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Published: Thursday, Oct. 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Personal Day

This is simply a case of church employees needing some time away from work. Pretty creative. Ten bucks the powder comes from a Krispy Kreme.

Powdery Substance

I would have responded sooner but I couldn't stop laughing over the idea of someone dropping the DN because it is too liberal. If you are that sensitive to liberal bias, I am finding it hard to imagine what you would find acceptable to read. Even the ingredients on a cake mix box could have potential for offense. But to the topic, there have been some funny comments but the "personal day" comment is offensive. The Church should be commended for having a plan in place and employees who knew about it and followed. The emergency services who responded should also be commended. This represented a serious potential threat and tragedy could have resulted if it had been handled casually.


this is really embarassing for the Church.


Is the Church going to pay costs and damages to the city and county efforts for this over reaction.

John Pack Lambert

To the 9:09 commentator,
The people involved said that the response by the employees was the correct one. So your claim that people "over reacted" is clearly not the view of anyone who was actually involved and actually knows something about dangerous substances.


Anonymous | 9:09 a.m. Oct. 8, 2009 I wonder how you and other nay Sayers would say if this had happened at a government facility or some other church. I don't care where one is you find a white powder substance when opening a letter, box or whatever report it this is nothing to laugh or joke about it could have been deadly. After 21 years in military service you can a real respect about how deadly bio warfare can be and you learn how to protect yourself and the archive members done just what they should have, good work to them.

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