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Published: Friday, Oct. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jazz Cop

I don't understand why the best team isn't starting, dwill korver ak boozer and memo.


cause you have to have a bench! you start all your best players you won't have anyone to sustain that lead when the starters are out. Sure you have milsap but thats it. you need more then that

re: Jazz Cop

Korver? You must be joking.

Korever is a one trick pony that can't perform its trick.

Korver was ranked 59th in 3pt shooting for the whole league last season.

59th!! Wow, I bet players/teams quake in their boots when we put that "threat" on the floor. In reality they are probably thrilled.

To give you a reference, our 6'11" Center pokey Center shot over 200 threes last season.

Okur was ranked #6 in the NBA!!

To compound the problem Korver only makes shots when the Jazz are already winning. He always misses when there is pressure or we are behind.

I can't wait till that phony is gone. Nice guy but his value is based on his looks and female fan reaction because he is a liability on the floor.

New starting line up

The Jazz should start Williams, Korver, Kirilenko, Boozer and Kufos. This would put a good Defender in Kufos near the Basket and leave the outside shooting to the guards. The second team would be Maynor, Brewer,Miles, Milsap and Okur. This way each team would have one interior defender and one guy who can't shoot. Nice evan distribution!

BP to Jazz cop

Korver is hurt first of all. And second, the bench needs some veterans to hold things together. Who would be on your bench? assuming you start the five you mentioned. AK has already proven he can be more satisfied coming off the bench. He doesn't have to take scoring away from Boozer, Dwill and Memo...and he can be "the Man" while he's in...maybe even controlling the ball from time to time.

I think Wes Matthews will make the team, and be a starter in place of CJ. If he and Ron Dupree both make the team, we just got a whole lot tougher on both ends (and much more athletic). Both those guys are big time dunkers. Matthews was in the 2009 NCAA dunk contest, and Dupree has a knack for liking to dunk on people. They are both perfect Jazzmen (tough, humble, and winners).

If we can get Fezenko to get some minutes and play to the level of Ostertag (a pretty low bar I think all would agree)...we could be pretty darn good this year.


It's preseason. They are playing different players in lineups to see how they matchup and play in those groups.

Will be fun to see the numbers Boozer puts up compared to Millsap. If there is a true competition going on, slight edge to Millsap at this point.

Romper Room

Sap! is Hap'nin broytha!

Re: Jazz Cop


Stuart G. Crump

Looks like the Jazz are going to have a great year. Those Spaniards really know how to dribble.


Anyone who thinks Korver is the a starter knows absolutely nothing about basketball.....dude couldn't guard my grandma one on one.


Millsap and AK play very well together - keep those two together. Boozer and AK plays really poorly together.

I think that the Jazz should have 2 units.

Williams, Korver, Brewer, Boozer and Okur
Price, Miles, AK, Millsap and Koufas.

The first unit is the pick and role offense. You have Okur and Korver spreading the floor and Brewer going back door. Miles and AK are awful in this offense.

The Second unit is a better defensive unit. I runs the motion offense - or they run plays thru AK. This is pretty much a fast break team or you give it to AK and he creates for other on the team. The Jazz should be running about 20 plays a game thru AK. He gets to the line at such a high percentage and his point per shot is the highest on the team.

Williams, Brewer and Okur can ll play with this unit. Boozer and Korver cannot. Boozer is such a defensive liability if you do not give him the ball at a high rate he shouldn't be on the court.

The only reason to start Boozer is to get his value up to trade him

Korver and Koufus?

In the starting lineup. Dude, are you trolling or just plain nuts?


NIce work Blauch


lead in rebounding again. He is not shooting much or well but that will come with enough practice and playing time. He is a decent back up C, especially if he is playing with AK, Boozer/Millsap and a wing that can shoot.

The second team (when DWill is playing PG) may be as strong as the first. The Jazz are weakest at the 2/3 positions.


I don't think Korver has shown he belongs as the starter at the 2. He is not much of an athlete and though he works hard on Defense he can't keep up with many of the 2 guards in the league. He is a super-sub for sure but we need to be giving minutes to Brewer and Miles as long as we lack an inside Defensive preasance. Moving Okur to the bench and Bringing Kufos in as a starter is a risky move but would allow us to stretch on defense a litte so that Michael Redd, Kobe Bryant and company don't go off on us for 55 pts. again. A bench of Maynor, Brewer, Miles, Milsap and Okur would be very impressive.

Real Madrid

Is anyone else not impressed at all by the jazz's 20 point win against Real Madrid? That is ridiculous, Travis Hansen is one of their better players, that should show you how weak this team is. We should have won this game by 40 at least. I know it's preseason, but c'mon jazz

Korver Bashers

I'm sorry you guys lost your girlfriends!

Stop the Wes Matthews hype

I can't believe someone said he will be a starter. Since when did Sloan start rookies? (Except for Williams who was an exceptional talent)

IF (and its a big IF) he makes the team, he will spend a lot of time in the D-league. Just cause he scored 15 points in a preseason game doesn't mean he's the answer to the Jazz's problems (Last year Ronnie Brewer has like 28 point night.) There is a reason he went undrafted in a draft class that wasn't seen as very talented.

All that being said, last year Anthony Morrow went undrafted and then went on to lead the league in 3pt%.

But give me a break, every year there are guys that perform well in preseason and then amount to nothing. DeShawn Stevenson and Quincy Lewis were both preseason stars. There was a guy with the last name Hughes who did a lot more than Matthews ever did and he never made the team.

Re: Real Madrid

Maybe next time the Jazz play an exhibition game, that just happens to be during the pre-season, they'll go all out and keep their regular season rotations just to impress you.

Juan Limpnoodle

Dear "Real Madrid @4:09":

Quit disrespecting my team!! From what I hear, the Jazz were all toe-tapping in the locker room after the game. Made me lose my lunch! Boozer blows.

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