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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Healthy weight

Having a companion that can hardly walk down the street isn't fair to the missionary that is healthy.

I think this is a good step.

I'd also like to see the church require this of all members.

Food at every function has to come to an end!

The RS seems to have cheesecake or dinner every week...

Re: Bozo

Sending a 19-year-old young man away from home to live a rigorous lifestyle without requiring him to be healthy would be irresponsible.


Everyone ... CALM DOWN ... Remember, don't revile against the revilers. Bozo is a self-named reviler. He's entitled to his opinion and doesn't deserve so much wrath.

Calmly point out the health consequences of being significantly overweight and participating in a strenuous activity.

Congratulations Victor. You're choice and efforts are admirable. Have a terrific mission.


"Mad Bozo the Clown" Go start your own church and implement all the policies you want!


The only problem I have with it is that they should have told him the full amount of weight he needed to lose in the first place, although Harvey is right, it may have been a test of his brother's faith. What a great support Harvey has been to Victor in losing his weight and encouraging him to go on a mission.


The only thing I have a problem with is that the church changed his weight requirements, although Harvey may be right that it was a challenge of Victor's faith. Harvey has been a great support to Victor in losing the weight and encouraging him to go on a mission.


people on here are so petty... congrats harvey for being a good example for your little brother. One of my biggest regrets also in my life was not serving a mission. Glad to see you making a difference for your family. The people who matter most

Aggie Fan

As someone whose struggled with weight and has kept it off for 9 months now, the hardest battle is yet to be fought. Keeping off the weight!!! With the type of dedication it took to lose those pounds, that same dedication will benefit you in the field. Keep up the hard work and good luck on your mission.


Great job Victor.

However, Spencer W. Kimball said, "Every young man should fulfill a mission." Not every slim young man.

makes sense to me

I think the requirement for missionaries to be at a reasonable weight is a great idea and long overdue. Missionaries usually have to ride bicycles. How is a 366 pound guy going to do on a bike? He'd flatten the tires or bend the frame every time he got on the thing! And how much tracting could he do at 5' 11" 366 pounds? I don't know. He's a football player so maybe he'd hold up ok, but maybe not.

I'm glad to hear he's lost weight. But even 305 is still a lot for being 5' 11". I hope the Hawaiians don't try to keep him fattened up. They have some good food and usually lots of it.


Re, "Having a companion that can hardly walk down the street isn't fair to the missionary that is healthy" and similar comments.
I agree with you generally about the health standard for missionaries, but do actually mean that a *defensive lineman* could "hardly walk down the street"???

re: Mad Bozo

Just for your information, the church does have weight guidelines that have been sent to every stake and ward. These guidelines can either be communicated individually, as needed, or as a whole to the perspective missionaries in a ward and/or stake. So, settle down, it is something that is a good thing and something that is taught.

Congratulations to Victor and to Harvey for this mission call. A mission call is a great thing that comes to the entire family. Well done.

Now for the larger question....why did Harvey only get 10 carries against FSU? Why does he not carry the ball a minimum of 20 per game?

Eventhough they were getting blown out, by hitting the panic button and throwing on every down, only makes it worse. C'mon Anae, give the ball to Harvey and be patient with the running game.


harveys not married


I've known both of these young men for a while now. Harvey is becoming a fine young man and Victor is right behind.

Best of luck on the mission. My older brother also played sports and didn't go on a mission. He regrets it even more now that his own kids are getting to be mission age. He realizes it is a time he can never get back and wishes he would have gone.

Glad Victor can learn the lesson from his brother.

The Truth

It sounds like the Unga brothers have a better perspective on what is really important than most of the fans who write on these message boards. Service is so much more important than football and I congratulate them on comprehending that. 100 years from now nobody will remember or care about what was done on the football field, but lives and families will be changed because of missionary service and that is....



I wonder if Ben Olsen ever regretted taking time off from football. After returning from a two year hiatus he never got his stride back and ended up not even being a college standout. Steve Young didn't go on a mission but he is a missionary in many ways because of his accomplishments on the field in the past. People can serve in many ways and neither way is better than the other.

I served

I should have stayed home and played basketball. I missed my opportunity to go pro.


Harvey is a stud RB but the jury is still out on Victor.

Mad Bozo the Clown

I agree entirely that raising the bar SHOULD include physical fitness!

But NOT BY suddenly notifying people they are too fat, as they step out the door, having planned all their lives to serve a mission.

Or by sending an Elder home from the MTC for being18 pounds overweight, a true story.
Stop your insane babbling long enough to think -- what did he go through, and what will he go through for the rest of his life because he was ejected from the MTC for an ARBITRARY weight standard of which he had no knowledge (nor did his Bishop and SP). IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED.

Knee jerk reactions solve nothing. I've thought about this issue for years, studied health and nutrition all my life. I come from a long line of MD’s. I am a return missionary -- no bike, no car; I walked miles every day. My first companion gained 80 pounds in the field.


Mizzou Blue

I'm proud of Victor for the commitment to do what he's been asked. Equal as important is the devotion Harvey had to help his brother. At a time when so many people want to throw cheap shots at others, like I've seen from some of the comments here, it's refreshing to know that there are people who care enough to support & help one another. Harvey, thanks for showing your are your brother's keeper.

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