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Published: Saturday, Sept. 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jazz Fan in Portland

Hey I have heard enough about Boozer What is up with the others on the team? I hear Koufos is got bigger. What does AK look like? Any weight gain? Tell me more about the rest of the TEAM!!!!

stop excusing boozer

I dont care about his money, I dont care about his comments.

But I DO CARE about his talent and work ethic.

The dude needs to learn to play defense. So he shut down Yao - other than that he can't cover anyone who can actually move.

Trade him for a superstar center or shooting guard - milsap can fill in the 4 just fine.


Karl Malone stabbed Jazz in back like boozer? Are you crazy? When? Do you mean because he:

1. played 18 seasons missing less than 10 games?
2. forgave larry miller for storming on the court when he had a bad game (or several other psycho "miller rant" moments?
3. because he went to LA after Stockton retired, at a time when the Jazz needed to rebuild anyway, for hardly no money because he loves the game enough to want a stab at a ring?

Yeah. Right. Just like Boozer.
Get real.


Re: re Unhappy @6:53 p.m

There is a BIG difference between Karl Malone and Boozer.

After all the talk, tears and complaining ... when the season began Malone showed up. I always felt he gave it his best, even when his best wasn't enough for the Jazz to win.

I do not feel that way about Carlos.

That being said, Carlos will more than likely play all out this year. He knows he's playing for his next BIG contract.

If he has a mediocre year with Jazz, he will get a mediocre paycheck with his next team.

However, what will the Jazz do if come the February trading deadline Carlos is playing like a beast? And they're winning 7 out of every 10 games?

If come Feb.

Boozer has made an about face for some unknown reason, then let it be to his credit. Will it ever happen, we have our doubts. He is afraid to defend and that is his mind set.

Welcome back Boozer

"The only reason Carlos plays is because of the money. He should play for free and donate the money to charity" What a load! It is his job to get the best deal possible and if he is not in a team's long term plans them he needs to work on his next gig as soon as possible. He is only going to get one more big contract.
Last years problems involved alot more people than Boozer. I always felt the Jazz were too quick to trade Dantley and got very little value for him. If they had kept him they would have gotten acouple championships. Just giving Boozer away will not help the team. Life is about working problems out not running away from them.
That said he can start playing some more defence and his playing time should not just be a given make him earn it.

todd from santa ana

all of this snoozie stuff is irrelevant. The bigger question is "where is team defense"

how bout "packing the paint" that packs nothing but allowing 3 ball after 3 ball go up.

I am sure JR SMITH is rubbing his hands together for opening night.

I am sorry to report though but everyone knows Paul is not Boozer or skill set and he is small/ Tries better on D but overmatched...


Isn't J.R. Smith suspended for opening night? Probably not too excited then.

The Boozer-Malone comparison is ridiculous. Malone ran his mouth but he was just emotional. He still worked harder than any other player in the league during the off season or during the season. That is your difference. That and the fact that Malone probably played through all of the injuries that Booz has missed time and had surgery on.

Excited for the season, regardless if the team changed or not, like a real Jazz fan should be. Go Jazz!

Boise Bill

I think everyone can expect Boozer to be booo'd on opening night. How he plays after that will determine his acceptance. Boozer better bring it.


Glad boozer is back.. everyone needs to be on his side in order to get the best of him.. go booz, go jazz and lets go fans

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