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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Inasmuch as network TV is the cesspool of mass entertainment, having this show designated as the best new comedy by Scott, is akin to being named the best looking life boat on the Titanic.


The desensitization of the American public to homosexuality being immoral is just another way to bring down a great country. It is wrong.

i can imagine...

... this is the best/funniest new comedy on TV. Which is why I stopped watching TV years ago.


If they are going to write in a same-sex then they are INVITING people to share their opinions and facts. The reality is that marriage IS NOT A RIGHT it is a status. Stop with the second-class citizens and realize that not everyone is endowed with the right to marry. Marriage is not a socially-constructed idea but a theologically based truth. When people trivialize this fact they are open to criticism as well as Lady Gaga's praise. After all, some of the same-sex community are the loudest complainers of tolerant people by far.


i'm not going to waste my time watching people put each other down and call it a comedy. Degrading people even as a joke is NOT FUNNY. I don't watch much tv anymore because there is too much trash such as this on it.


Five for 5 haven't seen the show, but don't like it. Some stating that because there is a gay couple on the show it must be bad. Sounds like they have "Pre-Judged" the show without knowing the facts.

It is no surprise that readers here would not enjoy a show that includes a cross section of America and includes more than just the "Cleavers".

Don't watch it, you might be exposed to other types of people and actually laugh and enjoy it... but not likely.

Theologically-based truth

Ok, Reality, if marriage is just theological, then the government should stop issuing marriage licenses altogether.

had enough a long time ago

Why is it that the writers in Hollywood feel they have to have a homosexual couple in every show? So much for tolerance. Their form of tolerance is cramming it down every bodies throat until no one complains anymore. I hardly watch TV anymore and will be watching none of this garbage.

John Charity Spring

ewt is on the right track, but has apparently forgotten that this is a modern phenomenon. Historically, the entertaiment industry focused on promoting wholesome values such as morality, honesty, and self-control. All persons, regardless of their backgrounds, should be disgusted by the constant lack of morals displayed by the modern entertainment industry. This immorality is devastating our entire society, not just members of one background.


"Their form of tolerance is cramming it down every bodies throat until no one complains anymore."

You know, tolerance for other people's beliefs shouldn't have to involve hiding away from people who may be offended. "I don't mind if they're gay, I just don't want them to go anywhere I can see them!"

Yes, Virginia, it really is you who is intolerant.

Sighing Softly to the River

"The desensitization of the American public to homosexuality being immoral is just another way to bring down a great country. It is wrong."

No, not really. But you keep telling yourself that. Fifty years from now you and John Charity Spring will be utterly devastated to find that homosexuality is pretty widely accepted by the public AND that America is still great. Too bad for you.


It will be cool when they write in a horse and woman couple; and make THEM the most "conservative" "traditional" family. Fiction can be fun.


When will Hollywood get a clue


Why does the topic of homosexuality always get the most comments on this website?

For people who don't approve of it, they sure like to talk about it a lot.


RE: horse and woman couple

A horse is not a consenting adult.


Bring back Little House On The Prairie,we need good wholesome entertainment

RE: Sighing Softly

And it will still be morally wrong. Must be nice to have a crystal ball.

Texas Gal

I have to agree with "blah" & "i can imagine". By making a homosexual couple appear normal, it is confusing our children to what is morally correct. While I oppose the gay lifestyle & gay marriage, if the person is in all other areas of their life up-standing, then what they do in the privacy of their bed room is not my business.

Texas Gal - part 2

I won't be watching the show either! :)

Once again

The most "traditional family" in this sitcom has a bumbling father figure. This is becoming the tradition on sitcoms. "while Phil wants desperately to be a "cool" dad – and is, thus, incredibly uncool". What's new about this on the sitcom circuit? Maybe we went to far with "fathers know best" but the pendulum has swung too far the other way. I hope the open season on tradition fathers will end soon. They have become the butt of sarcastic jokes on prime time television. Where is the tolerance here? No respect. I will not watch another sitcom where traditional dad is the scape goat for cheap jokes and is portrayed as the unelightened baffoon...

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