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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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CSU's Turnover margin...

is great! But so would be the case with BYU had they played 3 cream puffs to start the season like CSU did.


I wouldn't necessarily consider Colorado a cream puff team, but, yes, your point is taken. And yes, this year, Colorado is a big sloppy ugly mess, as anybody who has watched them play can attest.

HANG ON TO THE BALL, CHAMBERS! He's number 2 on the list. Number one... Max Hall. THROW THE BALL TO YOUR OWN TEAM! Other than that, great job, Hall.

Go Cougars!


Can BYU make all the 27 corrections necessary before taking on CSU this weekend?

I would predict another 4 turnovers, BYU 17, CSU 30. Sorry, but BYU will be 8-4 this year with losses against FSU, CSU, TCU and U of U.

TRUTH !!!!

The truth is simply this, Max look off a receiver, get the first down, throw the rock to the intended route and not the one you feel will get the "Big Result" OK...Look Max you have brought out all the critics and rightly so, you deserve the negative attention cause you once again crumbled in the big game...Listen stay calm and throw an incomplete pass once in a while, its OK...It is farr better to incomplete a pass then complete one to the other team...Shake off last week and lets take the conference... Go Cougars...


Okay. Max is a good QB, but he has some flaws that have proven to be fatal. He tends to do what I call ZONE IN. He watches ONE route and ONE route only. Not all the time though, and when he's not ZONING IN he is an excellent QB. He only does it when he is feeling immense PRESSURE...e.g. when he has thrown 1 or 2 INT's, when his team is behind by more than 2 TD's, when he feels the refs have jipped him, and in big games.

Which is a problem that needs fixing because one of those things are bound to happen when playing against BCS or top 25 football teams!


Worst play of the game: 3rd down in the 4th quarter. Max takes a 5 step drop and STARES at McKay Jacobson the WHOLE time...McKay isn't open so he scrambles forward a bit and before he's about to get hit realizes Pitta is WIDE OPEN!!!...No one around for 20 yards!...Max rushes his pass and throws it 3 yards above Pitta's head!!! Had he not STARED down Jacobson the whole time he could have easily noticed a wide open Pitta for a 1st down and kept the drive and some hope alive...but instead Max falls victim to his ugly but repetitive habit of ZONING IN. What suggestions are there for fixing this!? Max really is a talented QB, but is frustrating to watch sometimes. He doesn't have that big game mentality or toughness it seems like.


Max (Where is the ball Hall) needs to eat the ball or throw the ball away when he has no open reciever. He does not have the arm to force the throw in a tight cover of the receiver. This is FACT

Chambers has to protect the ball better. Two fumbles in the red zone caused game turning events that killed the momentum for BYU.

If Max (where is the ball Hall) can not correct throwing to the other team he should be benched and let others try. This has to be considered since the season just started or have a season with several losses to MWC teams and no bowl game. CSU, Utah, and TCU have the personnel to beat BYU any given day.

The Coaching staff has to look at what is best for the team and sucess of the season. Even if that means benching Max (Where is the ball Hall) and Chambers. Shake things up Coaches.


When does Heaps get on campus?


I would be willing to guess that the combined commentators of Max Hall's skills and habits have a Grand total of "0" attempts at being a division I quarterback including the practice field. NCAA football video games unfortunately don't count guys.
Critic's are legless men that teach running. Give it a rest. The coaches know a lot more than you give them credit for. Go play catch with your son's and quit wasting your time.

Cougars must reduce turnovers?

The Sky is blue.
I drive a car to work.
I use a computer at work.

See, I can do it too!


reduce turnovers???..ya think!!!


After the Utah game and now FSU.....I have lost my patience with BYU and Max Hall!

Time to retire Max and give the reigns to Riley Nelson!! The guy is a winner!

And you Ute fans need to shut up....BYU will emasculate you in November, just like old times!


Let's try to be a bit objective here. Look at the interceptions in the FSU game.

1st interception - this was a blow call from the officials on an obvious Pass Interference. I'm not complaining, I'm not making excuses, I know calls are part of the game, I'm just saying this by way of explanation.

