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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mad Bozo the Clown

SomeWon Wrote: Just for your information, the church does have weight guidelines that have been sent to every stake and ward. These guidelines can either be communicated individually, as needed, or as a whole to the perspective missionaries in a ward and/or stake.

Post them. I've never seen them, never heard of them through stake and ward missionary callings or in talking with priesthood leadership, returned or prospective missionaries. AND YES, I'VE ASKED.

NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING. Why not have something like that in the missionary prep lessons? The Strength of Youth pamphlet? The YW/YM lessons? Given to all parents? Youth leaders? The youth themselves?



What service and examples by these brothers. This is a neat article. Thank you Deseret News and Mr. Call.


Harvelizzle is not married, but he does have a child. This would make him ineligible to serve. He made some mistakes but was a young kid and now is a man. I think he's a great kid and doing my tithing proud. thanks bud

AK Cougar

Great interest article about these two brothers who are also players. Harvey is fun to watch on the field and it is fun to see the human side of the players once in a while. Congrats to Victor on his call.

Re: football or seminary..

I love hearing the about the life and lifestyle of the players I watch.. Why are you so hateful?

Ladies man...

Like many others, I went on my mission but I didn't have football or basketball beckoning me, just the ladies... In the longer view of things, you won't go wrong making the decision to serve a mission. The fact is that very few people play college football then go to the NFL. BYU football will welcome Victor with open arms when he returns, so that seems to be there whether he goes on a mission or not.

To Bozo: the concern about this not being communicated to potential missionaries until the end - I think that is a legitimate concern. However, at least our stake president took those guidelines very seriously and advised that any young man that potentially has that challenge needs to be aware of the guidelines well before his interview so he can actually meet the guidelines well before he files his papers. I'm assuming other leaders are doing the same (I hope so).

Re:Footbal or seminary?

Well you cared enough to read and comment on it. Keep your negative comments to yourself.

Yrag Notyalc

"Why": Some things do bleed into other areas of life. Your why? question is singularly focused toward your selfishness and is narrow minded. The Y is somewhat unique in that missionary service and playin' football and other sports merge into the conversation. (Wowzers!!!)


I love this story! Someone who has struggled with weight knows that having family to help support is amazing and I think Harvey is a great man to help his brother. I think weight is a health issue that we need to take seriously and us all pulling together is what we need. I love hearing about this side of sports that really warms my heart.

That's why you lost to FSU

Everyone was sitting around wondering who their companion was going to be, and didn't make a game plan.
"Gramps" posted very truthfully here yesterday.
He was at the game with his grandson, and in pre-game all the BYU players were high-fiving, and yelling to their friends and family in the stands.
"Look MOOOOOOM I'm over heeeeeeeere!"

FSU was huddled up, listening to their coach, making sure all were on the same page.
BYU does not belong in Div I.
Too many distractions like these.
Go down to Div II so your guys have a chance to compete.
The big leagues are no place for church-first, everything else second.


I served a mission about 27 years ago. At that time, I dont think there was a weight standard. I was about 10# over but we did enough walking that I never gained any weight. To send someone home from the MTC because they were 18# was a not thought out well decision. He gets ready to go on the mission, goes to the MTC and found out he is overweight. That should have been taken care of when he was being interviewed by his priesthood leaders. I definately would feel for that dude. I hope they would have let him gone on his mission and just encouraged him to lose the weight. Just my 2 cents worth.

re: that's why you lost...

Oh wow anyone named "Gramps" must be an authority on stuff like that merely by default. So tell us was Gramps also able to explain why the Cougars had an 18 game home winning streak before FSU and they have always done the same kind of stuff at each of their home games? Uh yeah, didn't think so.

Is this Gramps guy also one of the blue-hairs that yells at other BYU fans to sit down when they stand up to cheer after a touchdown? I think I know the guy...


Why is it not ok to be over weight before a mission but no body cares how heavy you get afterward? Why controls before and no guidance/controls after?

Like I said, just wondering...


To Mike from "That's why you lost to FSU":

You make no sense.

I am just spittin' truth.


to question

I'm no athority on the subject but I would guess they care about missionaries being overweight because the church is responsible for them. As in they pay the insurance if they get hurt.


Re: Mad Bozo and fairness

First, we don't know all the facts and circumstances from a newspaper article.

Second, a story. During the height of the apostacy in Kirtland, Joseph Smith called Brigham Young to the Podium during a meeting and publicly criticized him for something he did not do. Brigham looked at Joseph and simply said "Joseph, what do you want me to do?" Joseph threw his arms around him and said "you passed, Brigham!"

Assume that Victor didn't know about the standards, they were changed on him, and even that it would have violated Due Process if the government had done it. To me, the real issue in Church service is not Due Process, nor fairness or unfairness in our human, temporal perspective. Its about faith and eternal blessings. Even if the whole thing was unfair, Victor could exercise faith and do what it takes to serve, or he could refuse to serve because its unfair. In the long run, which choice best served Brigham? Which choice best serves Victor? Eternal blessings come from faith that's been tested, and most tests seem to us mortals to be unfair. God's Plan, not ours.


Harvey & Victor's parents, Jackson and Laukau, should be applauded for how they raised these two great young men! These boys come from "good wood."

Re: Bozo

So, with your logic, a missionary should be able to stay on his mission if it is discovered that he has long-standing heart issues.

You mentioned your grand forays into the nutrition and fitness literature (I'm guessing Fitness magazine or Joe the personal trainer's newsletter) have shown you that there is no established cut-off for a safe weight. If you would do your homework with credible institutions (e.g. American College of Sports Medicine) you would know that there is significant correlations with BMI, waist to hip ratios, etc. and poor health.

You also used the term "arbitrary". I would be careful how you describe the decisions made by Church leaders. There may not be solid research that determines the cut-off for healthy weight, but there is a loving Father in Heaven who knows and inspires his leaders on earth.

As a health care worker who works with missionaries in the MTC, there are many missionaries who are sent home to care for medical issues. How is weight is any different?

Lastly, I think you are missing the bigger point of the article. Two brothers, united in faith, working toward common goals.


Victor, you are awesome!!! Going on a mission is much more important than playing football. You have set a good example for your children to follow. You will be blessed for making the right decision between a mission and football. Its awesome that you worked so hard and never gave up. It takes a lot of time and effort to lose weight and amazing that you achieved your goal. You will never regret your decision to go on a mission. You are such a good example to all other young men preparing to serve missions. Good luck with everything!

Re:That's why you lost to FSU

Big Leagues? What big leagues would that be? They're in college. You're getting in way to over your head.

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