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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I agree, lets get him some opportunities to make plays this week. Why not have him run some of the wildcat package with Asiata down? It gives another real throwing option to that formation, and from all reports that's where he can shine.


Man I don't understand with the numbers being that High why aren't the Utes Ranked?

moose on the loose

You don't understand why the ute aren't ranked? Guess you haven't watched any of their games this year then. Every single game has been close halfway through the 4th quarters. Against a very week schedule. Oregon played their worst game this century and still beat you guys. CSU should be very interesting this week. Watch it and you'll see why they aren't ranked. . .

re: moose on the loose

What a byu homer. A win is a win. A loss is a loss. Remember in 08 how Utah only beat New Mexico 13-10 but then absolutely killed a top 5 team in the nation, Alabama. They were both wins. I guess if you want to compare losses to #13 Oregon and unranked Florida State, the Utes have the better loss, even though a loss in never good. I'd rather lose by 7 to the #13 team in the country then lose by about 4 touchdowns to an unranked team that is now 2-3 on the year so far. Wouldn't you moose? Be honest about that.

Worst game of the century?

Wow, that's rich.

Even Bronco knows BYU has some of the dumbest fans in the nation.

Ernest T. Bass

I'm confused...don't all of our players wear red shirts? I believe the coaches and many of our fans also wear red shirts.

Is it worth it?

If I were the coach I would redshirt Wynn. Yes, it would be nice to put him in some wildcat formations this year, but is it worth it? Unless your the Miami Dolphins, your not gonna run the wildcat that much. It also risks Wynn getting injured and Cain is a Junior. At best he has just one more year. Redshirt Wynn and let him be the back up next year so he can be the starter for the next two years. Both of these guys have shown good ability so I'd worry more about the offensive line than the QB

Re:re: moose on the loose

I second the last two comments. Moose has more than a screw loose. His babysitter should not let him play on the internet.

re: moose on the loose

You're right, the BYU/FSU game wasn't even close going into the 4th quarter! All the old hens had already cleared out of LES.

FYI - BYU led mighty USU 21-10 going into the 4th quarter, Utah led that same squad 33-17 going into the 4th. Having read your comments on these boards before I wouldn't expect you to comprehend actual stats that completely contradict your pathetic claims.

No Players of the Week for U

"After five weeks, the Utes have yet to pick up a MWC POW honor. The only other team that hasn't picked up a MWC weekly award is 0-5 New Mexico."

I wonder what the problem is? It's probably because of the officiating, right yoot fans? I'm going to bust a gut laughing if New Mexico gets one before u do.

moose on the loose

who is ranked again? tell me that?

re: moose on the loose

I couldn't agree with you more.

The yewties have had a very cushy schedule and still bearly pulled out the wins.

It would be even worse had they played my team the BS Broncos. But oh well!

Just be happy that you have won some games and FORGET being ranked..........just watch some of your Sugar Bowl reruns!!!!!!!!!

GO Boise State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

re: No Players of the Week

FYI - Did you know that after five weeks, Max Hall leads the nations in interceptions?

Did you know that after five years, Utah has 2 BCS wins, and BYU has 0?...sniffle, sniffle.

who is ranked again?

moose on the loose leads the rankings for idiotic poster, slightly ahead of Ernest T. Bass.


i think oregon played decent, utah is just a good team, they made them look bad

Don't put on the red shirt

Could be the mistake of the century. Once kids redshirt they tend to slack of a bit in pratice (see the Alex Smith disaster) Keep the freshman QB ready and hungry to take over the Job. It's the only logical choice.

re: re: No players of the Week

And did u know that after 110 years BYU has a National Championship, a Heisman winner, and a Doak Walker winner while utah has none of those things? Oh that's right utah has two BCS bowl games which have bigger payouts but are still just bowl games.

Re: 8:44 am

Don't forget that after 110 years the Uties have had only 4 good/great teams and 106 average/mediocre teams.

@ 8:44

Everybody outside of Utah County knows that the '84 Championship title was gifted; not earned. You beat NOBODY that year, and just barely.

It's interesting that those zoobies who still pound their chests about backing into the NC back in '84 can't see that despite the 4th easiest schedule in the country that year, they still JUST BARELY managed to go undefeated. It's also interesting that these zoobies can't see that in the entire football playing history of ybU, that they've NEVER BEEN ABLE TO REPLICATE that undefeated season. ONLY ONCE in your entire history. The Utes did it twice THIS DECADE ALONE, and 7 times in their history. Another interesting fact is that despite all those individual trophies showcased in their display case that they haven't mustered the TEAM success such as a BCS Bowl win or two.

Ha ha! Bunch of paper tigers.


@ @ 8:44

And BYU has two former QBs with Super Bowls wins. Say, how is your #1 draft pick alex smith doing? Really tearing it up by now I'll bet? What, no Super Bowls? Not even starting? What's that sound I hear...oh, it's the 49er's kicking themselves for wasting a draft pick.

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