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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Go Utes and go Eddie Wide. I think the Utes will be fine. We'll miss Asiata for sure, but I think Wide and Shak can carry the load. :)

im more concerned

about our kicking game than I am our running game. Wide, Shak, Smithson AND Cain will cause fits for every D coordinator in the league.

The team needs to play like they did vs louisville ON THE ROAD.... they haven't looked good outside of RES.

Get Real

The running game took a MAJOR blow when we lost Asiata. Wide will be fine until teams get some tape on him and he starts to wear down. Shak is too injury prone. Stowers is simply not good enough. We are in big trouble. I know the coaches are putting on happy faces for the media but they're probably making a mess in their pants privately. Our running game just fell from one of the top in the MWC to one of the worst with Asiata's injury.


re: Get Real
Looks like someone just fell off the bandwagon.

Re: Get Real

Not worried here. This program has always had a history of great backs. The only year that we were bare was '06. Other than that, dating back to the early 90s we've had years of uninterrupted great backs. Remember the naysayers when Asiata went down in '07? Mack then had one of the best season's of any back in Ute history. Again, not worried here.

Utes better with Wide

Asiata was great, but think how many times they ran a draw with him? or a play designed to go outside the tackles....never. with Wide you can do both of these. He's more versatile, and has break-away speed. Asiata is more of a 3rd down back, but even at that he didn't do amazing like I thought he would. Wide had 129 yards in 3 quarters. That's more than Asiata ever had in 3 quarters. I bet Wide has some moves/speed that we haven't even seen yet. Go Utes!

BYU fan

The utes will definitely miss asiata but I think they will be just fine with eddie wide. He is very capable.

Ernest Bass

If only utah had a receiver named Deep to go with Wide at running back.

No worry

you are unranked so expectations are low and we are sure you will meet them. Go BSU!!!!!

RE; get real

I always love it when something happens to a Utah player and the coogie trolls start coming out.

Re: No worry | 12:02 p.m.

We're not ranked because we started our season against teams from the WAC. Our only signature game was against the PAC 10 and we lost. Again, thanks for nothing...WAC!

Ranked or Not

Can someone explain to me how Utah is not ranked, while BYU is?

Utah loses to the 16th ranked (or somewhere around there) team in the nation who is as hot as anyone. They lose by 7 on the road...to a quality team. They have won every other game.

BYU lost, at home, to an unranked team. They lost by 4 touchdowns or so....got the beat down of a lifetime. They have won every other game, including a squeaker against Oklahoma, who has now lost 2 games this season (both without their hiesman quarterback).

So, please explain how Utah isn't ranked.

If I remember?

If I remember correctly when Asiata got injured YBU trolls were saying "the utes get injured because of conditioning and bad coaching.... blah blah blah" Didn't Jakobson just injure himself trying to touch his toes??? just checking???

RE: Ranked or Not

BYU is ranked and Utah is not for a few reasons:

1. BYU has a much better signature win, and on the road. OU has two losses, but the second came without Bradford. BYU's loss was humiliating, but their big was was significant and got BYU ranked 7.
2. BYU has long had much more national respect than Utah, despite the Utes BCS busting in recent years. Pedigree matters in rankings, history matters in rankings, and BYU has 30 years of national rankings, national audiences, national draw. Utah simply doesn't have it. Utah is getting there, but it takes time.

That certainly doesn't mean BYU is better. That's why they play the game. But BYU and Utah fans better wait and see how they play against TCU before they get excited about who is better or who should be ranked. Both teams look pretty mediocre this year.

And Cain

Talking about all the RBs you forgot one very good rusher, Cain is doing very well with his feet along with his arm. Wide doesn't need to take a full load and as long as he makes the blocks for the passing game he will be fine. Utah split carries between Wide, Cain, Shak and Shaky they are going to be much quicker than they ever have. All the teams left on the schedule have issues with speed, especially that last game of the season!

As for Jacobson he must be to fast for his muscles, ya know he was the first to the Y this year!

RE: RE: Ranked or Not

Finally - a rational human being!


Utah will probably be ranked again soon enough as long as they don't lose to one of the many teams they should beat in the next few weeks. I think Utah/BYU are ranked about where they should be at this point in the season and I think BYU has played better football so far (FSU notwithstanding), but rankings and history won't mean a thing when both teams face TCU and each other. When BYU and Utah have played more of the same teams we'll be able to better assess where they are in comparison to one another (USU was a draw), but the ultimate test is in November. There's a lot that can happen between now and then. I'm not a fan of early season rankings smack, but injury smack is just pathetic. Both fan bases have stupid fans that are guilty of it.

As for the article, I think Wide will play well for Utah once he's used to playing in the system. He's not as good as Asiata, but he may end up being as efficient in the next few games since teams won't gameplan for him initially.

re: RE: Ranked or Not

Shut up about the national recognition BYU thinks it has. It's so annoying. One good year, 1984, does not give you national recognition nor is it relevant today. BYU has lost something like the last 22 out of 24 games to ranked opponents. That's not national respect. If national respect had anything to do with the polls, Michigan and Notre Dame would still be in the top 25. National respect, BYU thinks they have it. Ssshhh... Don't tell them.


Utah is still capable of being a very great team. Wide shined in the game against louisville and he is only a JUNIOR! THE team down south better watch out with our running game.

Re: RE: Ranked or Not | 2:41 p.m

Well stated and I concur. Notre Dame is regarded the same way. Polsters are just waiting for an excuse to put them back in. It took BYU years to get recognition and there was a lot of luck along the way but you will notice that it is difficult to displace them in the polls. Even last year with embarrassing losses to Utah and Arizona, they finished #25. I think that's exactly what we are seeing now.

I am a Utah fan and I love everything and anything Utah. The Utes are off to a very fine start to achieving that same level of national respect. Two BCS appearances is HUGE for our program. As for this year, we will be ranked again within the next two weeks if we continue to win. Heck, we are #30 in AP and actually moved up 2 spots from last week. They will put us back in but we must continue to prove ourselves...a few more seasons, folks. We're looking good! Be patient.

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