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Published: Thursday, Oct. 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Why are BYU playing these bums, USU are a bunch of stiffs, I'd rather player a better WAC team than playing these bums every year.


GO Aggies! BYU is ready to get hit in the chin again!

Uh oh

I don't think USU is a good team right now, but they always get up to play BYU. Unless BYU comes out ready to play, and if they do it will be a blowout, USU may be able to steal one. If they beat BYU, or even if the game is close and BYU wins, it is the end of the season for the Y. No confidence and even less leadership will be the result.


Go Aggies. This is your year to beat arrogant BYU! The win against Oklahoma was a fluke. Boise State is a much better team and would steam roll the Cougars.

re: radar

Yeah, why don't you guys schedule Northern Iowa Community College High School again?

to: radar

USU players are not bums or stiffs, and BYU is not in the WAC. You say "I'd rather 'player' (sic) a better WAC team than playing these bums every year", so I point out that you don't play them every year, the BYU football team does. Too often, USU beats BYU, which is one reason why BYU should play USU: because USU often has a good team, with the chance they may be even better than BYU, so we should respect them and use the game to build experience and talent to use against the Mountain West Conference teams, so we don't lose to one or more of them as we seem to do every year. BYU was in a similar position to USU, not so long ago.

We don't need to make our rivals worthless to make our team seem better! The value of a victory is only equal to the quality of the opponent; a crummy opponent makes a crummy victory. When BYU beat Tulane, it didn't mean much; their rating stayed the same. When BYU beat Oklahoma, their rocketed ahead in the ratings, because Oklahoma is a quality team. THINK BEFORE WRITING!!


All the junior high school kids that think they are BYU fans should go back to their cherios and cartoons (radar).

If you think USU is a walk over opponent this year, you didn't see the Utah or Texas A&M games.


re: Anonymous

Uh...no. BSU would get rolled by Oklahoma. BYU beat Oklahoma. Boise State plays in a weak conference, BYU does not.
BYU will destroy Utah State, Boise State will play no one and get a BCS bid. Congratulations.


We've gone from talk of the BCS, National Championship, Heisman Trophy, Conference Champions, to what should be the focus--winning the game one week at a time. I wish BYU would stop having these delusions every season. Some day they'll get it and stop making targets of themselves.


I think it's going to be a better game than people may think. The problem with BYU is their big heads. If they are focused they will win. If they aren't (which I can see happening)...USU will win. USU is a better and different team than they have been in years. A mobile QB? That's death for BYU. Maybe they should put some red on their jersey's so Max will throw the ball directly to them!



There is one thing that will be for certain in the BYU/USU matchup, USU will have more team speed.

What defense?

Nice title! The Cougar defense hasn't been able to contain anybody the past 2 games. FSU and CSU racked up the yards on them.


BYU didn't have dilusions of themselves, those silly little national publications like ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Sporting News, and Sports Illustrated, the Associated Press and USA Today thought BYU was NC/Heisman/MWC Champ material. Stop trying to pin the hype on BYU. As for the fans, were we really supposed to argue with the hype after BYU had beaten Oklahoma? It's fun to speculate so stop being such a wet blanket. The reality is BYU is probably a good top 20 team this year with the capacity to play great against an outstanding Oklahoma team and poor against an okay FSU team. The FSU game was a good reminder that on any given Saturday anything can happen. One game at a time is great for the players, but the fans have the luxury of losing focus in a week like this one against USU. It's not like BYU pinned a shutout on a ranked UCLA and then got shutout themselves by a horrible UNLV team (Utah 2007).



Kudo's to Coach Baldwin and his great offensive schemes, something we have not seen since the early Dennehy years. I think we can roll up yards and points against the cougs, but can we stop them? Here's to a good game. Go Aggies! Oh yeah and calling the ags "bums and stiffs", well just watch that "bum" Robert Turbin steamroll your goofy looking secondary all night.


for the sake of the Mt West BYU needs to win. I have to agree, they have no defense, especially the last 2 games. We lack speed. It's that simple. Someday we'll get that too. This game will be a lot closer than BYU would like it to be. If they can't contain USU's qtrbck, it will be a long night for the defense. USU could upset the Y by 13. If the D shows up, then it can and should be a blowout. One more day, we'll see.

Aggie Fan

Thanks to Deseret News for a respectable article and to BYU players and coaches for thoughtful comments that at least hint at the fact that they are seriously game planning for the Ags. I am not predicting an Aggie win, but I think it will be an entertaining game and close into the 4th quarter.


So when is Robert Turbin transferring to BYU? Should be soon, I know he'd like to be part of a winning program.

Re: Cougarf@n

Several good points, but I don't recall anyone but BYU fans talking about BYU winning a National Championship. No one else EVER thought that would happen.


Every single one of you make me laugh... First off there is nothing wrong with having a big head... That is called being a fan. Second, lets stop talking and start watching. Anything can happen, on any given Saturday. We have seen this already. And lastly, it doesn't matter if BYU or Utah win every single game by one point. A win, is a win. And I hope Boise St does go undefeated, and goes to a BCS game because that will just show up how warped and messed up the current system is.

re: Rader

Better WAC team? The WAC is horrible with the exception of Boise State. Nevada is a complete bust and looks horrible. Hawaii isn't good at all, Idaho and New Mexico State are consistently at the very bottom of the WAC below USU in fact. So to me USU is just as a threat as any other WAC team besides USU.

USUs offense is better. But the D hasn't improved at all. BYU will score near 40 points against USU. And I think USU will score 21.

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