better.

Go Korver

We all have our favorites!!!! Can't wait to see a healthy Korver then we'll see who deserves the minutes!
Korver is the best shooter on the team. If the Jazz had some plays designed for Korver he would be the high scorer every night!

The Man

Play Millsap at the "3"... dump miles,the clueless worthless slacker

I have a proposal

Suggest inviting 5 foreign teams to come and play in the summer league. I really missed it this summer. Last year when they had the Iranian national team it was fun seeing all the flags wave and national pride. If we had 5 teams it would be a mad house. The Orlando gig seems like an intersquade scrimage and of course we could never go Las Vegas after they stole the show.
I would welcome some feedback good or bad on this idea.


Another mediocre year for the Jazz.


What happened to civility!

Happy Hermansen

Get Eaton Back! We have not had a decent Center since the Big Falla left!

Mont Stockings

Larry Miller was the man! There will never be another LHM! We were very lucky to have had him in our midst and in our Behive State! Larry H Miller, You Know This Guy

at least some people pay

attention. It's the preseason. That means it is time to see who of the new guys should make the team, and avoid injuries to your starters. Come on, you guys can't be real NBA fans. you must just bet your money on the jazz. Pay attention.

re: David O

I'd venture a guess he's doing much better than you career-wise, big guy.

Fanny Pack of Superdell

Jazz should sign travis Hansen to just stand there, quite effective. Go Cougar go,

Two games

Let's see they play two games here and you are already deciding who can play and who can't. Give me a break. Just because some guy was in the dunking contest, does not mean he can play defense or score from the outside. HOw many times does a player get to do a slam dunk in a game. That is for the fans.


Koufos played solid once again. He is still quite young, but he will be, and if given playing time, is right now a solid NBA pro. Like his defense. And that ridiculous OSU coach who said he couldn't play D or was soft. Ridiculous. He is our best defender. and led the team in rebounds these two preseason games. Wait til he is given time to play in this offense and his skills get utilized. Great athlete, runs the floor fantastic, and loves the game.

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