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Published: Monday, Sept. 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Don't let the door hit you on...

When exactly did Boozer "earn the starting job?"? Two years ago when he said he would shop the free agent market because he was "definitely getting a raise"? This year when he said he couldn't wait to play for Chicago/Miami? Or did he earn it by missing more than a third of the Jazz's total games over the past few years?

The only thing he's earned is Utah (and Cleveland's) eternal disdain. And maybe a movie role as a Sasquatch.

we did better when you were out!

Maybe Boozer remembers things differently but our biggest win streak of the season was when he was out. So when he says we would have got a higher seed in the playoffs if he didn't have to miss games, I'm not buying it. Thanks though.

Hope that somehow paying more for the same team will result in more wins, but i'm doubting it.

jazz fan

Millsap deserves to start, he works harder than boozer, and everybody knows it.


Boozer: Try playing some defense if you want the starter position. Big numbers, double doubles is all good but you don't play one iota of defense.
You're just full of youself when you make noise you're going to shop another team in the off season and your going to do this and do that....I can understand now what happened in Cleveland. You lied to them and misrepresented yourself just so you could get a spot with the Jazz. And I think that was only because Karl Malone was your idol. You want to know something Boozer, you'll never be like him, he had more class.

Get real

I HATE EVERYTHING about Boozer EXCEPT his offensive talent.

There is not even a discussion who is better offensively between he and Millsap.

Millsap was nearly disabled after he covered for Boozer just part of last season. He could hardly walk. What is he going to do taking that beating all season long? He is too small and can't bang down there for 82 games. His stats will dwindle if he becomes the starter.

As far as I am concerned Millsap can put a sock in it too. He was prepared to come off the bench in Portland (with that big fat contract he got himself) behind LaMarcus Aldridge so why should he have a problem with it here? Hypocrisy.

You all will see--on the offensive end there is nobody that has been better than Boozer in go-to moments and I see no new talent to change that.

D-Will to Booz in the pick n roll is the best offensive weapon this team has and it is not even close.

I still hate Boozer as a person though. You people better learn to get past it though if you want to win any games.

I am the starter....


I hope Milsap beats Boozer out.....Booz like sitting on the bench anyway..he has spent half his time in Utah there.........

what a punk

get real booz. You sound like Allen Iverson. you two should play together in Memphis after Sloan hopefully makes you ride the bench and you have no value.


Bozzzzer is like that bad sunflower seed you get in the bag.....Leaves a bad taste in your mouth....


When you are playing and the team is winning, people ARE happy you dufous!!


Lets just hope he will show up and play like he did the first season with the jazz. or at least until we trade him for bosh man that would be nice.


someone's inflated ego is showing. Who starts when you won't play at less than 100%? Do you want to know why we all love Williams and resent you?


I remember playing athletics in high school and every season each of the starting positions were wide open for anyone freshmen-senior. If you wanted a starting position all you had to do was go out there and prove that you truly deserved that position. How would it be if professional athletes actually played for the love of the game instead of money. (hopefully there are still a lot of professional athletes who play for the love of the game!!!)

Question for those who know

What if you had Boozer start as a small forward, it is my understanding that on the offensive end of the court that Okur likes to play outside, giving room for Milsap and Booze inside and on the defensive end of the court you have Milsap down low which works out better anyway.

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