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Published: Monday, Sept. 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Millsap did a good job filling in, but lets remember a healthy Boozer is so much better than Millsap.

Millsap was just barely getting the pick and roll down when Boozer came back in to the picture. And the Jazz can't run the offense out of the post with Millsap.

I love Millsap and I kind of resent Boozer, but Boozer is better.


Boozer may want to look around the league at all the players who could be starters but who are coming off the bench. Just because your the best offensive player at a position on the team doesn't always translate into that person being the starter.


I have always been a starter so I deserve to still be a starter? Hows about you play like a starter???

Lots of you will

continue to bash on Boozer, but that's the attitude you want from him - "I'm the starter!" If Milsap, or anyone else, wants it, they're going to have to earn it; just the way it should be.


I'm sorry Mr. Boozer, but starter is not the only role you have known during your career. I think you have been a great cheerleader from behind the bench for much of your time in Utah. I do agree that you should start though, at least until you get injured 10 games into the season. Then the players that want to be on this team can take over.


If booz starts, then the jazz have no chance at the playoffs at all! boo to boozer!


Sorry Booze, but until you show some effort on defense, you will be backing up Millsap.


Wow! After everything that has happened, he has the arrogance to make that comment?! Wow! I hope he doesn't start, just to show him that he does not call the shots!

Oh Boy

I am sick of Boozer. He really probably should be the starter, but he doesn't need to be a jerk about it.


Boozer should have to work up like the rest of them and defend the millions he makes. I'd love to see Millsap take the lead. He didn't make off season comments that he wanted to be traded like Boozer did. Millsap deserves the start. Maybe Boozer could learn something about playing for a "Team" vs. "I'm the starter."

It would be .....

a bit ironic to see the booze religated to the bench in favor of Milsap. Not saying Milsap should get it but I do think he has the edge in the "who deserves it" battle. And one thing is for sure, he will continue to earn it evey minute he is on the floor. He gets my vote.

Jazz Fan

And thus it begins....

Ah, come again?

Boozer says "I've earned it?" Which part of last season did I miss? I know how much of it Boozer missed, and any objective observer would conclude that Millsap earned it, not Boozer. What a chronic idiot this guy is. Absolutely no sense of self-awareness.


I am fairly confident that the majority of Jazz fans out there would support me in saying that we would rather have someone starting who actually cares about winning and who isn't going to miss 50% of the games this season. I can't believe that boozer said that "he thinks he earned it". Unreal! Explain to me Carlos, how did you earn it? Do you leave it all out on the court every night? Do you play defense? How often do you miss games? Also, when you finally do come back from injury (after missing 30 games) you totally screw up the team's chemistry. You have been nothing but negative for the Jazz and the fans DON'T WANT YOU!!!

Sorry Booz

It's not just about ability and seniority. It's also about attitude and leadership. I for one, hope you have the qualities you need to start, but you need to show it.


This goes to show that Boozer never knows when to shut up.

play some D

Boozer got to play some D in order for him to be as starter, that's the competition he has to face against Millsap

Wiley Old School

"oh... did I say that out loud?"

On the plus side, at least he acknowledged that there might actually be a competition for the position. Maybe a degree of progress afterall?


"But mom, he started it"

"It's mine, I saw it first"

"No fair! I want the green cup"

"I was starter first. I don't want to share. It's mine"

"If you don't give it to me, I'm leaving"


2 days in and he's already destroying the chemistry. What did we expect anyway? Is there no limit to the distance down his throat this Loozer can stick his own foot?


This season is already a disappointment. I'll start following the Jazz again when Loozer is gone.

I've said it before, 80% of the players in this league could score 20 each night if they are selfish or the coach call plays for them. In Loozer case he is selfish and the coach calls plays for him. Crap, CJ could score 25 each night if they called plays for him. We get too caught up in numbers. Loozer is terrible for team basketball. BENCH HIM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

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