2nd interception -- poorly thrown ball behind the receiver that is tipped up into the hands of the FSU defender. Bummer..those things happen.

3rd interception -- a break down in protection, Max probably should have either ate it and taken the sack or thrown it out of bounds.

The point is, Max is not necessarily locking onto receivers and telegraphing his passes, nor is he forcing things into coverage, or does he panic. He had two bad breaks and one mistake at the end of the game.

To correct this a couple of things:

1) Anae needs to run the ball more and not panic by throwing on every down when they get behind.
2) If the pressure is too much, move the pocket and buy Max more time by rolling out.
3) Throw it away.

Go Max! Go Cougs! Kill CSU!

The Truth

Hey "Truth" don't steal my thunder!

BYU should dominate CSU. Turnovers should be reduced, but that wouldn't change the outcome when BYU plays faster teams. BYU should stick to scheduling Wisconsin, Penn State, Iowa, Rutgers, Louisville and other BCS teams that are a little slower. BYU could (not would, but could) win those games and that is.....



The answer to turnovers for BYU is to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball. The fewer times Max has to through into coverage the better for the team. I hope Unga is back to full strenght so that we can pound the ball. The coaching staff seem to get anxiety if Hall is not throught he ball 50 + times a game. More balance if not more running please. It is always more devestating to loss to a team that pounds the ball down your throat than through the air. If we are the bigger stronger team this should not be a problem.

RE.: Please

"If" is the key word - bigger, stronger - maybe. A key element is speed and quickness, and B.Y.U doesn't have that.


OU and Fl-st. are a wee bit better than CU and whoever else CSU has faced this year like ahem-Weber st....

The TO number would be quite different for both teams if the games were switched.

Sierra Blue

One of the interesting, but little commented on, aspects of sports is that certain types of teams do better against certain other types of team. For instance, Oklahoma may well defeat FSU head to head,yet FSU easily defeats BYU who beat Oklahoma.

Every year at bowl time, we see a team that looked pretty good during the regular season have a puzzling defeat in the bowl. It isn't always about which team is best, but which type of team is best.

BYU doesn't seem to do well against speedy teams, but they hold their own against the best power teams.

Fans shouldn't take the FSU loss too hard. BYU is still a good team and would fare pretty well against a lot of high ranked power teams.

The focus for the future should be more speed, but this year they have everything they need to win the MWC if they do what they do best and play their style of ball against everyone else on the schedule.


The key to the FS loss: Turnovers, plain and simple.
No team can survive 5 turnovers against a respectable team. I'm tired of hearing speed, speed, speed. Lack of speed did not cost BYU this game. Turnovers did. It was apparent at the outset that this game was like a tennis match: You had to hold serve to win. FS opened with a touchdown drive. BYU countered with what should have been a serve-holding drive. But an over-rated hotdog player fumbled in the red zone. Game over. If we assume BYU would have scored on even two of the five turnovers, it would have meant a turnaround of as much as 28 points (+14 for BYU -14 for FS). Bronco said it: When BYU does what it does best, turnovers don't happen. When they leave their comfort zone and start pressing to catch up, turnovers happen. This is still a very good football team. Cut out the turnovers and the FS game would have been close,if not an outright win.
Total yardage, even with turnovers, was fairly close.


Reduction in turnovers would be nice. But we would also be much better off to have fewer mistakes on the defense. Polish your act cougs. The FSU game was not about refs or coaches it was about players making mistakes. This team can be great and still has the opportunity to prove it.

My two cents

By fumbling on their first possession, BYU put themselves in a whole and effectively had to play uphill the rest of the game. Later turnovers just increased the pressure. Meanwhile, with a steadily increasing lead Fla State could play free and easy and just kept rolling. Had BYU not turned over the ball, held serve for a few series, and gone into halftime with the game tied, say, at 14-14 or 21-21, pressure would have steadily mounted on both teams. Fla State may have made a mistake under those circumstances and we may have seen an entirely different second half. It was clear in the first half that neither defense could stop the others' offense. Had we not defaulted the game with silly early turnovers, it might have come down to who had the ball last.

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