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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jack Youngblood played in the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl XIV, with a stress fracture in left leg. He played with a broken leg. When asked how he felt after the game, he said he felt like he played a football game on a broken leg.

"I remember one time when a guy stepped on Merlin's hand with those nylon cleats," says Youngblood. "Ripped it wide open." He came back to the huddle holding it. I looked over, and I could see all the bones. I almost fainted. Merlin said, 'Aw it's all right.' "He held it together and stopped the bleeding a little bit. That was first down. He stayed out there two more plays before we went to the sidelines."

It's a Pinky FINGER...

Play ball.


Re: Ute Fan

You are right. I can't give you just one reason BYU will beat USU. I can give you many reasons:
1-QB Advantage. Max Hall is a better QB and more experienced than whomever takes the field for USU. BYU's 2nd string quarterback Riley would have been USU's starter this year.
2-RB Advantage. Unga, Tonga and company are bigger, stronger and more experienced than USU's backfield.
3-OL Advantage. Bigger by far than USU's defensive line. Sure USU can try speed to get around them but Tonga will just knock any down who get through.
4-TE's and Receivers - no contest here. Current All American at TE and likely future All American (Jacobson) at WR. O'Neil is probably better than anything USU has as well.
Should I go on? I didn't think so.

Give the Ags some credit

After all, they have more conference championships in the last 30 years than the Utes!!!! HAHA

USU by 28!

Honestly people! Does anyone really believe Utah State even has a shot at winning this game? Come on People....

BYU 38
USU 17

The score would be higher but our 4th string players will be playing in the 4th quarter.

re: Scott

Add that USU hasn't beaten BYU in Provo since the 70's and over the last 9 games or so, BYU has beaten USU by about 18 points on average.

It's a tough way to start conference weekend for Aggie fans.

Also add that SUU scored 30 plus points on USU. Name me one upper division team that has allowed that many points vs a lower division team in recent history, except App State at Michigan.


1-Scott, you don't know what you are talking about. Riley is not even an option for our system. Borel is quicker and more mobile that fits our systme better now. Maybe the Lord told him that while on his mission!!!

2-Our backs are quicker and will make your backs look like they are stuck in cement If we can get around your big D-Line. Our O-Line will be over matched.

3-A given

4-At TE yea, but we have some quickness that may surprised you.

BYU Wins, but if you have TO's, we may wake you BYU fans up a litle.

#1 die hard super delux UTE fan

I'm afraid Unga will break us like a...twig. No, no, like a grape. No....like a pinky.

We are in for some pain in November. I wish our team was as good as BYU.

Die hardy hardiest Utefan

I'm worried about Unga. He's a beast and would have beaten Asiata head to head regardless. Asiata plays with heart but not like Unga. I heard that our guys revere him - even his name sounds tough. I watched the mention of him send a shudder through some of our new guys in the locker room when they first saw him on tape. There's a long season to go but I'd just as soon not have to play him in November.


I am also afraid of Unga. I think BYU will dominant the Utes this year, and probable next year as well when Unga is a senior. They are certainly to get my vote for best team in the MWC. A worried Ute Fan.

Rock-Solid-Super-Diehard UteFan

Not only does Unga make me wet my tighty-whities just thinking about him, but because of the likes of Hall, Pitta, Jacobson I am now wearing Depends. Less I forget Jorgensen, Clawson, Pendleton, and Rich - I may have to jump off the bandwagon again like I did in 2005.

From WA

As a BYU fan, these posters making lame childish remarks while posing as Ute fans need to grow up, bring something worthwhile to the discussion or go home. And honestly, no idea if they are BYU fans or Aggie fans making it look like BYU fans irritate Ute fans (sadly my guess is the former).

Get It Fixed.

Harvey you might as well fix your finger. This season is pretty much over now.

Speed Rules

And BYU still has none.

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