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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Harvey's Pre-Game Ritual

Cougar fans who attend home games should at least once get to the game a couple hours early and go sit in the southeast corner to watch the players come out and get ready for the game. Several come out and walk around, throw the ball around, and do other rituals before putting pads on for the team warmups. Harvey Unga comes out in sweats with his ipod taking it all in and doing what he does to get ready to play. He kind of half dances-walks around the field in his own little world as his pregame ritual. Without pads you can see just how buff some of these guys are. Pendleton is a physical freak of nature for example. It was interesting to see the QBs throwing side by side. It was easy to see how accurate Hall is and yet also easy to see that his arm is not as strong as his backups.

A Hui Hou !!

I served in the Hawaiian mission fro Nov. 79 to Nov. 81 you will have some wonderful humbling experiences my Tongan brother...from your Hapa-Hawaiian fan's from Kaysville, Utah "A Hui Hou" Elder Unga...Go COUGARS !!!

Hum? Real agenda is???

Funny how people who have axes to grind for what ever bugs there small minded life use this story about a young man who has chosen to serve an LDS mission to vent atop there self indulgent soap box...for realz Dude if church is first in Victors life how is that your business, grind your self diluted importance some were else. Hey buddy perhaps the skin heads or another hate group will worship you...stay under that rock of bigotry OK...peace out...

300Lbs at 5'10 ? good grief.

Clinically extremely, morbidly obese. I'm surprised they'll let him go now. That's a BMI approaching 40!!! you'd be unable to get medical insurance with those figures after an exam, regardless of body fat %.

Good luck serving just the same.

re: good grief

If you saw Victor (Greg) Unga you would understand. The Kid is a tank. His fingers are as big as my wrists. He is hecka thick! I woulda said 340 is plenty of weight loss.


I think it is cool how the two brothers support and cheer for each other in all phases of the game. This is what football can teach you about, life that surrounds the game and not just the game itself. HURRAH!!!!!


Great story! Great family. I wish all the best for Victor. Harvey is a gigantic stud of a player and brother and person. It's great to have good role models to look up to and with their genuine care and assistance, sometimes it's enough for another to reach a lifelong dream. Go Victor!!! And Go Cougs!!! Beat CSU!!! BYU 38 CSU 24

Continuing revelation

Mike | 10:11 a.m. Sept. 23, 2009
Great job Victor.

However, Spencer W. Kimball said, "Every young man should fulfill a mission." Not every slim young man.
The current leadership of the church has the inspiration and responsibility to make the calls, determine the circumstances to allow/disallow missionaries to serve. The bar has been raised a couple of times since SWK's broad-stroked statement, and "every" has refined into a more restrictive set of worthiness and medical/physical condition is part of it now. And such changes are needed because people NOW are GROSSLY overweight now unlike in 1972/1974 - and their health issues were negatively affecting mission experiences and directly those with whom they served.

More Change Needed

The actual text of the Word of Wisdom should be updated to include two of the most dangerous health issues - obesity and prescription abuse. How about they axe the part about which grains to feed which animal and include some issues like this that are truly relevant to health today. And actually, tea ought to be encouraged as it is one of the healthiest things we can put into our bodies. I know that the Church prides itself on the Word of Wisdom but the actual text of it is one of the most vague, changed, unhelpful, debatable scriptures we have.

Burger Bob

Have you ever been there? I have. When I got my call, I was asked if I was required to lose weight before I could go to Spain. I was not, but at 5' 8 1/2" and 256 lbs., I wasn't skinny, but the Lord wanted me to serve. Six months into my mission I was down 85 lbs. and eventually I lost 100 lbs. My first companion didn't want me, but I was never mistreated. The members in the Barcelona Mission all new of me and took good care of me. I kept the weight off for 7 1/2 yrs, all during college, and what a blessing it was. The Lord wanted me to serve and He qualified me because, although my knees hurt me a bit at first, I would not quit climbing 7 story buildings and walking 10 to 15 miles a day. This was truly a miracle and I acknowledge the Lord's hand in it. I often wonder about the "bar" because I would not qualify today, but I am ever so grateful for my mission experience and how my leaders and the members loved me in spite of my size.

Victor Unga #99

thanks for the support everyone. hopefully i'm lucky enough to return and play here at the Y. i can't wait to serve cause i know if i take care of what the Lord wants, he'll do the same for me and my family. its was a very long road and still i'm running after practice and will continue to do so until i leave. thanks again for all your support. God bless you all!!

Victor Unga

Victor Unga #99

haha one more thing. i agree with manaen. at 366 lbs i can assure you i was very physically able to serve and i know any of my companions would be just fine with me. plus, 366 was before fall camp. after fall camp i was 345. i wasn't some out of shape lard. haha and i'm not 5'11" i'm 6'1". however its not about that. its about obedience to what youre told. my parents taught us that at an early age. i'm sure any defensive lineman will do fine in the field. but again, its not about that. its about not questioning what youre told to do by church officials.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Welcome to Utah Victor! You went on a mission and you're seen the light! Haha. Seriously, glad to have you at the U.

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