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Utah officials fielding 15 proposals for geothermal, solar, salt-cavern projects

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Wind machines outside of State capitols.

green beans

Have the 'America's Red Rock Wilderness' areas been reviewed for renewable energy potential? Hasn't suwa
already been responsible for locking up America's
largest reserves of low-sulfur coal with their Grand
Staircase Escalante Monument. What is lost in that area for geothermal and wind generation? What about the viewsheds of their 9.5 million acres? Won't suwa
nimby any projects visible from their 'pristine' homelands?

Sensible Scientist

One nuclear power plant would replace everything talked about in this article. Why put windmills, solar panels, and geothermal piping all over the landscape when we could get more energy from one plant on 50 acres?

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