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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Even better the whole MWC should just drop down to the championship subdivision. Everybody wins. They get their playoffs and the rest of us get rid of a bunch of whining pretenders.

Need legal action!

The BCS needs to be taken to court by someone to be ruled an anti-trust/illegal monopoly so that NCAA playoffs just like the hugely successful 1-AA playoffs can be duplicated for all college football!


One of the obvious things the MWC should do is to add Boise State. Of course, they don't want to do the obvious!

Football fan

Adding Boise State would increase the percentage and be the obvious. Can we not do the obvious?

The Champ

Why dont the winner of the MWC and Big East play eachother at the end of the season, winner gets a BCS game? Neither conference has a conference championship game so this could be played in place of one. It would make the two conferences great rivals

Wake up Craig Thompson

Add BSU to the MWC... it will increase the liklihood of getting in to the BCS. As a Ute fan it's painful to admit that over the past 10 years BSU has done a better job than Utah of consistently playing at a high level. In fact they've played better than any team in the MWC including BYU and TCU. The downside for MWC followers would be putting up with BSUs overbearing fans run their mouths all season long.


All you have to do is invite us, and we're in.


The Utah game against Louisville and the TCU game against Clemson will help if we can win both games. A big if right now looking at the way the conference has played as a hole this year.
0-1 Utah loss at Oregon who BSU dominated 24-31
0-1 UNLV loss at home to Oregon St 21-23
0-1 Air Force loss at Minnesota 13-20
0-2 Wyoming loss at home to Texas 10-41 and 0-23 to Colorado in an Embarrassing loss.
1-1 BYU 14 to 13 Big win, 28 to 54 Embarrassing loss
1-0 Colorado St over Colorado on the road, nice win.
1-0 TCU over Virginia on the road 31-14, expected.
Note San Diego St losing to Idaho of the WAC was a bad loss for the conference!

We need Utah and TCU to represent for the conference a loss to the Big EAST at home would not be good!


Maybe BSU doesn't want to leave the comfy confines of the WAC they would have to deal with Utah and TCU each year and we saw how well that went for them last year against TCU. They are a good team and program but I think they would find the waters a bit rougher in the MWC.


Add Boise, they don't meet the requirements to get out of the Wac, that would be other athletics and ACADEMICS. Unfortunately they do not meet either one, just because a school is good in football doesn't mean anything.


Bringing Boise St. into the conference won't get us an AQ. All it would do is bring in a WAC team who will finish their years with 3-4 losses/season, and finish unranked.

Boise State's home field advantage has to do with their ugly turf. It's the same color and hue as their jerseys, and their opponents aren't used to facing opponents that blend into their field. On the flip side, all the Broncos have to do is play assignment football since they don't need to see their teammates as clearly, but can easily read defenses with their white jerseys.

Besides, with all the BSU games I've been seeing on ESPN, helmet-to-helmet contact has been their preferred method of tackling. Boise State's bush-league play is a better fit for the WAC. Don't even CONSIDER the Broncos until they clean up their defense, and convert their turf to a more appropriate hue. Such as GREEN!

re: the champ

You mean...have something akin to a playoff? Sorry, that's what the BCS is trying to avoid.

Playoff good for all..

Keep in mind that the BCS discriminates against it's own too. The PAC10 has never had two teams qualify for BCS games in the same year - namely because it refuses to expand it's league so they can have playoff. Big 12 and SEC put the cards in their favor with conference champ games that almost always bumps their end-of-season score. But every year good teams are denied opportunities. Last year USC, Utah, Boise St, Alabama, and Texas had earned the right to compete in a playoff. I'd say more BCS schools are denied a shot at the title than non-BCS programs because their is not a playoff.

re: 36-3 ha ha good luck

Hey mr. simplot or is it mr. simpleton, anyway the potato team guy whose team has mainly beaten other teams that were having down years and then your smurf turf fans brag like they have an NFL team: there's a lot more to it than "all you have to do is invite us". Ha ha ha you must be smoking potatoes, Napolean.


Why would Boise State want to leave the WAC? 10 of their 11 games every year are against the equivolent of JuCo teams - thus ensuring patsy schedules every year. A good high school team could compete in the WAC.

Football civil rights

"If you can't change a club's rules, meet the criteria to get in. Leave the complaining to those that don't."

Hey Rock have you ever heard of the Civil Rights movement? No? You might want to pull out a history book. As I remember it, the blacks had to do a lot more than than just try to meet the club's rules. It took government action and and the enactment of laws.

Now we're seeing the same thing with the BCS. It's main influencer was and still is the SEC and I think we've been seeing the Southern elitist attitude all over again. Sure they've loosened up the rules a bit after much outcry and citicism but the AQ conferences still have a huge advantage and they aim to keep it that way.

bsu not the answer

All you whimps need to drop the crapola about bringing bsu into the MWC. We don't need them! The MWC already has two very good teams in BYU and TCU and occassionally one of the other teams also does well. What we actually do need is a better tv deal! I would take that over adding bsu any day! More tv exposure = better recruiting = better teams.

just our luck

I bet the MWC gets that automatic qualifying status away from the Big East in 2012, then by 2014 there will be a playoff. Just our luck!

Blue Turf

Are you kidding about BSU's blue turf? If it is such a home field advantage perhaps BYU should use blue turf and Utah use red turf. Get real. BSU wins because they are a very good team that is very well coached. Rarely are they unprepared for an opponent,regardless of the conference. Uniform color and turf color have nothing to do with winning consistently. If uniform color mattered Oregon would be undefeated every year as they have 30-40 uniform combinations. BYU and Utah need to quit whinning and just win the big games. BYU looked terrible against FSU and Utah didn't look too much better at Oregon. Before the MWC gets privileges enjoyed by other conferences they need to win consistently and quit moaning every time something doesn't go their way. Cancelling the ESPN contract was the dummest thing the conference could have done. They need nationwide exposure and with the MTN contract they don't even have county wide exposure and highlights of their games are non existent on the national sports shows. Whether you like it or not, BSU has national exposure and MWC teams do not. Dumb, Dumb move by the MWC.

The Truth

I can't believe the ignorance in Utah (state not school) fans. Did you know that if the MWC meets the criteria they could get in and there could be 7 BCS conferences. It isn't a matter of MWC or Big East. It could be both. Utah (school) beating Louisville doesn't say much because Louisville is horrible, but I'm sure the fans will trot that out as the argument for why the MWC deserves to be in the BCS. Stop your BCS whine. Schedule and beat tougher teams and you will be in and that is.....


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