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Published: Sunday, Sept. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Same old Cougars

This is the worst game I have ever seen Bronco coach in Provo. We have no heart and no defense. Not to mention the ACC officiating crew is doing everything it can to help FSU. Worst loss ever. another mediocre season here we come.


i think byu should move down to division II and play teams like weber state that they can compete with....


lets go cougs

No More Airport Celebrations

This is the defense I was expecting from BYU against OU...

6:01 3rd Qtr:

FSU 44 (378 total yards)
BYU 14

Next time you celebrate at Provo airport make sure BYU is bringing a shiny new trophy with them.

Thank you BYU for embarrassing the MWC once again (for more details see 10-2 BYU vs 7-5 Arizona from last year).


Thanks for the jump back into the polls.



Bowden comes into Provo and spanks the supposed 7th ranked team in the country...lol


Clueless, clueless, clueless


I thought we didn't drop games at home? The school lied to me. Maybe I will transfer to the U where they are at least realistic.

Pull your head out of the clouds BYU. We just got spanked at home to a non-ranked team that barely beat Jacksonville State.

Airport Celebrations

After I've gotten over my intense anger with the team I think you said it best. This was actually the defense I expected against Oklahoma. I wished we had just lost that game. I guess the kids just somehow played the game of their lives against Oklahoma and this is the team and the defense that we really are.


still time left to make the score "respectable"....

Tulsa fan

Mobile quarterbacks beat BYU up last year as well. Pre-game Bronce responded to the question "what are your weaknesses" by saying "They have not yet been exposed." We knew what it was, just hadn't come against it yet.

Smell a Come back?

Same old Cougars | 7:06 p.m. Sept. 19, 2009
Not to mention the ACC officiating crew is doing everything it can to help FSU.

Cry me a river... still in the 3rd FSU has 410 yards on the same defense with 7 starters that were dismantled by TCU, Utah, and Arizona last year.

I was actually expecting this score against OU.

My Utes looked horrible today but atleast we didn't get spanked.

BYU Chokers

Look at the bright side you are only down by 23 points going into the 4th quarter....eeeerrrrrrrrrr


i left early and ticked..with

myself. being a cougar fan is like being a cubs fan. why i did this to myself AGAIN ill try to figure out and remember when basketball rolls around and i pick them to win their first round game in march..NOT THIS YEAR!! i would be safer putting my money on the CHICAGO CUBS every year for the rest of my life. im going to buy a florida state hat.. peace out

fairweather fans

Zoob fans, don't be so upset and just support your team. Obviously they are not as consistent as the Utes, who still lost today, but you are a sad group of fans. FSU is good, BYU is having a bad day, Utes had a bad day. Better days are awaiting both programs, and likely the Utes will have many better days.

Ernest T. Bass

Can we please stop the "BCS busting Coogers" shirts and ads on sports radio?
What a joke.


This officiating crew isn't from the ACC. It's a patchwork of referees from C-USA, the WAC, and Mtn. West.


Already one comment about the officiating....... two bottles of the state of Utah BCS whine please!

Re: Smell a Come back? | 7:23 p.

Grow up BYU fans...stop blaming your problems on the officials. NO ONE is out to get BYU! Football has a rule book and believe it or not, even the BYU Cougars are responsible to follow it!! You people are an embarrassment to the MWC!


If it weren't for the refs, speed of FSU, and the pride of our team we "would-of" totally dominated today.


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