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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Which hand?


could it get any worse for the poor cougs? Now I have to change the spread to 28. USU wins by 28 with a one handed harvey. happy valley is crying its eyes out about now. give me one good reasdon the cougs beat the aggies this week, just one? didn't think so.


"Unga is the second-leading rusher in the Mountain West, even though he missed the season-opening Oklahoma game due to a nagging hamstring muscle pull he suffered during August camp before the season."

Not to mention the fact that he played rather sparingly in the second game against Tulane, as well. Unga would be a huge loss for the Cougars. Hope he is able to continue to play without a drop-off with that pinky break. You know opposing players will be gunning for the hands. Hope he can avoid the fumbles.


I had this nagging doubt about the claim that Unga is the second leading rusher in the Mountain West. So I looked it up. According the stats at Yahoo Sports, Unga is not the 2nd leading rusher in yards. He is in fact number 6 with 227 yards. He is, however, second behind Asiata in rushing yards per game (75.7 to Asiata's 82.5).

Or was the DNews saying that he's second in yards for in-conference games? I don't really know; but it would be nice if writers would be clear which stats they are using.


You honestly think it matters which hand? Now I'm curious - why would you even care to know that?

R:E: Really?

well take in to consideration what hand he's carrying the ball with...maybe he cant hold it as well then if with the other. I think thats a big point....dont critisize other people who are asking legitimate questions....your statement was by far a lot dumber

he's the man

He played almost the whole game with it broken last week and had plenty of yards. Plus, we have a whole team, not just one player. BYU 96, USU 3. Wait... we won't want to run up the score quite that much because it would be unsportsmanlike. BYU 49, USU 3.

Misleading headline?

So he actually has a broken finger. Are they trying to make it sound worse than it really is? And if so, why DesNews? Seriously...

I've been there

I've had two broken fingers in the past (not at the same time, one pinkie and one ring finger) and I played basketball with one and football, as a reciever, with one (granted not at the NCAA level). Just tape it together, not a big deal.

read the article people

they said it was a right hand, and he broke it after the game... honestly

No Big Deal

A hamstring injury is a concern; a broken pinky is a minor inconvenience.

Unga will be fine, much to the chagrin of a few BYU-haters who are desperate for any kind of news that might help the Aggies.

Re: read the article people

It actually says he broke it the fist play of the game while blocking for tonga, not after the game. Honestly… read the article.


Honestly people... honestly


I hope this young man in his early 20s heals well and is able to reach his full potential in football as well as in life. I hope that he doesn't have more pain than he can bear. I have found that pain whether physical or emotional helps us to grow - both physically and emotionally.

Ernest T. Bass

He has more talent in pinkie than any other running back in this state.

won't matter

Unga could score touchdowns all day long against the gaggies even with a broken leg.

Re Earnest

Ha ha ha ha good one!!!

Alaskan Ute Fan

As a Ute fan, I must admit I admire Unga. He is a beast. I really wanted to see the showdown between Unga and Asiata this year...too bad Asiata's out. They both have heart and are very talented. Anyone who has played football, and knows what it is like to try and tackle someone like Unga who is both big and fast, knows what I am talking about.

Die Hard Ute Fan

I agree. Unga is who is going to beat our team like a rented mule this year. The Cougars are down-right dominant this year and will expose us like the school girls that we are.

I shutter to think of our frail feminine line backers trying to deal with Unga. Unga will probably pause and slap across the face them more out of annoyance than anything.

Super Duper Die Hard Ute Fan

I'm more die hard than you. just look at my name. If unga didn't break it this week, he would have broken it against the Mighty Utes. I think he'll sit against the aggies and byu will lose by 28.

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